DC vs. Marvel: Who Rules the Box Office?

Full disclosure: I am not a comic book aficionado.  Even though I was familiar with superheroes, fantasy, and sci-fi  growing up, my knowledge base is mostly comprised of 2.5 years of movie watching data*.  And while my favorite movies are usually from the likes of Aronofsky, Almodovar, and Tarantino – unconventional, often dark, mind-twisting movies – I’ve found myself genuinely enjoying the more mainstream superhero genre for its entertaining, “sit back and escape” value.  One thing I’ve noticed within the superhero/fantasy/sci-fi genres are the rivalries in franchises – Star Wars vs. Star Trek being one of them, as well as the DC vs. Marvel worlds in the box office.  It leads me to wonder if there really is such a difference between the two, and if so, what?  Read the rest of my article here….


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