Confessions Catharsis


Don’t judge me, I’m hideous!

Loosely inspired by Johnny Moneyseed’s confession, except I go on tangents (oh, that’s weird).  You should read his post if you haven’t yet, though!

1) There are two things I don’t share in life – my man and my food.  I might offer you some of the latter, but inside I don’t really mean it and hope you say no.

2) Since I’ve been on my spending abstinence, things I’ve turned down include, but are not limited to: NKOTB reunion tickets (I don’t think I would’ve gone to this, anyway), Amy Schumer tickets (this was hard, she’s HI-larious), random holiday-themed or colorful socks when I shop at Target (seriously, I think I would auto-pilot put them in my cart before), paragliding for my birthday with a February birthday friend (whom I skydived with when we entered our 30’s).  Who knows what else if I was still looking at flash sale sites or malls, which I’ve avoided and will probably continue to do so.

3) I’m a germaphobe and don’t use the towel service at my gym, though I do use the towels and sheets at hotels.  I guess it’s because I see the people at the gym and what they do with said towels, and it grosses me out.

4) I eat all meals with a knife and fork, even pizza, burritos, and burger and fries.  I don’t like the smell of it on my hands, and after I cook, I wash my hands a couple of times a lot.  I blame my tenure at Togo’s and always smelling like onions and pickles afterward.

5) I try not to judge when people wear socks with sandals, but I do.

6) Investing terminology still freaks me out a bit that once I read something with 5 unfamiliar terms, I kind of shut down and watch Tosh.0 or something comparable.  You know, brain food. 😉  I do challenge myself to overcome this anxiety and gain more knowledge, though!

7) B and I play thumb war constantly.  I’ve found I win the most when he’s asleep or engrossed in a movie.

8) Whenever I see a loved one spend carelessly or needlessly, I have an internal desire to discuss all the personal finance topics I’ve learned to “convert” them to the debt-free side or more modest living.  However, since I am not there myself (yet!), I shut my trap as I have a tendency to say things with evangelical enthusiasm.

Have a great weekend 🙂


26 thoughts on “Confessions Catharsis

  1. Thank you. Thank you. 🙂 Once you have kids it’s kinda hard to be a germaphobe. Between the poopy diapers, throw up and all the crap they can get into. It gets to a point when you’re like “Whatever, just don’t eat the brown stuff”. It’s crazy. If you want a great way to learn some beginner investing terms check out: They break down some of the info into really easy to digest videos as well.

    • That’s funny, my friend who was a bigger germaphobe than me said the same thing once she had a baby – the brown stuff indicator is hilarious! 🙂 Thanks for the reminder on Investopedia – I’ve seen it here and there but I should look into it!

  2. I’m also a germaphobe which is related to my slight OCD. LOL! I also get intimidated with investing terms…I wish I could even be at the point of THINKING of investing, but I am going to be debt free first. I hope you have a good weekend filled with your man, food and thumb war 🙂

    • I wonder sometimes if I have slight OCD because of the germaphobe thing, I like things in 4’s… well, once I get some investing processes down, I’ll share on here so you have an idea. 🙂 And paying down debt is an investment in yourself, in my book (at least that’s what I like to tell myself). Have a great weekend, as well!

  3. NKOTB…LOL 🙂 Now I’m probably going to have “The Right Stuff” in my head for the rest of the day.

    I’m totally with you when it comes to investing…My brain just totally shuts down and I don’t pay attention. I need to figure out a way to combat this. If you come up with a way to do this, please let me know! 🙂

    • Oh my goodness, can I confess, “Hangin Tough” is a nice pick me up during a challenging run lol. I think I might try out Investopedia per JM’s recommendations – I’ll let you know how it goes 🙂

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  6. Fun post. Bf eats everything with a knife and fork (buffalo wings included, it’s pretty amazing actually!). I always bring something to cover my pillow when we stay at hotels (even nice ones). Something about it just freaks me out. I will use the towels though.

    • Wow, buffalo wings – how does he get in between? I admit, that’s the reason why I don’t eat them – a lot of work for not that much payout. haha I’m the same about hotel comforters – I don’t lie on them because who knows how they’re cleaned.

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