Watch Linebackers, Don’t Eat Like One – Healthy Game Day Recipes

Now that football season has officially kicked off, people all over the U.S. are tuning in multiple nights a week to watch one of America’s favorite past times.  How many?  According to Nielsen ratings, though there was a decline in 2011, in 2012 there was still an average of 16.6 million viewers per televised game.  Whenever we watch with friends, the array of food tends to be fried, fat-laden, and/or nutritionally deficient.  Though I’m not immune to indulging in the delectable treats every now and then, I’m usually “that” person who usually brings something healthy when watching the game.  After scouring the internet for healthy dish alternatives, here’s some bona fide crowd pleasers that won’t make you grow into a linebacker while watching them: Click the link to check out all the delicious recipes!


2 thoughts on “Watch Linebackers, Don’t Eat Like One – Healthy Game Day Recipes

  1. I love having a few healthy choices at those types of gatherings! It lessens the food guilt. 🙂 Speaking of that, we just got off of a huge food binge week with Rick on vacation and the holiday weekend, so, I’m off for a good long walk and a day full of fruits and veggies.

    • Haha, I know exactly what you mean about the food guilt – we watched some football over the weekend and were pretty good with food, but with the beer… not so much. 😉 So I’m right there with the fruit and veggies with you! Hope you had a nice walk 🙂

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