Lake Tahoe, California

Lake Tahoe, California used to be a pretty bittersweet place for me.  My ex had a vacation house up there, and when we were together we would go every few months to swim and hike during spring and summer, or cross-country ski during fall and winter (I don’t do well with gravity, so he’d usually go downhill skiing with his buddies while I stayed home and read/relaxed).  This relationship was the most tumultuous I’ve ever had and hopefully will ever have, so when people would tell me they were going to vacation there, I’d feel pangs of pain and resentment.  But as it goes, time healed all wounds (though sometimes when we’d prematurely try to be friends, it would also wound all heals all over again), and we’re cordial and have made peace, which is really fitting as Lake Tahoe is also quite serene and peaceful:

I wish I had more to say about its costs of visiting, but I don’t really have any experience since most of the stuff would be taken care of, it was his place, and we mostly ate at the house.  It used to be a place I could see myself retiring, and perhaps I will… on the other side of the lake. 😉


4 thoughts on “Lake Tahoe, California

    • You’re right, friendly acquaintances is the more appropriate term! He’s insistent with keeping in touch and since I’ve stayed put the past decade, I’ve just learned to respond with cordial calmness than react with anger and spite… and I must admit, without that stage in my life, I don’t think I’d appreciate B’s nice awesomeness nearly as much as I do now!

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