Wedding Update #643

Happy Thursday, everyone!  I thought I’d share updates on a monthly basis since posting kind of helps me feel organized and helps me reassess what the heck I’ve been doing all month.  Hope it’s not turning people off!

1) Wedding favors decided – It’s a little tchotchke (luggage tags in the shape of airplanes), but it’s a practical one that goes with our aeronautical theme, plus I’m going to use them for the seating assignment card thingy. #multipurpose

2) Groomsmen outfit picked – since it’s winter we figured medium to dark grey slacks, and the groomsmen will wear just a vest while he’ll wear a jacket in addition.  B even thought of the guys wearing a tie in our primary theme color (purple) and he’ll wear one in our accent color (red), which I thought was the cutest idea.  Who knew underneath that t-shirt and cargo shorts exterior was an inner fashionisto?!

3) Pre-Cana class – one of two is completed, and there was a lot more people than I thought would be there (like 100 at least).  We had to do this scantron test seeing if we’ve talked about things related to marriage – though some were religious, I think most of the questions are good for any marriage since it asked if we’ve discussed finances, kids, addictions, family’s perspectives and pressures, etc.  We’re supposed to get our results by this Friday, so I’ll probably share that.  Another interesting thing that one of the counselors pointed out is that the U.S. is heading to Europe’s trend where we’re not reproducing at a rate where we used to (insinuating we’re “dying off” as a species) – I am pretty doubtful of what he said, so I’m going to look into that.  If anyone knows anything or has thoughts about this, please share.

5) I’m 84.56% sure I’m going to say yes to a dress!  When I put it on, I totally gasped, but the lady was also pulling tight on the corset at the back so that probably had something to do with it.  When I told GMD about it, she asked if it was within budget (Oh PF mom! ;)), and truth be told it’s a couple hundred above my high point.  However, I found a place online where I can get $300 off my next purchase, which I can then use for my bridal party gifts, so it can eventually be a wash?  I’m trying out more dresses with my girls on the 26th just to see if I can find something more economical, though.

6) Homey Hook-Up Part 3!  A loved mentor back in my college days hooked me up with her friend who’s offering to do our photography at half the price of market rates, and throwing in engagement pictures!  I love her style because it’s more natural and less Photoshoppy (though I told her it’s okay to erase the fine lines), so I’m all too excited about this.  B was still unsure about the price, but when he did some research and figured out that hers was half the price, not gonna lie, I eeked out a “told ya so!” as I pumped my fist in the air (well, not really, but I mildly gloated).

This is actually taking a lot more time than I thought, mostly with communicating things back and forth with my parents, B, and vendors… and then having to repeat myself when I’m asked questions I just spoke about a day ago. 😉  I do think about it if the opposite were to occur (if someone else was looking into the different aspects and reporting back to me), and know I wouldn’t like that since I’m too much of a control freak to not know what’s going on.  So, I pretty much just have to pipe down and keep doing what I’m doing.  Thankfully, B doesn’t feel that I’m being control freak, but thinks that I’m just managing the ordeal as best as I can, so I love how supportive he’s being!

Do you think we’re dying off as a species?  Can you tell I was typing this like how the Micro-Machines guy used to talk in the commercials?  Oh man, I just aged myself with that question, didn’t I?


35 thoughts on “Wedding Update #643

    • Thanks for your response! I know, right, it didn’t make sense – I wanted to question him at lunch about it, or if he was maybe talking about Catholics or what, but he left already.

      • The comment about declining birth rates in the US is correct. Birth rates are down. However, 3rd world countries like India are more than making up for us, hence the growing global population.

        Glad to see your plans are going smooth!

      • Thanks Mr. 1500! Ah, I see, thanks for the link! I guess because I thought of it from the global perspective, I didn’t consider it on the national level. It makes sense.

      • In response to Mr. 1500 – yes, in “modern” countries the birth rate is decreasing. But its’ the “as a species” part that makes no sense. Even if the birth rate in Western countries is decreasing, the overall world-wide birth rate is still more than enough to make up for it. So “as a species” we are continuing to overpopulate the earth and use up it’s resources faster than they can be renewed.

    • Haha, aww, you’ll always be a lil’ sis, but I chuckled when you asked about the dress being in budget since I thought, “Man, she just called me out!” 😉 We’ve definitely had some differing opinions, but for the most part it’s going well. I hope you two reach a happy medium with the spat (though I agree with you in that case)!

  1. This was an amusingly written update! I love hearing about people’s wedding plans, so definitely not a turn off. B’s idea for the color scheme was really cute. Purple is my favorite color, besides blue :). For my cousins wedding, our dresses were navy blue on the bottom, off-white on the top, and we had a sash as the “accent” which was champagne. The guys all wore champagne colored ties. It looked really nice! It is great that you are still looking for alternatives to the dress you really loved. If you feel happiest in it, it might be worth it!

    • Haha, thanks, E.M.! I love purple, as well, though truth be told it was chosen because his favorite team’s color is that (I made our accent color my choice, though ;)). The sash and matching ties sounds so pretty, that must have looked very elegant! Thanks for your support on the dress – the price tag still makes me want to think about it longer, especially with alterations, so it’s something to really think about.

  2. I love your wedding favor idea!! It’s actually useful and I’m sure it’ll be super cute. My main theme color was purple too~^^ But I accented with deep pink.
    Things are moving along. You feel busy and overwhelmed now, but after the wedding you’re going to feel bored with all the time you have now that you’re not constantly looking for things for your wedding. Enjoy it~

  3. I agree on the dress thing. If you save money elsewhere, it’s a wash. Also, if you’re looking at flowers for your wedding party and/or reception, I made paper flowers for the reception but for the wedding party bouquets, boutonnieres, and corsages I ordered from I haven’t gotten them yet but I can keep you posted how they turn out (my wedding’s the 1st) if that looks like a good option for you!

    As far as the declining population idea: what has always saved the US, population-wise, is immigration. Because we’ve always been a bastion to immigrants from other countries, that has helped the US population to be stable enough to continue supporting the large swath of retirees. However, restrictions on immigration have definitely increased in the past few decades, and with people having less babies, without as many immigrants to fill the gaps it is starting the level out. I know not everyone’s pro immigration, but I personally feel that making it easier and more plentiful for folks to work in the US and pay taxes would do wonders for the economy but I digress…

  4. Nope, I love these updates, so keep them coming, my friend! 🙂 I was recently looking at my wedding pictures (23 years ago!!) and I had to laugh. Total pouffy bangs!! It was 1990 and I had mall hair. The wedding dress is always so tough. It sounds like you’ve broken your wedding budget into specific groups, which makes a lot of sense but from a big picture – if you bought a dress that exceeded the amount you planned – can your overall budget absorb that cost. Because in my mind, the budget I don’t want to break is the overall budget. So if I need $200 more for my dress, where can I take $200 from or can’t I?

    • Oh man, what a teaser – what can us fans do to convince you to share the pics?? 🙂 No pressure of course… indeed, I am taking overall budget into account. For the most part, I’ve been hitting under budget in the categories, so I think it should still be okay. However, I do know when I allow myself to make exceptions, that it can be a slippery slope, so I’m just thinking really hard about this decision and its possible consequences. Thanks for your advice, it means a lot!

  5. Man I must say these are great updates but I am so glad we didn’t go through all of this it would make my head spin. LOL the wifey would love all of this stuff but I guess as a guy I just want it simple. Seems like things are really moving for you guys. I like how you are specific with the percentage chance of the dress. That is too funny!

    • Haha, I think with a lot of my work stuff, we carry to two decimals, so it’s become a habit. 🙂 B pretty much stays away from all the stuff, too, and just lets me do my thing (within budget, of course!).

  6. Ahh wedding planning…that was a stressful time. Everytime my wife and I go to a wedding she always says, darn…we should have done that too!! Glad we’re married already or she would have more demands! =)
    I think the marriage counseling class was worthwhile…definitely gets you to discuss important issues with your soon to be spouse.
    As for the species dying off…don’t know about that but Italy and some other countries apparently have a negative population growth.

    • I agree about pre-marriage counseling – we managed to talk about a few things that didn’t occur to us before, so it was worthwhile. Hrm, that’s interesting about Italy, perhaps that’s what the counselor was talking about. Thanks for giving me a lead, I want to look into it!

  7. Wedding updates are so fun. Usually, people don’t mind splurging on the photographer. But if you found someone whose style you really like AND their price is half the usual rate, then go for it! I’ve been helping my friends with their weddings in hopes that when it’s my turn, they’ll return the favor 😉 Yay for homie hook ups!

    • I know, homies rule! I actually have some really great amateur photographer friends that I’m asking to take pics (it’s cool from the guests’ angles), so photographer was medium importance. I’m pretty stoked that I found her, I’ve known her since college so it makes it extra special. Haha, indeed, I’m definitely collecting my “help me out” IOU’s from my friends that I’ve helped in the past. 😉

  8. SO I printed some 100 question lists and pepper the BF (unwittingly of course) when I feel I could gleam some more info. Stealth mode!

    Love a wedding update, so go for it. Til you sound nutso like one of those wedding shows – then stop. When’s that point… goooood question!!

    Populations are decreasing largely in highly educated areas – the more education, the less babies us ladies are having (esp ones who blog about PF and see the numbers :o) But agreed, other nations (India, SE Asia) continue to thrive and have many kids – like the olden days here in the Western world, when they were your insurance and meal ticket in old age (before retirement funds and big companies – you needed kids to take over the family business). And the poorer a country the higher the mortality rate (again like more developed places in the past), so you have ‘heir + many spares’ should some not make it to adulthood.

    • Haha, I love the stealth mode concept! 😉 Oh man, I hope to never become a Bridezilla – I thought the show was funny at first, but now it seems they just try to find the craziest people out there. Or at least, the ones that are willing to ham it up for the camera. I really liked your response – very interesting remarks! It’s so hard to raise kids these days (not that I have any, but from friends’ experiences) – they’re so expensive these days, it would be a struggle to have plenty!

  9. Way to go with the photographer. It’s a cost that surprised us initially because we had no idea how much it could be, but it’s probably the best spent money of the whole ordeal. I love our photos and would gladly have paid more for them in retrospect.
    All the best with the upcoming plans!

    • I hope so! I’ve been under budget for most categories so far so I think it will even out, but I just don’t want to go on that slippery slope where I make an exception for one, then I’ll make more exceptions, you know? Hope planning is going well for you! 🙂

  10. You’re doing great, Anna! Get the dress you love and cut the budget somewhere else. If you don’t, you’ll look at those pics for forever and go “Oh, I wish I would’ve gotten that other dress!”. Go with your heart – this is your wedding day! 🙂

    • Thanks so much for your support, Laurie!! I know, we’ll see what happens today when I go shopping with my girls, but I think my heart is with the dress I tried on. We’ll see! Hope you had a nice weekend 🙂

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