Destination weddings, and the last leg of a trip, in Hawaii

I’ve been to 3 islands in Hawaii – Kauai and Maui (each for a destination wedding) and Oahu as the last leg on the Japan and Thailand trip with B’s family.  Since we stayed in the touristy areas of Maui and Oahu, I thought most of it was pretty commercialized with lots of high end stores and a bit overpriced restaurants.  Unfortunately, when we went to Oahu, it happened to be the anniversary of Pearl Harbor so I didn’t get a chance to visit it.  I liked Kauai out of all of them since it was rustic and rural, and there were chickens everywhere just randomly roaming about.

There’s a running joke with my friends that since two of my girls got married in Hawaii, that I should also get married on another island since all three of us are fairly close.  B would be into it, but honestly, I think destination weddings tend to place a huge burden on the guests.  Don’t get me wrong, I’ve been to four destination weddings and while I absolutely loved vacationing with my friends or family, I’m not sure I could do that because I would feel kind of bad for the costs I put on to my loved ones.  But, there is definitely a savings benefit from destination weddings (especially when people have huge families), so I can see it from both perspectives.

Hawaii is wonderful if you want to experience island life, but I think to experience rural island life, Kauai would be the place to go.  Food-wise, I think Maui had some pretty good restaurants, and I loved the assortment of delicious poke available at the local supermarket.  Oahu reminded me a lot of La Jolla, a bourgie area in San Diego, but we were fairly jet-lagged from all the travel that I don’t remember too much of it.  I could easily see myself running a marathon at any of the islands, though – the scenery is fantastic, no doubt about that.


22 thoughts on “Destination weddings, and the last leg of a trip, in Hawaii

  1. Hawaii looks awesome~ I’ve never been, but it’s good that you told me about the wild scary chickens that run around in Kauai. I am deathly afraid of birds. I scream like a crazy person when I see a pigeon, so you can imagine me with a chicken.
    Destination wedding or not, it’s important to do what you’re most comfortable with and what you want to remember about your wedding I think. At the end of the day, you’ll remember your wedding day the most more than anybody, not even your husband.

    • Oh no, really?? They’re pretty mellow and won’t really come after you, they just hang out randomly – it’s so cute when little chicks are following them! Indeed, I’d want the mellowest wedding ever, but I guess it’s all putting the cart before the horse for the time being. 😉

      • I’m scared of little chicks too. I have a hard life since birds are EVERY WHERE~!! But I’m ok, really~^^
        When you actually start planning your wedding, take a step back every now and then and enjoy the time as an engaged bride. There were so many things to look at and so many things to plan out, I think I stressed out too much and was not able to enjoy that special time in my life.

  2. I almost moved to Kauai back in 2006 to become a Post Office worker. I have no idea why that was my plan. It wasn’t well thought out whatsoever, besides scheduling the interview that I would never actually attend.

  3. Hawaii has always been on my bucket list of places I would like travel to someday. I think it’s on most people’s list! Only you would say you could see yourself running a marathon while in Hawaii hehe! In contrast, you could catch me at the sandy white beaches getting my tan on 😉

    • Haha, it sounded a lot less runner-nerdy in my head. 😉 Don’t get me wrong, I’d definitely lay around like a lump on the beach afterward! Snorkeling is pretty cool there, as well.

  4. I wouldn’t mind going to a destination wedding in Hawaii. 🙂 I always pictured myself getting married there…of course by the time I get married I may be to old to travel (erg sorry, just feeling a bit cynical today). I’ve been to Oahu twice, Maui once and the Big Island last year. I thought Maui was the prettiest and had the best snorkeling, Oahu had the north shore which was cool to watch surfing, but I have to say the best time I had was last year’s trip, just because of the group I was with. I would love to go to Kauai next!

    • I agree with group trips are the best and most fun times ever, especially if you don’t get to see each other often. I didn’t get a chance to snorkel in Maui, but if I ever go back that’s going on the list. Aw, no cynical for you, lady, you’re awesome so just own it! 🙂

  5. I have been invited to several destination weddings, and have yet to go to one :(. They just all happened to be when I was extremely broke! But I have traveled in the mainland for weddings, but I agree, the destination weddings are tough on guests. I would only expect my very closest family and friends to show up. I guess I like the slightly larger but still intimate wedding of about 100. That’s what we’re going for!

    • I think 100 is the right amount of guests – Congrats, by the way! Not sure how much of your wedding planning you’ll be divulging on your site, but I hope you have a wonderful one 🙂

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