Link Love, Ladies’ Night Edition

Happy Thursday, everyone!  So apparently, I had a break-dancing dream the other night because I woke up in a really contorted position and, worse, my whole back and neck ached.  My range of motion is better today, but man, if ever I needed proof that I’m no longer a spring chicken, that was it.  Anyway, back when I was a spring chicken, I always looked forward to Thursdays because that was usually Ladies’ Nights for some of the beach bars in my area, where my close girlfriends and I would take advantage of the discounted drinks and chicken wings (is that cannibalism if I just called myself a spring chicken? *shrug*).  So, I thought I’d do a throwback with a link love honoring some great ladies in the interwebs… not sure if this is PC anymore, so I’m sure there will be a gentleman’s edition in the near future.

First is Michelle’s post on how she almost had to use her emergency fund.  I think it’s great that she was caring enough to post a note to the car’s owner, and it even had a happy ending.  Just goes to show that good karma prevails.

I loved this post by Do or Debt on how she landed her position.  I think some people (myself included) at times get intimidated by a job description that they automatically feel that they don’t qualify.  I think her experience is proof to take the chance and drop your hat in the ring, rather than missing all the opportunities you don’t take.

Holly posted the benefits of working at home, and as amused as I was about “strategery,” I got a kick out with the holes in her shirt part.  I suppose I’m a post voyeur, but I like reading about people’s/couples’ idiosyncrasies.  Plus, she’s really rocking it with freelancing!

I liked how Budget Blonde named her car in this post on how to save up for a new car.  My car is definitely in her golden years, so this post was timely.

GMD posted an interview with J (he’ll always be J), and it was great to both get to know the man who motivated GMD to start a blog, as well as kind of get a peek at their dynamics.  What a complementary and cute couple they are.

I’m always drawn to health care posts, so KK’s post on her company’s change to a high-deductible health insurance plan was interesting.  I agree with her that it completely hurts low-income earners if there was a flat deductible rate, and hope that companies can find a solution to either tier it or make it income-based.

I’m pretty sure everyone’s following NZ Muse’s around the world adventures, but I love how she’s giving the economical breakdown of her trip, as well as giving a heads up on which countries need visas, and the process on how to obtain them.  Plus, her monkey video is so awesome!

I look forward to reading Michelle’s wedding posts and tips, like this one about wedding dresses and photographers.  I had no idea that dress stores cut off tags to preserve business, so her tips were great to know.

I tend to side on Mrs. PoP regarding superstores (specifically Target), mostly for its convenience, value, and service (especially at the checkout lanes).  I have yet to walk out of there without spending $50 minimum, though I do manage to time the sales so I’m not paying full price.

Tonya posted about the benefits of meditation – frankly, I’m impressed that she has meditation down pat that she can do so at an airport!  Plus I think it’s a great way to keep centered and calm, especially when situations beyond your control arises.

Shannon wrote a well-written post on how to talk to your kids about debt.  My plan is to get rid of my debt, live below my means, and build wealth before I have kids, but in the event I ever have to do this, she explains strategies that can make a difficult conversation not so uncomfortable nor shameful, but rather productive and understandable.

And on a non-PF note, I absolutely loved these pictures where the photographer posed her daughter with heroines as opposed to Disney princesses.  I find Disney movies as entertaining as the next person, but it really does make you re-think about celebrating and paying tribute to real life accomplishments of women (it did for me, at least).  My favorite was the tribute to Amelia Earhart.


17 thoughts on “Link Love, Ladies’ Night Edition

  1. Great ladies edition Anna. Wow, there are some really great female PF bloggers out there when I actually think about it!

    • Haha, thanks Mrs. PoP! I remember watching So You Think You Can Dance that night, so I think that played a part. 🙂 Have a great weekend!

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    • Of course, if I’m fortunate enough to have kids in the future, I’ll definitely be heeding your advice on how to raise them financially wise! Hope you had a nice weekend, too!

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