Telling Your Partner About Your Debt

A common search phrase I get on my blog is ‘telling my partner (or spouse) about my debt.”  The search varies from should I, when, or how to, so I thought it was worth exploring a bit more about when is a good time to tell your partner about your debt.

For full disclosure’s sake, I admit to not telling my partner about my debt until just over two years of being together and right before I knew a proposal was imminent, despite us already cohabitating for almost a year.  Despite it working out in the best way possible since he merely asked how much it was, why it occurred, and what I was doing about it before carrying on with our day, I still might not be the best spokesperson to discuss this issue.  However, since money is the number one relationship argument and in 2011, a Forbes article cited that 31% of people admitted to about money to their spouse, it’s worth discussing.  As a disclaimer, since everyone’s situation is different and I’m definitely no expert as seen by my experience, these are just meant as things to think about and not intended to be set examples.  Read the rest on Economag!


2 thoughts on “Telling Your Partner About Your Debt

  1. You should tell earlier your spouse if you have any debt. I just remember before my husband purchased an expensive cell phone without telling me and after 4 months of paying his cell phone I just discovered about it.

  2. When I started my car payments my (now) husband knew about it. He was totally against me taking on debt, but, since it was my money, he let me do my thing. I would NOT go into a serious relationship without full disclosure. I don’t think keeping quiet about this with your partner is such a good idea, especially since a lot of the issues a couple will face have to do with money.

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