Havasupai Falls

Havasupai Falls

En route to visit the Grand Canyon, a buddy and I hiked to Havasupai Falls one autumn.  Hiking in a canyon is definitely a unique experience – I didn’t get as claustrophobic as I thought I would since it’s fairly vast, and at the end of the trail are these beautiful sets of falls that flow gorgeous turquoise waters.  The falls are within the Havasupai Indian Reservation, and you can either camp or stay at the lodges there (if you’re not much a hiker, you can also take horses down and back up, though it kicks up a lot of dirt for the hikers):

I recall the campsite reservation being pricier than usual, but for the experience it’s well worth it.  One of my favorite descriptions about the hike is something to the effect of “it’s easier to hike down the canyon than go up”… um, thanks for stating the obvi.  The hike down and up takes about a good morning and afternoon, and probably on the intermediate side.  I definitely recommend walking sticks since some parts can get steep (that and I’m always about saving your knees), but it’s not crowded so the hiking is pretty scenic and serene.  I hope I can hike down Bright Angel trail in GC one day since I imagine it would be equally amazing as this hike!


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