The (not so) strangest thing I’ve done for money, and other assorted money questions - Friday is my second favorite

With my first being FUN!  Oh, I like fearless, too… freedom… fashion… fartlek, though I just like saying it rather than running it… oooh, and fudge, yum.  Well, Friday is in the top ten at the very least.

So anyway, I read Do or Debt’s post and thought it was a kind of fun (hey, my favorite f word!) way to think about money and the choices we’ve made regarding it.  So, I thought I’d share my experiences and perspectives on the question:

What’s the strangest thing you’ve done for money? I’ve had normal jobs for the most part, but the strangest was definitely bartending.  Not overly strange, but we dressed seasonally, wearing midriff-baring tanks and sarongs during the summer, tied-up baseball shirts and shorts when a baseball game was on, etc. – lots of stomach crunches transpired during those days!  I think the strangest part about it were the patrons – from the bar fights, girls dancing on the bars and falling (not gonna lie, I laughed every time this happened, and *then* asked if they were okay), guys buying girls drinks and then not closing the deal (sucker! j/k), people trying to surf on the mechanical surfboard whilst drunk, etc.  My favorite patron was this guy who would cruise up in a Porsche with a different chick each time, buy a shot of top shelf tequila for each of them, give me money for that and a $20 tip, and they were off.  The funniest story was when this guy was belligerent and starting fights, so the two bodyguards chased after him to restrain him.  Well, the guy’s girlfriend thought she was pretty tough stuff and she started beating up on one of the bodyguards, so the bodyguard said, “you’re going down, b!tch!” as he twisted her arm, and the girl was saying “ow, ow, ow…” as she was restrained to the ground.  I mostly remember the disheveled bow in her hair, because you know at one point it was on straight and looked kinda cute.

The quasi-sleazy owner also loved putting on fireball shows, where another bartender and I would put Bacardi 151 in our mouths, he’d light a flame, and we’d blow the 151 out to create a fireball.  Well, one day the dang drunk couldn’t get the flame to work, so I had a mouthful of 151 for longer than a few seconds (imagine keeping Listerine in your mouth, but multiply that by fire, that’s how it feels), and by the time he got it to work, my mouth was kinda raw and it hurt for a week.  It’s actually kinda funny now when I look back, but back then I was pretty mad and it wasn’t too long after that I quit (well, and because he called me his “lucky fortune cookie”, I do draw the line somewhere).

What have you spent too much money on?  I think I’ve spent quite a bit on physical therapy, acupuncture, chiropractic care, etc.  These are all good things in the sense that it’s for my health, but I neglected the fact that the best care I could’ve given myself when I was injured was free since all I really needed to do was rest.  But, I am kind of vain, and was fearful of getting fat (probably because I was 30 pounds overweight in my early 20’s) so I would run and work out despite being injured.  I went to these therapies as if they would magically cure me, and though it would help somewhat, the injury would just recur or become exacerbated because I refused to rest.  It was foolish and I respect my body a lot more now, and mostly use these therapies and massage occasionally for more “tune-up” purposes.
What do you wish you spent more on? Getting rid of debt and investing more at a way earlier age!!  And coming in at a close second (and, if I’m being truly honest, tied with first) – travel!  A few of my friends were very disciplined in being frugal and would constantly eat Ramen, beans, and rice, but then go on these amazing trips to Brazil, Africa, Switzerland, Bora Bora, China, Australia – just everywhere!  I’ve been fortunate enough to go to some cool places, but I really wish I would have explored the world even more when I was young and less risk averse.

What’s the best investment you’ve made? College hands down -though I majored in a degree that I used for less than a year (dumb), the friendships I made from being an R.A., joining some clubs and associations, participating in IM sports, etc., have cultivated into the best friendships I have now.  Save for one friend I’ve kept in touch with since junior high and friends I’ve made after college at the gym or at work, a solid 90% of my friends are from college, and there’s a huge group of us that still hang whenever we can (and, it’s amazing to see the group grow, since all these babies and kids are now added into the mix!).  I wouldn’t have traded in my college experience for the world (though I do wish I would have traveled abroad at least a semester).

What’s the stupidest thing you’ve spent money on?  I’ve spent too much money on clothes, but specific poor choices I’ve made include: 1) a GPS that was really just a glorified pedometer because I failed to realize that GPS’s are most useful when you know how to read a map, 2) buying the car from my mom and paying hefty payments (family drama with that, but it was during tumultuous times for her and we’ve made peace with it), and 3) some purses that are pretty but due to their delicate material like lambskin end up looking busted after a few months (and because I don’t take care of them as much as I should).

Happy Friday and would love to hear others’ experiences with the questions above!


10 thoughts on “The (not so) strangest thing I’ve done for money, and other assorted money questions

  1. Your answer to this question “What do you wish you spent more on?” is exactly as mine. Paying down debt and traveling more. If I was smart about money at an earlier age, I would’ve found ways to travel with no debt or not much, but I travelled in spite of my debt without changing my spending style. Not that travelled much.
    Hey~ we know better now and we’re not that old, so let’s not beat ourselves over it~^^

    • I agree (about not beating ourselves up)… I don’t regret it, but I definitely should have learned budgeting at a way earlier age. Hey, better late than never! Have a great weekend 🙂

    • Aww, what a great honor, thanks GMD! LOL just so you know, you would have made a great Girl Scout trying to sell cookies with all your persistence 😉 I tweeted (first one!) but not sure if I did it right… I’ll look up Twitter for Dummies this weekend. Have a great one!

  2. I love all the stories. I knew you’d have some good ones in there from being a bartender! I think spending money on your health is important, and necessary. I totally hear ya on wishing you budgeted earlier, but c’est la vie, we can’t go back in time. Onwards to life, the journey and towards debt freedom.

  3. I can just picture someone sitting there with fireball in their mouth just waiting…that must have been agony! Of course if you swallowed it you’d probably on the floor drunk in 5 second…well at least I’d be that way. I also know what you mean about playing through injury. I kind of have that fear too for the same reason you do…I was overweight as a teen, so I an relate.

    • Ha ha, it felt terrible in my mouth, I was too afraid for the 151 to enter my body! With working through injury, it’s such a fine line, isn’t it? B has no trouble taking a few days off, but I kinda freak if I let two days go by without activity. Definitely working on it!

  4. I always like hearing stories from the bartenders at crazy bars. Do you think you earn more working at a crazy bar like that, or a laid back one? What do you think?

    • Ha ha, actually, that was a laid back one! I think for earning power, it’s a numbers game – my friend worked at a crowded club downtown and easily brought in twice as much as me (she was smoking hot and fun to be around, so that didn’t hurt!). I liked hanging with the regulars where I worked more, lots of interesting lives were led there!

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