Tokyo, Japan

Last November, right before Thailand, B’s family and I went to Japan.  Since it’s fairly expensive and Thailand is way cheaper, we only stayed for a few days.  The women in Japan definitely knew how to dress – it was rainy and cold, but they would still rock the skirts, tights, and super cute knee-high boots…. I think my head swiveled just as much as B’s, though I was mostly ogling all the cute boot styles.  Everyone was really nice and hospitable, and despite it being fairly crowded, the sites were pretty cool to see in Tokyo:

To be honest, I’m glad I experienced Japan, but I don’t think I would ever go back.  I’m not much of a city girl, and the meal portions are so tiny for the price.  We stayed at a hotel that had a really good international breakfast buffet, so we would load up on that and mostly snack until dinner time.  B’s family isn’t very adventurous when it comes to cuisine, so we mostly stuck to American foods (though they did try out a noodle house upon my request, where they had the American food options there haha).  I did like all the efficient aspects of Japan – as soon as I stepped in the shower, the water was instantaneously the temperature I wanted it to be, and if you required anything from the waitress, you can just press a button rather than have to flag her down.  Overall it was a great experience!


12 thoughts on “Tokyo, Japan

  1. I haven’t been to Japan but it’s on my top five places I want to go. I’m mostly interested in their food and I want to go hot springs there.
    I remember the little statue of liberty from one of the Japanese drama I saw a long long time ago. I N V U~!!

  2. I was pretty bummed about not trying out the hot springs, but we learned there that tattoos aren’t allowed (since tattoos still have associations with the Japanese mafia) and I didn’t bring any bathing suits to cover them. We weren’t sure how strict the policy was, so we ended up not going. I’d love to hear your experience with it when you go someday!

    • I definitely liked Thailand and the food there more… I mean, I got to walk with a tiger there! Yeah, we didn’t want to be rude or disrespectful, so we didn’t go to the hot spring. Would have loved to, though!

  3. I’m exactly like B’s family in that I’m not very adverturous with trying new foods either lol. I went to Mexico for a week and only tried “authentic” Mexican food a few times. Your pictures are always so pretty 🙂 Tokoyo looks amazing. Kinda like an Asian NYC.

    • Haha, really? I love Mexican food, I would be in glutton heaven in Mexico. You would definitely like Tokyo – everyone is so fashionable, it’s clean, and there’s a lot to do!

  4. I went to Japan a couple years ago(there was an earthquake while I was there haha) and I loved it. I had two good friends studying abroad there so I had a place to stay the whole time. I loved the food, had some awesome sushi of course and tons of other stuff. My favorite site was Hatchko the dog at the world’s biggest crossing in Shibuya, kinda random haha

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