Dang coconuts, relax!! And Week 1 breakdown


I took this pic on my recent trip to Oahu and thought it was hilarious – these coconuts are vicious!

In creating a budget, I set the bar rather low and started with a $400 budget for food, gas, going out which I’ll probably adjust to $500 (explain later).  After I paid off my monthly bills, I also paid some of it towards paying off 1 credit card (2 more credit card balances to go!) and a baby shower gift for a friend so it skews my budget a bit (at least the credit card payoff):

Starting budget: $400

1) $20 – credit card pay off

2) $43.60 – baby shower gift (trying to stay at a $40-50 range for baby showers gifts, $100 for wedding gifts though thank goodness the bulk of my friends are now married off (one year there were 10 weddings, some of which I was in and were destination weddings… quiet pricey, though worth it since my friends/family are everything))

3) $1 – car insurance pay off because I thought I had one more payment but turns out I only owed a few cents (my bank won’t let me transfer anything less than $1, though)

4) $30.88 – Target on household goods and some canned goods that are often times cheaper.  I did splurge on an $8 bag of chocolates that goes in the “communal stress center” at work (aka a drawer full of goodies) that I contribute to every couple of months.  I totally take my fair share so shhh.

5) $56.53 – groceries for the week primarily veggies/fruit, some meat, and staples (rice, pasta, potatoes, chicken broth, etc.)

Budget as of today: $247.99

I am visiting my grandma and some aunties/uncles/cousins in a couple of weeks so I’m going to probably bump up my budget for that by $100 to cover gas and probably dinner.  I get a wee bit bitter since some aunties/uncles never contribute (get a job, yo!), but for the most part it’s a fun time and I love seeing my grandma so I do my best to let it go.  I’m just hoping I don’t have to foot the bill but rather split it, and going to do my best to stay within $500 so I’ll have put $1170 towards my debt this month.


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