Space Cadet Moments

Happy almost 3-day weekend, everyone… at least those residing in the U.S.  I don’t know about you, but work kicked my tuckus this week, so I’m pretty excited for a long weekend.  To kickstart, I thought I’d share some embarrassing or space cadet moments of my past.  I know I’ve talked about when dates say something funny, as well as when my mom has her moments, but I am not immune to such antics.  In fact, B’s snapping of his fingers as he yells out “A.D.D., look alive!” or “Hellloooo, McFly!” has been tossed around my household on more than one occasion, so without further ado:

1) Just recently, I was working my spreadsheet magic at work, when all of a sudden, my screen went black.  Our computers are older so this happened before, but usually the screen turns grey.  I called IT and they came up, but as soon as he sat on my chair, I figured out why it went black.  Since I’m a shorty doo-wop and my legs dangle, apparently I was swinging my legs and kicked off the switch on the power strip.  Again.

2) When I was in Hawaii and had one Mai Tai too many, I took a stroll on a starry night with my equally inebriated buddy.  We planted ourselves to rest, and since I tend to think I’m way more philosophical and deep than I really am under the influence, in a soft voice I said, “The moon… it just seems so… far away.”  Two minutes later, my friend said, “Um… it is far away.”

3) Back when I was a teen, my high school boyfriend and I were sitting in his car with the radio on and just making each other laugh.  Well, when I laugh a bit too hard, a putt-putt might come out, and since he made me laugh incredibly hard, a putt-putt did come out.  We both stopped laughing instantaneously and kind of looked surprised, and a few seconds later he turned up the radio and said, “Man, I really like this song.”  His sweet gesture of  switching the subject made me laugh even more, and when another putt-putt came out, he said, “Okay, I can’t ignore that one!” and we both laughed about it.

4) Taking it back to third grade, it was gymnastics week in P.E. and one of the things we had to do was jump off the springboard and leap over the horse.  I was incredibly nervous since I hate doing anything in front of people, but when it came to my turn, I decided to bring my third-grade-zen in, took a deep breath, and ran for it.  Well, as soon as I get to the springboard, the tip of my shoe caught underneath the board, I tripped, and BAM – faceplant on the springboard.

5) I was in a boring company-wide meeting and decided to skip out early.  Since I was in the front row, I wanted to be discreet, so I decided to take the exit near the front.  Well, when I opened the door and walked out, it turned out to be a closet where they kept the A.V. equipment.  I have since learned to look for the “Exit” sign on top of doors.

6) When watching “300” and the main character’s wife stabbed the conniving guy and it was found out that he was really working for the bad guys since gold coins were coming out of his satchel, I thought the council was saying “Treasure!!”  I thought that was a bit inappropriate and didn’t really understand it… on my third time watching it, I discovered that they were really saying “Traitor!” which completely makes more sense.

I can’t be the only one to have these space cadet moments, so please don’t leave me hanging and share your moments!  Have a wonderful weekend, everyone 🙂


29 thoughts on “Space Cadet Moments

    • Glad I could make you laugh, Shannon – so far, no space cadet incidents reported this weekend, phew! Hope you had a great one, as well. 🙂

    • LOL ya know, I actually contemplated just staying in there until the meeting ended, but I didn’t have my phone or a snack so I just re-opened and went out. I just didn’t look anyone in the eye, but I could feel I was pretty beet red. 🙂

  1. You’re funny as always~ I can’t believe you remember all these. Everytime I try to think of something like this, I can’t think of any. Even though I know I did stuff like this so many times.

    • Haha, oh goodness, I hope you didn’t get in trouble! Glad I could make you laugh, great to see you on the interwebs, KK! Hope you’re doing well 🙂

    • Oh, I’ve completely embraced my inner dorkiness. I knock things over, too!! And usually I try to salvage it, and it just ends up flip-flopping down to the floor anyway – smooth 😉 Hope you had a great weekend, Tonya!

  2. Haha I love the comment about the moon and also you trying to leave through a closet! I have moments like this all the time too, where I just slap my hand to my forehead and go ‘D’oh’! I hope you are enjoying the weekend!

    • Haha, the closet one was pretty embarrassing, but now hilarious since I don’t work there anymore. 😉 Hope you enjoyed your weekend, too, love!

  3. I write software for a living. At a past job, the coders were making their deadlines, but the testers weren’t. We had a big meeting where us developers were informed that we would be doing testing for a little while. I was less than thrilled, so opened my trap and said, “When are the developers going to be able to do real work again?”

    The testers were less than thrilled with my assessment of their job.

  4. haha, love it. My space cadet ways are usually tied to mis-memorizing song lyrics and then singing the wrong lyrics aloud with other people when the song comes on in the car or something. Awkward!

    • LOL that’s kind of endearing 🙂 I have a couple of friends who do that and I think it’s adorable since they’re always really, REALLY wrong. 🙂

  5. I used to have my plugs come loose at work all the time! Now I know what to check first 🙂

    Ha, I think #5 of yours was my favourite.

    My most recent cadet moment has been getting confused about the exchange rate – we were recently in Cambodia where it was 4000 riel to the dollar and now in Vietnam where it’s 20,000 dong. I managed ot get them mixed up and went around calculating everything as 40,000 for the first day.

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