Seattle, Washington

Last August, we visited B’s family in Washington.  It was my first time there and since we went during the best month to go, I asked him, “Why on earth would you ever leave this place??”  Everything was a gorgeous green – like Wizard of Oz Technicolor green – and I really liked the people and scenery.  Well, when we came back in Thanksgiving during the rainy season, I could then see why he left. 😉  We still talk about whether we would move up there to settle, though, mostly since you get more land for your money, the people seem more down-to-earth, and I would love to raise prospective offspring in a more mountainous/outdoorsy setting.  I guess time will tell!

When we were there, we managed to visit the Space Needle, where we had lunch at the top as it rotates so you get a panoramic view.  I also requested a visit to Mt. Rainier, where we were able to hike around its surroundings and take some cool shots.  This was also my first time meeting B’s family, so it was great to get to know them and for B to spend some quality time with them.

People have to pay to go up the Observation Deck of the Space Needle, but I would suggest to just eat at the restaurant since going up to the Observation Deck is free when you eat there (just be sure to book reservations since people were getting turned down when we went).  I think any outdoorsy person would pay homage to Mt. Rainier – it’s absolutely gorgeous in the summer time!  Washington is a really cool place, and I’m sure I’ll be back some more to experience more of its restaurants and sites.


10 thoughts on “Seattle, Washington

  1. It’s always fun to see what visitors’ like or dislike about my home town. Looks to me like you had a pretty good trip. As to the previous comments about Portland and Vancouver (BC, I assume), true. They are both beautiful cities and worthy of a visit. I would add Victoria, BC to the list. The Victoria Clipper out of Seattle is a great way to go.
    PS – It rains a lot in those cities in the Fall and Winter, too. 🙂

    • It was a great trip, indeed! When we arrived during Thanksgiving, it was raining a ton, so the driving was a bit scary (and I was just the passenger!). I loved the feel of it, though, it seemed a lot more personable than SD, though SD is wonderful for the lack of rain. LOL at the rain – then perhaps a Fall marathon wouldn’t work out since I dreadmill it when it’s sprinkling! Thanks for the inside scoop 😉

  2. I lived there for eight years. It was a great place to live for sure, but like you would expect, the rain gets to you. I probably wouldn’t move back to Seattle, but I’ve considered Portland as possible places to move to if I leave Cali.

    • The rain is definitely a concern – if it’s a constant mist I think that would be okay, but pouring buckets is a challenge since I’m not the best driver. Portland sounds cool, I’d definitely like to stick to the west coast if possible.

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