SD Restaurant Week – Donovan’s Steak and Chophouse

It’s Restaurant Week in San Diego, where a group of restaurants all over SD have a fixed price usually at $20, $30, or $40, for a three course meal.  Save for birthdays, my bf and I don’t tend to go fancy-eating and usually opt for $1.50 bbq pork slider nights at the local dive bar or Denny’s after Sunday morning workouts.  However, I absolutely love going with my girlfriends as 1) they’re as big of foodies as I am and 2) it’s fun catching up with them!

The particular set I went with were my roomies in college and whom I’ve known for practically half of my life.  We picked Donovan’s, an upscale steak house in La Jolla that’s comparable to Ruth Chris in that it’s well over $40-50 for the main meat dish, and sides are extra (let alone appetizers and dessert)!  So at $40 for a three-course meal, it was definitely worth it:

After tax and tip it was definitely a bit pricey (the staff were amazing so, knowing what an ass-job waitressing can be, I definitely felt they deserved a great tip), but I cherish catching up with my girls what with everyone’s busy lives and kids for some.  I cut a bit off than what I would usually spend in that 1) I just had water and no wine, 2) I could only eat half my dinner so the other half served as dinner (well, night time snack) for my b.f., and 3) I would usually go for multiple days for Restaurant Week and I’m limiting myself to one (which makes my gluttonous heart very, very sad).  Overall, I’m so glad I finally got a chance to try Donovan’s out (no view or beautiful scenery like most San Diego fine dining restaurants, but the food was worth it all on their own), and I’ll for sure go back again when it’s on my b.f.’s dime! 😉  Just kidding (kind of).


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