#FF Part 2, the Electric Boogaloo

Happy Friday, everyone!  I thought I would bring another edition of #FF (Follow Friday) on my favorite posts from the past couple of weeks.

1) I really liked Shannon’s post on “The Sweet Spot: Where Spending & Frugality Coexist” because she told me to go out and buy a Gucci purse!  Okay, that’s not the take-away at all I got from it, but it did speak to me because though I’ve learned (or learning) to tame my reckless spending, I do still like some things that might be considered too expensive, frivolous or unnecessary to some.  Shannon validates that it’s okay, it’s just learning to do it within your means, and finding that balanced “sweet spot” since everyone is different and values things in their own unique way.

2) I am looking forward to Mr. 1500’s Warren Buffett series, and he kickstarted it with “My Weekend with Warren Buffett: Part 1.”  I’m sure he learned a lot, and it’s great that he’s passing on some of the knowledge to his readers.

3) Pauline’s post on “The awesome French healthcare system.  Or is it?” was also a great read since I’m really fascinated with other countries’ healthcare systems, but dismayed to read some of the negatives like shady practices by dentists, opting for abortion over contraceptives, etc.  It just goes to show no system can ultimately be perfect, but hopefully as the years go on, things can improve in the U.S., France, or anywhere.

4) Your PF Pro wrote about “5 Ways to Save at Amusement Parks: Sea World San Diego”, which has some great tips on saving some cash when going on amusement parks with little ones.  Not going to lie, but I loved how his sister kind of worked him in order to get the baby beluga toy… at least it was priced reasonably!

5) Cash Rebel wrote a great post on “How to Run Marathons on a Budget,” since it discusses one of my favorite topics and how to be cost-efficient at it.  I do tend to invest in wick-away apparel since I sweat like it’s my job, but overall I agree, especially with the high costs of race fees these days.

6) Cash Cow Couple discussed “What is Financial Freedom?” and their enthusiasm and reason for it is apparent.  They’re so on the ball and motivated at such an early age, no doubt they’ll achieve this in no time.

7) Frugal Rules gave some great advice on “5 Great Ways to Save Money When Buying a Car” – I’m most likely going to buy one in the next year or two, so these are useful tips to keep in mind.

And because I like diversification with my blog reading, I also really liked:

8) Ashley wrote a thought-provoking post entitled “What Does Curvy Even Mean?”  I had the same reaction to the tweet as she did, and agree with what she conveyed in her post.

9) This is heavily laced with profanity so it might not be for everyone, but I love Thug Kitchen’s alternative recipe for Hamburger Helper.  He has great, solid tips in general, plus he’s just a crack up.  I still chuckle randomly at “Never trust a glove with a face” – truth!

10) I loved Frugal Portland’s touching tribute to her mom in “7 Reasons My Mom is Awesome.”  What an amazing role model of a mom, and Kathleen is as top notch as her!

I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!  And to the mothers out there – Holly, Mackenzie, Shannon, Mrs. Moneyseed, Mrs. 1500, Mrs. Frugal Rules, OLinA – have an amazing Mother’s Day!


22 thoughts on “#FF Part 2, the Electric Boogaloo

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