August Goals Recap (and Dress Peek!)

Hello everyone!  I can’t believe August is almost gone and, more importantly, summer, as well!  I think we might actually have a later summer in SoCal since it was dreary in June and July, though I suppose we can’t really complain since it’s constantly temperate.  Anyway, here’ s a recap of how I did for my August goals:

1) Complete 60 miles of runningPass, though contingent upon if I complete my 4 and 3 miler this Thursday/Friday.

2) Complete the 30 day Squat Challenge again, this time while using a 10-25 pound plate (reduce weight as I increase the number of squats), as well as the 30 Day Plank ChallengeKind of.  When I was squatting with weights, my legs constantly felt like lead during my runs, so I ditched the plates.  I’m definitely seeing results after two months of it, though, and B has as well since he accused me of flexing my quads one time when I wasn’t – hurray!  For the plank challenge, I did well up to 2.5 minutes, then I couldn’t really hold for 3, 4, 5 minutes.  So what I did for those days was hold on for as long as I can, and any remaining amount left, I would finish in another set (or two).  I am pretty amazed by it, though, since I’m now up to 3.5 minutes when before 2 was the most I could hold.  The body adapts quickly, and I’d recommend that challenge to anyone!

3) Pay off $800 of my debtFail.  I was a bit of a spending glutton this month, I’ll own that.  I bought running shoes since my old ones had over 400 miles, as well as plane tickets to visit my parents to spend time for my mom’s 60th.  I also paid for the second Pre-Cana class, as well as the deposit for the dress that I initially had my eye on (explain more in #4).  Total, I paid off $385 of debt this month.

4) Pay for the invites (materials) and second Pre-Cana class, start looking for a dress and photographer Kind of.  I didn’t pay for the invites yet but they should be ready next month (yay!), but did pay for Pre-Cana class and the deposit for my dress.  I ended up buying the floor sample since it was the exact size and color I wanted, and haggled them to retouch up all the beading, add a back panel, dry clean it, take $100 off, and half off veil and shoes.  I wanted a free veil and a deeper discount, but oh well, the dress is relatively new since it was a spring 2013 dress and 50% off is better than nothing, I suppose.  Do you want to see?  Well it was more rhetorical since I’m so excited about it and showing it anyway. 🙂

dress IMG_20130820_173922_898

5) Spend 15 hours on SpanishFail.  I only spent about 10 hours, and 2 hours of it was hiking with my old Spanish teacher where it was mostly me saying, “Ummm… como se dice… ummm…” 😉

6) Write 5 “love letters” to loved ones PASS.  I ended up doing this early on in the month – two of them weren’t really love letters but more gratitude letters to teachers who made an impact on my life – one English high school teacher who encouraged me to take tests to go the AP path, and another college professor who was influential in my “political awakening” I guess you can say.  I received responses from them, and it was a pretty cool feeling for both parties.  I also wrote the remaining three letters to those who are having a rough go in life, whether it’s a break up, being unemployed for numerous years, or going through some past stuff and having a hard time processing.  Even if I’m frustrated or whatnot lately with wedding or work stuff, I do realize I have so much to be thankful for, and I can only hope that the friends that have been there for me in the past, I can be there for now and always.

I’m not sure if I’m going to have any September goals other than survive since Fall is always busy season, but I’ll at least strive to get my debt down lower despite paying for some hefty deposits in the next couple of months.  If you had any goals in August, let’s hear how you did! 🙂


55 thoughts on “August Goals Recap (and Dress Peek!)

  1. The dress is gorgeous and so beautiful on you! That’s crazy how well it fits for being the floor sample. Good job on haggling with them, too! One more thing squared away for the big day :). You’re seriously inspiring me to try the planking and squatting. I’m sure my boyfriend would be into it as well, but I have a feeling I’ll last less than a minute the first time around, haha. Overall it sounds like you had a good month!

    • Thanks so much, EM! Most stores had them really big and they would have the clips all over the back, but this store had true to sizes which I think is beneficial since you get the full effect. You should totally do the challenges, even if you don’t last a minute the first time, it’s pretty cool how long you last by the end of the month! Let me know if you do, I’m going to do another round of it next month. 🙂

    • Thanks so much, Michelle! I called a place to try and rent it, but it was only $200 less than buying it (though they do altering which I’m bracing myself for). I’m hoping to at least resell it this way, provided I find a shorty my size! haha

  2. Anna, your dress..!!! It’s so beautiful!!! And well done for haggling. It’s even better when it costs less then you think it will! I really like the idea of these ‘love letters’. I have a few teachers who I remember who I’d like to say thank you to as well as friends who have stuck by me through thick and thin.

    • Thanks so much, girl!! I totally copied the back of your dress, but what can I say, I love Maggie Sottero! I admit, I loved writing the letters – it was very cathartic in the “I have a lot to be thankful for” kind of way! That would be awesome if you wrote letters, I’m sure they would be stoked to receive it!

  3. So beautiful Anna!! I’m always envious to those who can wear strapless since I have linebacker shoulders, a tiny head, and no boobs to hold the darn thing up. But I have a great ass…just sayin’…I digress since this ins’t about me. lol!!! And perhaps my ass is just marginal anyway. I’m so impressed by the plank time. I can only hold about a minute at a time and I’m already shaking at that point!

    • Lol, I have linebacker shoulders, as well – embrace them!! 😀 I think they look the best in strapless (though I might be biased haha). I think you’re way too hard on yourself – you’re so fit and athletic, so own it! At least you give your booty some cred – work it, girl. 😉 I’m definitely shaking by 2 minutes, and was on fire by 3.5. I’m hoping to reach 5 minutes this coming month when I do it again, we’ll see!

  4. I love the dress! You are going to look stunning in it. I feel like summer is a hard time for the budget, but with the holidays coming up it doesn’t look much better! Planning a wedding throws a wrench in there too. Puedes escribirme un correo electronico en espanol, y voy a responder en espanol tambien. Tengo una meta importante–para mejorar mi espanol y estudia otros lenguas.

    • Thanks so much! Wedding stuff isn’t making paying debt down easier, but we don’t necessarily want to wait, either, so we’re just making the best of things. Oooh, quiero escriber contigo mucho mas, pero, umm… okay hablar en “Spanglish?” jiji

    • Aww, thanks so much, Shannon! I do admit, I noticed a drop in stress once I made that choice. Now it’s just a matter of finding a quality seamstress at a reasonable price, since I’m hoping to be able to negotiate that as much as I can, too!

  5. Wow, you’re dress is beautiful! I love the back with the detail and the shape it gives you – you’re going to look like a million bucks.
    You’re goals are awesome and I think it’s great you accomplish as much as you do in a month. It’s hard to imagine how you fit in working and living around those amazing things you do with your time. Cheers!

    • Thanks so much, Lindsey! I know, the corset is awesome, and really flattering for my midsection – I just can’t breathe, though, is that an issue?? 😉 Thanks for your encouragement, it means a lot to me. Hope you had a wonderful August!

  6. Your dress looks so good on you! Gorgeous!

    Where can I find the 30 day squats and plank challenge? I think I’m going to pick one or the other up sometime soon. Also, I was a huuuuge spending glutton this past month, too! What’s up with August?! I love the love letter idea, I think I’m going to try and find the time to do this, perhaps closer to the holidays.

    • Aww, thanks so much, Michelle! Fall and the holidays are pretty busy for me, so just trying to do as much as I can to space things out. I know, I find strange comfort in knowing that I wasn’t the only one a bit out of control with spending – my focus is back for sure!

  7. OMG I love your dress! Please do a post on haggling those prices! I want to, but I’m afraid I’ll get laughed out of the boutique. I love your letters, too. Such a meaningful and really gracious thing to do.

    • Thanks Laurie! I would have been more stoked with a deeper discount, but at least I got something out of it. The letters was pretty cathartic, I’m going to try and make it a habit

  8. Gorgeous dress in exactly your size? It was meant to be! I know I’m completely out of the wedding loop because I had no idea you actually have to pay for those Pre-Cana classes. Yet another reason I can use “against” my bf if/when he wants to get married in the church 😉

    • I know, right, at least now it takes some of the anxiety of knowing if it will arrive on time since it’s already here. Haha, yeah, classes and the Catholic ceremony are not cheap, over $1k and going the cheap route at that!

    • I agree – it would be more useful if my partner also spoke Spanish, but alas he doesn’t. Maybe there’s immersion programs I can do next summer or something, I’ll have to look into that! How did you learn French (I think I remember reading that, not 100% though).

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    • Thanks so much, Pauline! That’s a great idea about Spanish podcasts – I’ve been listening to Spanish music during my runs, but I think podcasts might be more effective. Lol, I’m definitely hoping for a South American honeymoon, though we’ve mostly been checking out Chile and Peru – if you have any tips by chance (or care to country hop on over in Spring 2014!), I would love that! 🙂

      • Depends on how long you have. Seeing several parts of Peru requires at least 2 weeks but you could do Cusco region then cross over to Bolivia and Chile for Uyuni and Arica deserts, those regions are amazing.

      • Awesome! I wasn’t going to start planning the honeymoon until Nov/Dec, so thanks for sharing some recommendations… if you don’t mind, I’d love to pick your brain on those places around that time. 🙂

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  11. Sorry I’ve been swamped and forgotten to stop by. I think you did superbly with the discount, so don’t sweat it.

    I’m interested that your classes are called Cana, I’m just getting involved with a charity called Cana communities all about helping homeless and ex cons.

    I love the love letter idea. When I graduated high school, I wrote many a letter to thank my teachers. It felt a bit ‘suck up-y’ but I’m glad I took the time to tell these people what a hand they had in raising me (I was live in, so truly they were all my parents in some way). I should try it… Oh and I love your thirty day challenges – the BF is on me about the squats… Evidently I have some jelly! Anyhoo, maybe I should secretly start (probably with no weight) and go from there. I also read about hoola hooping for the core in another blog today – sounds more fun than my endurance to date with planks – nice work though!

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