4th of July Proposal

Happy Friday, everyone!  I hope everyone had a fun and safe 4th of July for those who celebrate – I had a pretty chill time, lounging by the pool, and gabbing/texting to my friends because B proposed yesterday morning!  I had absolutely no idea!!



Okay, so obviously my nose grew a few notches, but I was excited nonetheless.  He’s actually had the ring for a bit of time, so how this man didn’t just give it to me prior due to my nagging curious inquiries says a lot about his patience – he’s a keeper, indeed!

We’ve also decided we don’t really like calling each other fiance/fiancee, so we’ve reached consensus in calling each other our sidekick. 😉

The icing on the cake is that earlier this week, I went ahead and sent my prospective bridesmaids some homemade cookies to “sweeten the deal” when I asked them if they’d be my bridesmaid, and the two friends that I thought might say no since their due dates are pretty close to my prospective wedding date replied with a resounding yes!  So I was pretty stoked and felt completely loved.

So I actually have a question that I thought I would ask the PF community about, and that’s ring insurance.  Is this really necessary, and do PF’ers insure their rings/jewelry (or would you)?  On one hand, I suppose I should since I would be really bummed if it was lost or stolen.  But on the other, at times things like ring insurance seems like these over the top things in life that just seems… well, it’s just perplexing to me.  A shining example is when I heard on the radio that this kid had a birthday party at his house, there was a bouncy house and one of the guests injured him/herself, the parent of the injured kid sued, and they won the case.  So a lawyer came on and said that liability waivers and umbrella insurance would be a good idea to avoid cases like these.  Has the world gone mad?!  I just don’t remember having to worry about stuff like this back in my day.

Anyway, I’m curious to know what your take is on ring insurance.  I hope everyone has a nice weekend!


60 thoughts on “4th of July Proposal

  1. Yay congrats on making it official!

    My ring is an heirloom in Mr. PoP’s family (over 100 years young!), so the sentimental value is worth a lot more than the monetary value. That said, we did pay $50 to have it appraised when we got it sized so now if we ever get robbed and it’s stolen the ring would be covered under our homeowner’s insurance. But the ring itself is worth about as much as the deductible, so it’s not something we really think about. Money can’t replace an heirloom that gets lost, anyway…

    • Thanks so much, Mrs. Pop. Wow, I knew your ring was an heirloom, but I didn’t know it was that many years young! Did you ever blog about the history behind it (I suppose I should just search your blog). I agree no type of insurance or money can compensate for that.

  2. Congratulations!! It’s official~ Where’s the picture of your ring? I’m curious to see~^^
    I didn’t insure my ring. To be honest with you, I didn’t even think about insuring it. I’m also interested to see what others say about that.

    • Thanks so much, Michelle! If you’re comfortable sharing your email, I can send you a pic! Or feel free to drop me a line at teamawesome858 at gmail. Ah, okay, you fall in line with most of my friends since they didn’t insure, either.

  3. Congratulations.

    I’m not sure why the reluctance to use the words fiance/fiancee? What’s the logic behind that?

    If you have homeowners insurance or renters insurance, your jewelry should be covered under that. If you don’t, then I’d recommend you get some. 🙂 There should be no need to insure your rings separately, although you might want to make sure that an appraisal is on file with your insurance company so that the jewelry will be covered.

  4. Thanks Kara! Oh, no logic behind it, we were just being silly about it. #humorfail

    That’s great to know about homeowners/renter insurance, we’ll have to check out our policy. Thanks for the useful information!

  5. CONGRATS ANNA!!! I know we haven’t met (yet) but I really feel so excited for you as if you were an in real life friend 🙂 Woot woot for upcoming wedding planning posts!

    P.S. knowing smart B, I bet he already has that insurance thing covered. Plus you’re kinda OCD, you ain’t gonna lose or damage the ring lady 😛

    • Aww, thank you so much, GMD, know the feeling is mutual!! It’s so awesome how people are able to create friendship bonds through these blogs, eh?

      Haha, you’re right, I’ve been super delicate with it, so hopefully I can make this level of care last! Have an amazing time in Vancouver Island, love xo

  6. Congrats on it being official now.

    We have my wife’s ring on our homeowners policy, so we didn’t have to get any other insurance to cover it.

    • Thanks Grayson! That seems to be the consensus, I’ll have to look into it. Thanks for your input and hope you had a nice 4th! 🙂

  7. Congrats! And we have ring insurance on mine. It was cheap and we just bought it from the place where the ring was bought. It covers lifetime cleanings as well, so we figured why not.

  8. Congrats! I love sidekicks, that’s awesome 🙂

    We added our rings to our tenants insurance and now home insurance. Much cheaper that way 🙂

    Can’t wait to hear about all the details, congrats again 😀

    • Haha, I love how you get my (dorky) humor – thanks Morgaine! Thanks, as well, for the tenant/home insurance information, that sounds like the most practical way to get it insured! Hope you had a nice Canada Day! 🙂

  9. Congratulations!! I don’t have an engagement ring so I can’t weigh in on the insurance, but hopefully if you go that route it ends up being affordable. I know I’d be devastated to lose something like that, but I am usually pretty careful with the one “fancy” ring I do have. Taking into account how you’ve managed your jewelry in the past could be a good indicator for you.

    • Thanks E.M.! I’m not much of a jewelry person, so this is actually the only ring I’ve ever worn (and the only “real” piece I own, now that I think about it). I do think it’s a good idea to take into account how I take care of things, thanks for planting that seed!

  10. Ahhh!!!! Congrats! I have mine on a valuable personal property insurance. It’s a policy through the same company as my car insurance, and because I have it the discount I get every month is actually more than the premium (which is only a few dollars a month.) Totally worth it if you ask me.

    • Aww, thank you so much! Ah, that’s a great idea about just adding it on to an existing car insurance policy, maybe I’ll look into that route, as well. A few dollars a month sounds reasonable!

  11. Yay! I’m so excited for you. I know a lot of people who got engaged at Christmas or Valentine’s day, but 4th of July is so unique and fun. Will there be a 4th of July wedding date? Apple pie instead of cake, red, white and blue theme?

    • Thanks KK!! Haha, I agree it’s a pretty memorable date, it made for a great day! We’re projecting to have it in early 2014, but that would have been awesome to do a very patriotic wedding theme! 🙂

  12. Many congratulations! How exciting! Also loving that you are calling each other sidekick! My wedding rings are covered on my house contents insurance, we don’t have a separate policy for them. Enjoy planning your big day looking forward to hearing more!

    • Thank you so much, Hayley! Haha, yeah, we amuse ourselves with silly things like sidekicks, so we’re a good fit. 😉 That definitely sounds like the running theme to just add it on to home owner’s insurance rather than take out a separate policy, I’m so glad I asked! I’ll definitely post more about wedding stuff, hope it doesn’t get too boring!

  13. First off, Super Happy-Time Congratulations! That’s really exciting news! I’ll be looking forward to wedding updates!

    We have umbrella insurance and house & content insurance that will cover jewelry, if something goes sideways. I don’t know that I would purchase insurance separately from the store for ring coverage – most house/apartment insurance will cover these things and the store policies are likely to be expensive type cash grabs.

    • Thank you so much, Lindsey!! It was definitely a super happy time, I think I squealed even though I knew it was coming. haha Ah, so maybe that’s a good purpose for umbrella insurance!! I think that’s why I was so averse to the insurance thing – it just seemed like a cash grab as you said if it’s a sole policy, but seems more reasonable if added on to an existing policy. Thanks for the helpful information!

  14. Congrats on having a new sidekick! Sounds like life is great!

    In terms of ring insurance, I’m totally speaking out of my ass because I have zero experience, but it sounds like a bunch of crap. All you gotta do it calculate what the odds are that you’ll lose the ring. I’d say it’s pretty likely that you might lose it once every 20 years. Now does the insurance cost more on an ongoing basis than it would to replace it once every 20 years?

    • Thanks Ross, life is awesome, indeed! Yeah, I think I agree that it might not be worth it as a stand alone (though Michelle mentioned that cleanings come with it and that would be such a nice benefit!), but if it can folded into our current insurance policies then it might be more reasonable. Looks like I have some research to do!

  15. Congrats Anna! I did end up getting a separate insurance policy for my wife’s ring. At the time, I didn’t have a renters insurance policy and I wanted to make sure we were protected in case the ring was lost. I don’t think the policy is that expensive at all.

    For her wedding ring, we just added that to our renters insurance policy, but we’ve kept the separate policy for the engagement ring for now. Hope that helps!

    • Thanks so much, Roger! Thanks for your input – I’m wondering did you go to a brick and mortar for the insurance, or is it something that’s available online? I think folding it in to a current policy is a good way to go, but that’s a good point that I might want a separate policy for the engagement vs. wedding. Thanks for stopping by!

      • Anna, we went through State Farm because the agent was already a friend of ours, but I think generally, prices for jewelry insurance should all be pretty comparable.

        We took took care of most of the details over email or phone with our agent. We had to send him the ring appraisal, which included the estimated value of the ring along with the ring specifications (# of carats, cut, clarity, color). Our agent also stopped by in person to inspect the ring and make sure the appraisal was not outrageous / generally correct. He also took pictures for his files. All in all, it’s a pretty quick process and gives you piece of mind. Let me know if you have any other questions!

  16. Congrats!! Exciting time, for sure! YES!! I have all of my diamond jewelry (rings, necklace, earrings) insured. Just makes me feel better knowing that they will be replaced if I lose them. I would highly suggest it – especially if you are one to take on/off (necklace & earrings for sure – rings?). We pay about $350/year for jewelry insurance – and I feel it is well worth it.

    • Thank you so much, SZQ! That’s funny you mention the take off/on thing – I’ve been taking it off like 20 times a day because I want to keep it sparkly and not damaged since I’m such a klutz. If it’s not too personal, I’m curious to know which company you went with for the insurance or if they have a website. Thanks for stopping by!

  17. Squeal!!! OMG I’m so excited for you. Congrats! I love ‘sidekicks’, it’s much more appropriate. I have no clue about ring insurance. Never even thought about it…..

  18. Congrats on the engagement! My fiancee did get my ring insured. It’s $130 a year (I don’t know the value of the ring, he won’t tell me…) but it’s a ring he got custom made at a small jewelry store with a ruby instead of a diamond as that’s my birthstone. The insurance for this ring covers free replacement of the tiny diamonds on the side if they fall out plus any loss/theft with a much lower deductible than our renter’s insurance deductible. Because the cost was not terribly high (just over $10/mo), so for the time being we’ll continue to pay it now that we’re getting married in less than two months.

    • Oh my goodness, congrats on your upcoming wedding!! Any advice? I thought i’d keep it simple, but it’s amazing how the “simple” things add up! Thanks for the advice on your insurance – I’m curious to know which insurance you went with? Your ring sounds beautiful!

    • Aww, thanks so much, Michelle! I know, I don’t want to turn this into a wedding blog, but it’s fun to talk about it so I’ll probably post a lot about my experiences with planning. 🙂

  19. Congrats Anna, that’s awesome!

    In regards to the ring insurance – my wife’s ring is actually my grandmother’s and has a lot of extra sentimental value with it. We had ours appraised and just added a rider to our homeowners insurance. I believe it costs us several dollars a month – not really much at all.

    • Thanks so much, John! Oh funny, my coworker just told me about adding a rider for homeowner’s insurance (though I heard it as writer lol) – I agree if it’s reasonable, it’s a good thing to add on! Your wife’s ring sounds beautiful, I love things with stories behind it!

  20. Wow, congrats!

    Now, about the ring insurance: I lose stuff about 500x per day. I can never find my (pick one: keys, wallet, baseball cap, bicycle lock, water bottle, phone). You name it, I lose it. The other day, I was looking for my sunglasses for a couple minutes. I was extremely annoyed because I can’t stand going out in the sun without them. I then looked down and realized I was holding them the whole time.

    Back to the ring. I play with mine all the time. I spin it around and take it off about 20x/day. It drives Mrs. 1500 nuts.

    Combine the above two paragraphs and you’d think that I would have lost my ring 100,000 times. However, I haven’t even lost it once, despite the fact that I really dislike all jewelry including the ring (wearing it is a concession to Mrs. 1500).

    So, I’d forget the insurance.

    • Thanks Mr. 1500! LOL I loved the sunglasses story – I had something similar happen where I took off my contacts, brushed my teeth, washed my face, and then looked around for my glasses that I wear at night. I searched everywhere, every drawer, then I looked at myself in the mirror and realized I was already wearing them. 🙂 I take mine off a lot, too, because I want to keep it shiny, so I think I’d be too paranoid of losing it to forget about it. I hope that’s the case!

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  23. Congrats!!! Fiance is awkward, I love ‘sidekick’.

    My ring is insured, just added on to our contents (ie renters) policy as a special item. It is worth a little over $1k and costs … I don’t actually recall what the extra insurance costs but it was negligible.

    • Thank you!! I think that seems like the most sensible route to go. Hope you’re enjoying your travels, definitely enjoy reading about them! 🙂

    • Thanks Mackenzie! Sorry to hear you’ve been out of commission, but so nice to hear from you and hope you’re doing well! Have a great weekend 🙂

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