J-Tree (Joshua Tree), California

Joshua Tree is a U2 album national park in southeast California known for the Joshua trees prevalent in the area, unique rock formations, and majestic boulders.  It’s popular amongst my hiker, climber, and camper friends, and I try to go at least once a year.  I’m not very good at climbing since the elegant route theoretically designed in my head never seems to match my actual physical abilities once I try to implement it, but I love the picturesque landscapes and amazing scenery.  You can car camp for the most part, and one of my favorite times to go is during Halloween since the camping area was festive and it was hilarious to see Spidermen, monkeys, and other assorted costumes climb these routes (no pics of Halloween unfortunately, but here’s some of my fave shots):

I think the best times to go are probably Fall and early Spring, since Winter can get rather chilly and it gets uncomfortably hot in the Summer.  It’s an easy 3 hour drive since I’m in SD, and it’s a good introduction to camping since you’ll still need to bring camping supplies, but still offers some creature comforts like port-a-potties.  What I thought were really cool were the mice there – they kind of hop along and have a more rotund shape to them.  I wish I took a pic but those little rascals are fast, so here’s a link of them.

The climbing routes are definitely challenging, and I prefer the sport climbs (and bigger hand holds) in Big Bear more which I’ll talk about some other time.  I really love the serenity of J-Tree, though, and look forward to going again in the near future.


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