Ways to Avoid Overspending When Planning Your Wedding

Hi everyone!  Every Monday, I’ll be posting on Economag, a collaboration with some pretty awesome personal finance bloggers.  Consider checking it out and saying hello!

Now that I’m in the midst of wedding planning, I’ve noticed a substantial amount of vendors market their product by promising to create your perfect wedding day.  I’ve met with a couple of them that have asked us what our “vision” is for the wedding, and asking too many personal questions for my taste to get to know us as a couple so that they can suggest ways in creating our perfect event.

Vision… huh?  Sure, I would like a nice day when I commit to spending the rest of my life with my partner and sharing it with my loved ones, but making it an over the top production that costs comparable to a house down payment or a lifetime’s worth of groceries is not what I have in mind.  Read the rest of the post at economag.us!


11 thoughts on “Ways to Avoid Overspending When Planning Your Wedding

  1. Hi Anna!

    I had a little trouble commenting on economag, so I thought I’d just post here. That’s some solid advice, especially to unsubscribe from vendor email lists. There is more than enough external pressure to make an extravagant wedding…the last thing a couple needs is to get additional pressure from the savvy marketing departments of experienced suppliers.

    Best of luck planning the wedding and I’m positive everything will be great!

    • Sorry to hear you had trouble commenting, but thank you for being kind enough to come back and leave one. 🙂 I agree about all the external pressure – I’m telling everyone to set the bar low, so that I can at least try to meet expectations. haha Thanks for the luck wishes, I’ll definitely need some! 🙂

    • Sorry to hear about the commenting on economag, but thank you for still commenting on here! I agree, that’s definitely something I don’t want to regret is to overspend just for one day.

  2. Public setting with cheap transportation to a nice sit down venue. That’s how it needs to get done. It limits your guests and ensures a beautiful outdoor wedding 🙂

    • We’re having ours indoors – even in SD, we might have rain during our time, but hopefully that’s not the case. Thanks for leaving your kind suggestion, though. 🙂

  3. Not with the over spending on just one day. I know some people do and hey you have to do what makes you happy. I would rather put the money towards something else. They have VISION of you spending an arm and a leg to get them to produce something is what I say. Headed over to check out that other post.

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