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Happy Happy Friday!  This weekend will be pretty busy with celebrating my two year anniversary with B and helping some family members move (does anyone else enjoy moving as much as I do?  It’s like putting “gym theory” into actual practice!), so I thought I would kick start it by sharing some of my favorite posts lately.  Erin posted #FF on the Twitter and after trying to figure out what that meant (friends forever? funny folks? freaky fingers?), I just ended up Googling it and found out it meant Friday Follow.  So here’s some #FF for your reading pleasure:

1) I don’t think there’s anything absolutely more adorable than Budget and the Beach’s guest post from her cat, Pepe.  He shares his trials and tribulations with health and E-funds, as well as the mutual unconditional love between him and his mother.

2) Johnny Moneyseed’s post on delayed gratification is also a great read, and encourages you to gain more self-awareness with spending.  I’ve definitely learned a lot from him in terms of my wants/needs spending.

3) I really liked Holly’s post on her carefully thought out lifestyle inflation situation, which I thought was mutually beneficial for both parties and gave Holly and Greg a bit more breathing room with their insane schedule (seriously, not sure how they do it!).

4) I learned something new from GMD’s post on Canadian Medicare – I totally thought it was free or was paid through the high taxes incurred, but am relieved to read from the comments that I wasn’t the only one.  I really hope her headaches stop after getting new specs/lenses!

5) I love Mochimac’s fashion posts, because she’s both minimalist and has great fashion sense.  Plus how she arranges her pieces are always so aesthetically pleasing and well thought out.  As an aside, her investing series posts are also very informative, though my pea brain has to read them in small doses.

6) Do or Debt posted an all too common (and sometimes awkward) situation of splitting the bill during group get-togethers.  I just tend to state that I’m going to opt out of family style and just buy something small for myself and then pitch in for the person we’re celebrating.  I end up looking like a cheapskate, but I don’t eat as much as most so I’ve become okay with it.

7) Mackenzie posts about her fondness for the PF community, and I could not agree more!

8) Harry takes on The (Hilton) Man and wins – kind of restores my faith that companies do care about customer service.

9) Erin’s dad put a candy tax on her and her sister when they were wee little lasses, and I think that’s an absolutely great idea in teaching kids financial responsibility and reality.

Hope you enjoy the reads and that you have a wonderful weekend!


21 thoughts on “Posts to #FF

  1. The first time I saw #FF on Twitter I had to look it up too! Thanks for the shout out. I actually LOVE, LOVE, LOVE packing. My friends think I’m absolutely insane. A friend of mine is in the process of moving and I’ve spent a lot of time helping her pack because it relaxes me. She appreciates it, but thinks I’m losing it.

    • Yeah I’m thinking that you and Anna are both crazy! I’m dreading having to move in a couple months (to our new house). #FFing is how I started building my Twitter base. Shannon Ryan from The Heavy Purse helped me out a lot when I first started using Twitter, and she included me in a few early #FF sessions. I can’t really partake in them anymore, because I can’t using Twitter at work, unfortunately. Thanks for the mention Anna. If I ever do a roundup post, I’m deifnitely including you 🙂

      • Yeah, I just realized that #FF is more to follow people on the Twitter, but oh well, wouldn’t be the first thing I did something wrong in my life. 😉 You’re very welcome, you post great articles that I feel a lot of people can benefit from!

    • LOL I completely agree it’s relaxing… and kind of like a game to see how much can go in one box, but still be carry-able. Oh good, nice to know that even the younguns needed to Google #FF. 🙂

    • That’s pretty much what I’m doing, too – my family members have lived there for two decades, so things have really piled up. Hope your parents aren’t nearly as into hoarding as my family members are… have a great weekend, as well! 🙂

    • Aww, thank you, my love! If you lived closer I would help in a heart beat, but can’t fly these days since I’m “on a budget.” 😉 Have a great weekend, as well! xo

    • Haha, I’m actually going up to OC so what’s one more pit stop. 😉 I’m just glad it’s not raining since that would have made things more challenging… enjoy the great weather for me (though you’re probably doing the same thing!).

    • Thank you so much!!! It was pretty mellow, but fun nonetheless. The move was another story, but at least it will be done soon. Hope you’re enjoying the weekend!

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