Thailand – Buddha statues, tigers, fish spa, and everything in between

In November/December 2012,  I had the opportunity to travel with my bf and his family to Japan, Thailand, and Hawaii.  Since accommodations and tours were covered and my only main expense was to pay for half my airfare, there was no way I was going to miss this opportunity.  I know this was a justification process, and counterintuitive, in regard to my PF goals for this year as it delayed paying off more debt than what I could have, but I honestly don’t regret it since, on the positive side, I got to learn a lot about my b.f. (who I see every day, but when together 24/7 for three weeks, you learn so much more!) and his family.  So, I’m just going to chalk this up as a life lesson to be sure to have the money for vacation funds saved from the get-go, which means no traveling for probably this year and for the early part of 2014.

I’ll talk about Japan and Hawaii at some point, but I loved Thailand out of all the places we went to.  It’s a lot more casual and chill than Japan, people are generally kind and nice, and the food was amazingly delicious!!  Thai is one of my favorite foods, but after visiting I feel like I’ve been lied to all this time with Thai food in Cali! 😉

Here’s a gallery of my super fave experiences from the trip (pardon the low… er no… tech editing):

I might not be able to travel this year, but I will again some day and, for now, at least I have these great memories to think about.  Aside from the airfare, Thailand is fairly reasonable in terms of lodging and food expenses (definitely in comparison to Japan, though South America might be less), and it’s a great destination if you want a mix of both interesting cultural and historical landmarks during the day and fun and exciting experiences at night!


4 thoughts on “Thailand – Buddha statues, tigers, fish spa, and everything in between

  1. I went to Thailand in 2011 for our honeymoon. We went to Phuket but had a strict guide tour with 2 other couple, so didn’t get to roam around free. But since our time there was short, we needed a guide to show us around as much as we can see. Looking at your post makes me want to go back there, but since I can’t, I might just go eat Thai food, which I love love love~

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