Are Biometrics Like Fingerprint Scanners for Passcodes a Safe Idea?

Apple Inc. recently announced that Touch ID will be embedded into their new iPhone 5S, a fingerprint scanner that allows the user’s fingerprint to serve as passcodes to unlock the phone, as well as give access to the iTunes store.  Using voice recognition, facial distinctions, or fingerprints – known as biometrics – have long appeared in action movies as the top notch level in security since it identifies the user’s authenticity based on his or her unique biological features.  Though some businesses have began using biometrics a couple of years ago, such as 24 hour Fitness, Apple’s implementation of it with such a popular device as their iPhone have given biometrics exponential exposure to the “every day world.”  But if biometrics becomes so advanced that it essentially replaces all passwords for other items or services requiring identity authorization, how safe is it?  Read the rest on Economag!


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