Collaborative and Guest Posts Day

Note to self when packing up clothes to go to the gym on Monday mornings: bring pants.

Happy Monday – so in lieu of today’s blog rambling, I recently collaborated with Ross at Cash Rebel on a post regarding minivans.  Here’s the link to the post for your reading pleasure – be sure to bring a cup of tea and biscuit since it’s a little lengthy.  Oh, and if you vote for Team Mini Van = Mega Fun, I promise to tattoo your blog logo onto my arm like they do in Nascar.

Okay, no… no I won’t… but it was still pretty fun to write and I hope you agree with me or else enjoy it!

Also, I did my first ever guest post over at Fearless Men!  Thanks John and Todd, for the fun opportunity!

I hope everyone has a wonderful week xo


18 thoughts on “Collaborative and Guest Posts Day

    • It was a lot of fun, and I agree, it’s great to see fellow San Diegan bloggers! Enjoy the great weather we’ve been having lately!

  1. Oh man, going to the gym is always a disaster for me. For some reason, I always forget to bring a change of underwear. The basement has to go unfurnished for a while.

    What really drives me nuts though is when I forget my workout shorts. Nothing like working out in &^%$ing blue jeans. GRRRRRRR!!!

    • Oh my goodness, I’ll be chuckling about “the basement has to go unfurnished for a while” all week! haha Blue jeans for a workout sounds awful!

    • Aww, thank you, twinsie!! Your support means so much to me… let’s definitely do a collab post! Though we agree on most everything so it would be full of “omg, I love that, too!” 😉

    • Haha, I’m not sure why I said that… it just seemed like the most relaxing thing to do. I’m still laughing about the pic, they really try to make it alluring! 🙂

  2. For me it’s not pants, but a hair elastic. I always forget a hair elastic! I should seriously just put a pile of them in my gym bag 😉 Today, I forgot shorts (wore my capris) and I was SO hot during class! I hate sweating that much, haha.

    • I am in the same boat! I wear my stuff to the gym so I forgot my work pants, but I hate not being able to push my hair back, too! It’s surprising how much heat gets insulated at the nape of your neck with your hair down! haha

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