Luna bars are my crack, taxes, and Week 4 finances


I couldn’t even wait for the one-photo photo shoot to end before I dug into the middle bar, that’s how much of a junkie I am!

I’ve noticed embedded in my groceries expenses is one “leaking expense” that I’ve had for awhile – Luna bars.  If you’ve never tried one, Luna bars are like lighter and more flavorful versions of Rice Krispies treats.  They’re not as dense as most bars, which makes it my snack of choice at work or right before a lifting session at the gym.  Trouble is, I easily consume 2-3/weekday because all the flavors are so dang delicious and I have no self-control, and though I don’t buy them unless they’re on sale for $1, I can’t seem to find any place that sells them less than that.  So, it’s easily a $520-780/year habit – not too bad  in comparison to, say, crack itself, but enough to draw attention considering they’re just snack items and something I consider in the junk food/empty calories category.  I’ll taper that habit down.

I completed my taxes this past week and, deducting the amount I paid for Turbotax, I’m getting close to $1k back which I intend to put the majority (or all) into one card so I can completely pay it off with only one more card to go.  I’m also thinking about putting a portion of it (30% or so) in starting a Betterment account, but I’m still looking into it.  For the most part I’m reading a lot of great reviews and received some very constructive advice on it recently, but I’ll make a separate post for that if I do decide to go for it.  I’ve also revised my allowances so I break even, or as close to it, next year.

Week 4 expenses:

1) $49.47 – groceries/toiletries (not shared with my bf so I’m not pro-rating it)

2) $66.98 – Turbotax (which I’m taking out of my refund, but for the sake of recording expenses I’ll include it)

Total January expenses so far: $546.81

After this month, now that I’m less idiotic more informed at just how much my variable/living expenses are, I’ll outline a better budget for February.  February might also be tweaky since I’m going to Palm Springs with my family since we didn’t hang out for the holidays, and it’s my birthday so friends usually treat me out, but I suppose it’s all a work in progress.


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