Tikal in Guatemala

Right after Mexico and just before Costa Rica, we made a pit stop in Guatemala.  Unfortunately since we were only there for a couple of days and took a red eye flight, we missed the sunrise jungle tour where the sounds of wild life are supposed to be amazing.  However, we did manage to visit Tikal, Guatemala’s most famous Mayan ruins, which was just as amazing as Tulum.  The exciting part was that you could actually walk the steps of some ruins (some of which were pretty steep), and the remains in some areas were so intact that you could really get a sense of what the plaza was like in those times.  Afterward, we hung out a little bit in Flores, a laidback town where we did some souvenir shopping for the peeps back home.

In terms of cost, this was probably the priciest part of our trip since we had to take a little plane from Guatemala City (the main airport hub) to one close to Tikal which I can’t recall the name of.  What I really liked about Tikal were the guys refurbishing the ruins in some areas.  They were thankfully very patient with me when I tried to speak in broken Spanish, and they would give me a little history of the ruins using very basic words so I could understand.  For lodging, we stayed at the Jaguar Inn which was super close to Tikal, and in Flores we stayed at an incredibly cheap hostel (I think like $6).  When we got there, we figured out why… it was kind of grubby which we expected, but we laid out our sleeping bags over the mattress just to be more comfortable.  At night, it was right next to a restaurant that apparently turned into a club, so we were hearing the thump-thump-thump of rave music for a good part of the night.  All in all, a very interesting trip!


6 thoughts on “Tikal in Guatemala

  1. I love the interesting signs from different places – the van was going too fast to take the coatimundi caution signs, but it was cool to see. Thanks again for letting me know what they are! 🙂

    • The stairs were fun, but yeah, a little scary. This trip was actually a few years ago (kind of reminiscing, I suppose, since I told myself not to travel until all my debts are paid off). LOVE Costa Rica, I’m definitely going back someday!

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