Word to my mother

I’ll post the actual beginning April balance later on, but I’ve managed to sell a few things in Ebay sales (yay!), though only a slight portion is going towards my debt (boo!).  I didn’t spend it on gigilos and blow, though (not that I would, by the way, just in case I needed to clarify) – there’s some bridal showers, a wedding, and Mother’s Day gifts for my mom and paternal grandma going on in April and May, so I just pre-ordered and spent it on those events.  For Mother’s Day I usually send out a bouquet of flowers, which I’m not a fan of since delivery fees are always outrageous, but my mother and grandma absolutely love them.  Though that should be reason in and of itself, here’s my makeshift list of why my mom, in particular, deserves them (and so much more).  Of course, it’s not always this sunshine and butterflies feeling – there are certainly times when she drives me mad or where I’m left wondering, “What is this crazy lady talking about?!” as she prattles on about something, but I honestly could not have asked for a better mother:

1) When LOL first came out, she would write a text to the effect of “Don’t forget to bring a jacket, it’s cold outside. LOL, Mom” because she thought it meant “lots of love.”  It took me awhile to correct her because I thought it was so adorable.

2) She has better fashion sense than me (anything I wear that I get complimented on is usually something she picked out) and since we’re the same size, I get her designer leftovers.

3) She played both parental roles from third grade on, and though my bro and I were pretty good kids (if I do say so myself), that was a serious task no matter how angelic a kid is.

4) She often mixes up American sayings, like one Halloween instead of “trick or treat” she said, “Happy Halloween, ho, ho, ho!”

5) Although she tricked me into doing chores when I was young, “vacuuming is fun, try it!… okay, now straight lines… good!”, I do admit my cleanliness habits (and slightly Type A aspects) derive from her.

6) When she caught me making out with my boyfriend in high school *ahem* scantily clad *ahem*, she didn’t yell or punish me, but rather just calmly stated, “I’ll light a candle for you at church on Sunday.”

7) Because she’s extremely risk averse and afraid of heights, a “family hike” is often at a perimeter of a golf course… or well-manicured park… on pavement.

8) She might not have taught me money management skills, but she did teach me manners and enough good sense to survive in life, which I think are just as important.

9) At any party or wedding when the “younguns” will form a circle on the dance floor and go in the middle to show off their dance moves, my mom just jumps right on in and does this snapping fingers-shaking hips dance that is slightly offbeat but 100% awesome. 🙂

10) She’s been dealt some pretty hard cards in life, but challenges and overcomes them with resilience and toughness.  She’s amazing.

Needless to say, my mother brings endless joy and warmth to my heart, and if flowers bring her joy and happiness, then it is money well spent!


25 thoughts on “Word to my mother

  1. Dear Anna,
    I had tears im my eyes from laughing so hard and touched at the same time because the love you have for your mother is obvious 🙂 Tell her GMD thinks she’s super cool, especially with her great fashion sense and slick dance moves 😉
    LOL, (lot’s of love)

    • Hahaha, I always sign off with LOL to anyone that knows my mom now. You and her would definitely get along with all the fashion stuff, she’s the one that started me on the MK train 😉

  2. My mom is also super risk adverse! She gets nervous everytime I tell her I took the bus somewhere, bless her heart. I wish she was tech savvy enough to text lol, Haha.

    • She’s definitely rad! I don’t think I’ve ever disclosed that… she’s Filipina, which if my biology class is correct, would make me that, as well (with a dash of Chinese, though I don’t know anything about Chinese culture). 🙂

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