Generation gap situation and training like I’m running a race event

So I have this one client that I call The Dalai Lama (in my head) because he kind of looks like him but he has white hair, and his demeanor reminds me of TDL (calm, reasonable, inner chi seems totally centered).  He inquired about something over email, I provided the answer fairly quickly, and a few hours later, he stopped by my office and said, “Ms. Hungryface, thank you so much for the prompt response” as he had his fist balled up and moved it over my desk towards me.  I was kind of confused about what was happening, so I went with my first instinct – I said “you’re welcome” and cautiously fist bumped him.

Well, he then shook his head no, and without words somehow convinced me to open up my hand.  So I did, and he dropped some candy in my hand.  Which… definitely made more sense and generation-appropriate.

In my defense, this guy might be elderly but he has an iPhone and stuff, so I didn’t think it was that much of a stretch that he knew what a fist bump was. 😉

Anyway, I have a lot of friends doing San Diego Rock and Roll Marathon in June – since I’m on my shopping abstinence and not buying clothes, shoes, and race fees this year, I’m feeling a twinge of envy with all the posts they’re putting up on their training.  But, I realized just because I’m not running the race itself doesn’t mean I should stop from doing some sort of training, I just have to be more motivated since I’m not plopping down a couple hundred for the registration.  So, I’ve decided to set a training schedule and mix it in with some financial and minimalist training, which I’ll be posting weekly to keep me accountable.  Each week until I lose interest, I’ll increase or make it more goal-specific just like I would marathon training, so hopefully by summer I’ll become a lean, mean, increased net worth machine:

Week 1 Goals (Saturday – Friday schedule):

1) Run 4 times a week for 20 miles total

2) 100 crunches, 100 side planks each side, 100 burpees, 100 push-ups, 100 walking lunges each week (I’m cheating, I think I might be doing this already but maybe in the 80 range)

3) 3 sweets only this week (this will be hard, that Widget on the right is such a liar when it states I’ve had less than 50 sweets since January… the debt and running mileage are updated frequently/accurately, though!)

4) No more than $150 for food/going out/gas (I seem to go over each week and want to aim for this and trim down each week)

5) Post on Ebay or donate 5 articles of clothing and 1 pair of shoes (I used Mochimac‘s tactic of getting rid of stuff if I had even the slightest doubt of keeping it.  A stash is sitting in the corner of my closet and I’m planning on letting go of it bit by bit)

Have a great weekend, everyone!


28 thoughts on “Generation gap situation and training like I’m running a race event

  1. You made me laugh~ I can imagine you fist bumping this older dude with confused face. Of course in my imagination, your face has a black box across it.

    Man, you are a work out freak as I’d call it since I never ever work out. The last time I ran a mile was back in high school for gym class and I didn’t pass. My friends say I look like I can be fast but I’m the slowest person they know. I don’t doubt it either. I admire you even more for it since it’s so hard for me. Good luck~!!

  2. Oh man, let go of all the clothes at one time! It will make you feel soooo amazing. If you’ve already gone through the trouble of sorting out the ones you don’t adore, then just go for it full swing, woo!

    Also, fist bumps freak me out. But I am trying to bring back the high five. I think I’m just going to start making my boyfriend do it all the time in public and eventually other people will copy us, right? Right.

    • Lol, I tried to do something similar with your high five by bringing “psych!” back… so far, no success. I think with some of the clothes I can definitely get rid of, but some I’m hesitant because if we move to a colder climate then I might need them. That’s the part I’m having trouble deciding. Have a nice weekend *high five*

  3. LOL I imagine the awkward fist bump situation. I was almost going to do that 1/2 marathon but like you I knew the cost would start to add up. I also have a shoulder injury and didn’t want to add any lower body strains by possibly running on pavement, otherwise I’d be really screwed. Glad you are still focused on healthy goals though. Although I’m in pretty good shape, I do need to focus on what I’m eating just a little more (I pretty much eat a small piece of trader joe’s dark chocolate EVERY single day!)

    • Ooh, which ones the Trader Joe’s truffles? Those are so delicious, but I can’t stop myself at one so I don’t keep them in the house. I agree with your shoulder that it might compromise your form and hurt you some more… man, I really hope that heals in time for some summer fun for you! And thanks for your support. 🙂

  4. I think it’s hilarious that you’re first instinct was to fist bump him! I’m a “spring chicken” as you call me and I’m not so sure that would be my first instinct but maybe that’s why I like you 😉
    As for your workout goals, you are a machine lady! Good luck!

    • I told the story to my coworker and she said that she might have done the same thing, too, because the client says and does some eccentric things, but maybe she just said that to make me feel better? lol Thanks for well wishes!

  5. Here’s something I’ve always wanted to do. Plan out a 10 mile course along the lake/ocean that winds through some cool side streets. Then run in with 2 or 3 friends. I guess I don’t know why we have to pay race fees to train for a race?

    • You would love this course my running group does – we go point to point and it’s ~16 miles of coast and ocean views, then take the train back down to our original destination. I admit, I think a lot of my motivation lies in the street cred, but it’ll just make me appreciate it when I’m able to sign up again!

  6. I was just thought thinking about burpees the other day. They are hard as hell but awesome for you. They really are one of those great overall exercises.

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