Currently… the overshare edition!

Since I’ve had mad writer’s block lately and dug Mackenzie’s latest post on current ongoings, I figured I’d share (and overshare) as well:

1) I paid off ~$900 in my loans this morning, holla!  Let’s see how else I can bring my debt balance down this month.

2) After my run this morning, I realized that I forgot to pack my regular bra to work.  I double up on my sports bra so I’m wearing the less sweaty one, but this makes me all sorts of uncomfortable and wiggle worm today.  At least it’s not as bad as the time I packed two left boots.

3) Mad financial drama is going on with some of my family members, but it’s challenging to discuss the details so I’ll refrain.  On one hand, I feel bad because I’ve chosen not to help out, but on the other I don’t feel bad because I think it would just enable the situation.  I just don’t understand how people are okay with not working for years decades at a time and having others pick up the slack.

4) #2 and #3 were the overshares, in case you were wondering.

5) I had a “saggy diapers” moment after seeing the Coachella line up – I’ve been a couple of times and have loved it, but not going is very beneficial for my pocketbook and brain cell preservation.

6) Who’s all thumbs and actually went “Ooooh!” when I saw a news clip that the 2014 Honda Odyssey has a built in Shop-Vac feature? *points thumbs towards me* – This girl! #iamanoldlady

7) I am aware #6 is still very consumerist of me, but at least it’s a van and not a gas-guzzling SUV!

8) I LOVE this:


30 thoughts on “Currently… the overshare edition!

  1. Congrats on paying off $900 this morning! That’s a hefty chunk right there! OMG, I don’t understand how people can not work for decades either. Also, have similar family drama/issues. Sometimes I want to talk about it in my blog too, but I realize it’s more my issue than theirs. Haha if you want to talk it out, email me!

    • Thank you, my dear! Yeah, that’s exactly how I feel about it – I want to talk about it, but it’s more my problem than theirs. It’s a sticky situation – sorry to hear your family has the same drama, as well. Thanks for your offer on hashing it out, that means a lot. 🙂

  2. Ughhh I really shouldn’t have looked at this: There are only like 20 of my favorite artists performing… ! Congratulations on making an unpopular, but good financial decision. It may suck not helping out your family, but you’re right, giving someone that doesn’t want to work will enable them. They won’t stop asking for help. Thanks for sharing!

    If you ever have writer’s block I can give you like 500 topics to write about. I tried to help GMD yesterday, but she was too cool to take my advice 🙂

    • Well you obviously have great taste in music! 🙂 I went to the one where Rage Against the Machine (my FAVE band) reunited, which was amazing! Yeah, it’s a tough call because they don’t necessarily ask for help though there’s that underlying obligation to help, but I just have to let that go. Haha, sure, I’m curious to know what topics are out there that I can’t be an expert on but that I can put my two cents in. 🙂

      • Who are you fave 3 bands/artists playing this year?

        You can find a finance topic in everything. Just looking at people you can see how people spend their money!

      • No way I can pick just 3 – Red Hot takes the top spot, then Blur, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Modest Mouse, Jurassic 5, Postal Service, Franz Ferdinand, Benny Benassi, Social Distortion, Wu-Tang Clan, Dead Can Dance, Violent Femmes, Tegan and Sara, Of Monsters and Men, Infected Mushroom. How about you?

      • Pretty much exactly what you said. Postal Service is probably my #1 out of all of them. Then Modest Mouse. I would really want to see La Roux too. Seeing Blur would be awesome, because a. they’ve been broken up for forever and b. I love the Gorillaz, so I’d just really like to see Damon perform.

  3. How did you pay off $900 of debt this month? Did you sell things? Work more hours? Or was it mostly cutting back on your expenses?

    • Cutting back expenses for sure – I used to put half of that amount (maybe even less, sadly) towards debt and used the other as “fun” money, but now I’m putting all of it towards debt with a tiny portion into savings/investing. I pretty much just woke up and smelled the roses with my current situation. I’m hoping to sell more stuff and baby-sit to try to knock it down more, but I have some doc appointments coming up so it might just cancel each other out. We’ll see! Have you considered more about writing a blog? I’m so curious about what your life is like 🙂

    • Thank you!! OMG, right?? I’ve loved Red Hot Chili Peppers since junior high (dating myself), but there’s a lot of other folks I would love to see, too! So cool to know another PF’er has great taste in music 😉

  4. Congrats on the $900, that’s massive!

    Coachella would be amazing. I’ve never travelled overseas for a concert, though – however, I do know people who have.

  5. #3 sounds a lot like my brother. He has caused so much drama it’s ridiculous. I once rode my bike to work and forgot my regular bra, so I know how uncomfortable it is, fortunately there was a nordtrom rack right across the street. 🙂 the horse drawing is funny!

    • It sounds like there’s one (or more) of those in most people’s families! It’s frustrating, but it seems all my advice falls on deaf ears. Haha, I brought in a “back up bra” to have at my desk for these just in case moments. 🙂

  6. #2 is something I would do over and over again without correcting the mistake, good to know I am not alone. Sorry about the family drama, it hurts but it is better in the end not to help.

    • Haha, I just brought in a back up bra to keep at work (I should probably just bring a back up outfit altogether). You’re right – I do feel bad, but I think I need to stop pretending I’m a martyr and let them deal with stuff.

  7. 1) awesome! 2) gross, haha 3) overshare more! What’s going on with the family? I always try to lend my opinion when family talks about money, but they’re gonna do what they’re gonna do either way.

    • I vacillate between wanting to talk about it or not… I think my biggest hang up is if someone I knew in real life stumbled upon this, is anything I say something I could say to their face? I feel like I could, but when push comes to shove I just don’t know since I don’t want to hurt people’s feelings. We’ll see how this internal debate goes!

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