The equivalent of telling people they have broccoli in their teeth, and Week 8 spending

So I’m usually at the gym every morning except Friday, when I sleep in and rest for a long run on Saturday.  I’m not the most awake person on Friday morning, and today I did my usual routine of shower, get dressed and put make-up on, make our breakfasts, etc.  Around 10 this morning, after a couple of hours at work, I went to the rest room and when I looked in the mirror, noticed three dots of concealer underneath each eye that I didn’t rub in earlier!

Let’s break down who I’ve seen since putting my make-up on (~6:30 a.m.) to 10 a.m.:

1) The local store clerk where I got some ingredients for this weekend’s activities, whom I regularly interact with (I know she’s a new grandmother, so we chat often).

2) My boss.

3) The coffee cart guy where I get my scone from (um, it’s carb-loading for my run, honest), that I talk to every Friday.

4) B!!!!  Whom I kissed before we went to our separate cars this morning so you know homie was close to my face (plus, he’s pretty observant).

Maybe they thought I was trying some new trend, like a less weird version of the (caution: don’t check if you’re easily creeped out) bagel head?  But B will for sure get a stern talking to tonight if he saw it and thought it would be funny to let me run with it (granted, it was pretty funny and we’re always playing practical jokes on each other… but it’s just less funny when it happens to me! ;)).

So this week I’m within means in food/going out/gas – $533.49/$600, but I’m out of control with personal care at $247.81/$100 (this also includes baby shower gifts, though, since I didn’t include a gifts for others line item in my budget that I’ll fix next month).  I still managed to pay down my debt fairly nicely this month, though, which I’ll report about next week.  Enjoy the weekend!


4 thoughts on “The equivalent of telling people they have broccoli in their teeth, and Week 8 spending

  1. You’re not alone in this, so don’t worry about it. This is from long time ago, but I had a pair of blue color contacts on one time, (this is when it was popular for asian chicks to try unnatural color contacts, i was in on it) or I thought I did. I came home after meeting with my friend and a guy I was interested in. I looked at the mirror to take my contacts out and I only had one blue eye. I called my friend and asked about it and she said she didn’t notice. I was embarrassed!!. But then again, I have so many more embarrasing stories that make this nothing. Maybe another time, I’ll reveal more stories.

    Anyway~ don’t worry too much about your personal care budget. You’re not too much out of line and you’re still paying down your debt and staying under other budget items. I’m about to spend some money on skincare products too. That’s major money even if you don’t buy top of the line products. But you and I both know, we’re in our 30s, so we can’t be skipping those.

    • Haha, I totally remember those! I wanted gray ones, but was vetoed by my very traditional mom… I know what you mean about skin care products being so pricey! I agree it’s worth it, though, and can’t wait until I get out of this so I can get some hydrafacials… those sessions are amazing. Have a nice weekend 🙂

    • Thanks! Yup, usually up by 4:30-5 so I get there before the meatheads take the good machines. 😉 Oh yeah – I signed up for Twitter, but it cut me off with my username so I got mad and gave up haha… I’ll fix it this weekend to see what all the cool kids are talking about. Have a great one, as well!

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