Week 3 finances


My bf and I question about whether SD is where we would settle from time to time, due to the cost of living and wanting to raise kids in less superficial surroundings (I used to live near a high school and students would be rolling in Mercedes and Range Rovers, it’s crazy).  As much as I lean towards moving, it would be hard to leave things like Mission Bay (above).  Though SD is pricey to live in, I’m grateful on almost a daily basis for such amazing scenery and temperate climate, so it would still be a challenge to leave.

This week, I definitely splurged in the going out a bit, with going out for desserts, SD Restaurant Week, and hanging out with my family.  I knew it would be unfeasible for me to not go out during this process as I really make an effort to spend time with family/friends as much as I can.  Limiting my lunches at work has really helped (like amazingly helped, kinda sad I picked convenience over saving cash all this time), at least, and if I just keep mellow with spending the next couple of weeks, I think I can eliminate 1/3 of my credit card debt by end of the month!

Also, I’ve decided that it was probably dumb to set the bar at $400 for food/gas/going out, as I didn’t budget before so I really underestimated how much I spend.  Man, it’s like recording calories – you really don’t know how much you eat until you document every morsel!  So, I’m also including total expenses instead, and hoping to at least not go beyond $600.

So my January expenses total so far is $287.91 and here’s what I spent this week:

1) Desserts with a friend – $2.99

2) Headlight bulbs for my car – $22.00 (bf paid for it so not sure exact amount)

3) SD Restaurant Week at Donovan’s – $55

4) Desserts with a close co-worker – $5.99

5) Lunch with grandma and the fam (split between my bro and I): $34.91

6) Gas: $36

7) Groceries: $92.54

Total expenses so far: $534.34

Since I want to track expenses only and not the$20 credit card payoff and $1 insurance from Week 1, then expenses are at: $516.34.

Finally, in terms of groceries, the bf and I agreed that since I primarily do the groceries since I’m the only one that cooks, that we should just split the bills in thirds (I’ll take 2/3 and he takes 1/3 since he does some light shopping and usually pays when we go out to eat) and I’ll take it out of rent since he owns the place.  For groceries, I spent $257.94, so taking a third ($85.98) out would be an adjusted total of $430.36.


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