Financial pre-nesting? And Week 6 spending

I went with my bf, B, to his friend’s Super Bowl party, and a couple of people there came with their little ones.  When we got home, I told B, “Babe, I want a baby in a few years” and he responded with “That long??”

His response was exciting absolutely terrifying.

I do admit in the back of my mind, that my mission to get rid of my debt primarily lies in wanting to pop out a couple of kids sooner than later.  Mentally, though it would be a bummer to put travel on the back burner and to go on a “running sabbatical” for a bit, I think I’m fairly ready for this next step, and I feel he is probably more so since he’s a few years older than me.  Physically, I’m at a healthy weight, say no to drugs and smoking, and goodness knows I have some child-bearing hips, so that’s hopefully all good.  But financially, I just really want to get my sh!t together before bringing life into this world (well, and going into a marriage, since he’s responsible and only has a mortgage to deal with).  With the high costs of “start up” items like furniture, strollers, clothes (though I’m all for hand me downs or buying gently used furniture), and especially child care, I don’t want to deal with this debt before going into this next stage since I’ll have plenty more to deal with!  Plus, I want opportunities for them that I didn’t have, like signing up for sports or learning to play instruments.  And, ultimately, I don’t want to pass on the habit of accumulating debt, but rather teach future kids fiscal/personal responsibility early on.

So, I hope am determined to get rid of this debt this year – I kinda wish I had this stuff figured out earlier, just so I could have some extra time to really build up my savings.  But, it is what it is and though I’m pushing it off this year (well, and because he can talk kids all he wants, but I’d like to not make my very Catholic grandma and mom cry so homie needs to put a ring on it ;)), I do realize my clock is fairly ticking.  If pregnant women go in a nesting stage with their surroundings right before they give birth, I guess this is financial pre-nesting for me.

February expenses so far (I didn’t think it was particularly interesting to itemize anymore, though I am recording purchases as soon as I do so.  So instead, I’m just going to focus on the groceries/gas/going out and personal care budgets since those I have trouble with keeping in check):

1) Groceries/gas/going out: $201.47/$600 allocated

2) Personal care: $75/$100 allocated

Harry at Your PF Pro also gave me a great tip last week about AAA offering free credit monitoring service in lieu of the $13/mo service I’ve been using.  I’ve been an AAA member for years, so I quickly ditched the paid service and saved $156 this year (since I already paid for January).  His articles are super informative and a bit ahead of my knowledge level, but hopefully in a year’s time things will gel and make more sense.  Regardless, thanks Harry!

Speaking of credit scores, I thought this article by Club Thrifty was an interesting read.  I still want to monitor my scores closely since we’ll probably get a house loan in the next few years, but I do agree with the premise of the post.  And while  you’re there, this thoughtful confessional is completely adorable.


10 thoughts on “Financial pre-nesting? And Week 6 spending

  1. Good luck getting out of debt before you have a child. That child will grow up with some financial smarts! Have you checked out I use it and it seems to have a really accurate credit score estimator. I don’t know if that’s what you’re looking for, but it has helped me understand my credit score.

    • Thanks for the encouragement! I definitely want to learn as much as possible beforehand so they can live a better quality life. Thanks for the tip on CreditKarma, I’ll check it out! 🙂

  2. I can totally see how you would want to feel somewhat financially comfortable before having kids. It seems though from everything I’ve heard people say, you’re almost never fully ready though. Anyway I look forward to following your journey!

    • Yeah, that’s what I hear, too (about not being fully ready), but hopefully while I have this “disposable income”, I can do my best to pay off my debts rather than just dispose it on frivolous stuff. Love reading about your journey! 🙂

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