Wedding Update – Love Me Some Food Tasting and Star Wars Cake Toppers

Hey everyone, I thought I would give another monthly update of what’s going on in wedding planning land!  We managed to take care of bigger items, and I’m feeling a lot more comfortable about our progress (though if I can be honest, I relaxed a lot once I found my dress. ;)).

1) Wedding favors received – these airline luggage tags came in and they’re super cute in person!  I recommend that site as well (no affiliate) – they shipped out quickly, and were half the price of some other sites (plus gave me a modest discount when I asked).  I’m *not* looking forward to inserting the name/table tags in them since they’re kind of tiny, though – if anyone knows of any elves looking for work, holla.

2) Catering booked!  B and I long agreed we’re going buffet-style since we want guests to have serving size autonomy.  After scanning for quotes and going on a couple of tastings, this company was easily the best value, and we decided to go with a stations idea.  Stations are kind of like buffets, except people can select where to go and what time, rather than waiting in one big giant line.  We went with tray-passed appetizers for cocktail hour, which is crab cakes, sesame beef, and brie and apricot jam in a puff pastry (my favorite).  For the stations, we’re going with braised ribs over mashed potatoes, soy-glazed salmon over rice and slaw, and a Southern mac and cheese station where they’re served in a martini glass and they can put whatever toppings they want (bacon bits, prosciutto, berries, sun-dried tomatoes, etc.).  The mac and cheese station also comes with sliders, though we might serve chicken instead.  For the vegans/vegetarians, they get a plate of a tower of delicious roasted vegetables on quinoa.  Everything was delicious and tasting was no doubt my favorite part (plus they were kind enough to box samples for B since he couldn’t make the appointment time).

3) Desserts kinda booked!  We’re mostly doing cupcakes instead of a cake, but my mom also advised that some guests probably won’t like just cake and to have other forms of dessert… which pretty much reads to my mom wants lemon bars! 😉  So we’re going with the same catering company for a selection of desserts, and we’ll most likely only order a certain amount of cupcakes instead of 1 per guest.  Actually – is that tacky?  I would hate to be short on cupcakes, too, but we don’t want too much leftovers, so I’d love to hear thoughts on that.

Pics of the desserts!

4) Cake topper selected!  On Etsy, there’s this one vendor who sells really cute cake toppers that will design the bride and groom according to what the couple’s actual hair, eye, and attire will look like!  However, once I saw these adorable Star Wars one from the same vendor, we *knew* we had to select these instead, not only because we wore the same exact costumes last Halloween (well, he was a Jedi), but because it’s dorkily us. 🙂  And yes, I’m aware that we’re forever 12 years old in this respect… but hey, they’ll also be our future travel companions that we’ll take cool background shots of when we start our adventures in marriage together!


Star Wars cake toppers… um, note to self: dust!

5) B selected his tuxedo – we’re still debating on ties since I didn’t like the red tie once he tried it on, but we’re for sure picking “Regency” as the groomsmen ties.  It’s cool since they’re renting at Men’s Wearhouse (no affiliate), and since they’ve partnered with David’s Bridal (no affiliate), they’ll match the bridesmaid dresses.  I’m letting my bridesmaids have autonomy of what dress they’d like, but I’m loving the vibrancy of regency.

6) Invite sample is in – and I am in love!  My friend did such an amazing job, and she created a really cool aeronautical logo with our names.  I’m not going to display it, but if anyone wants to take a gander, just let me know (well, so long as I kinda know you, at least).

So that’s that for now – we’re still on the hunt for a DJ though we have some quotes, as well as cupcake vendor and florist.  I’m meeting with a local florist who has a wooden stand a few blocks from me, whom I love because whenever I go to a special occasion (like grandma’s birthday), I give her a given amount and ask her to do her magic, and she creates these beautiful arrangements.  When she asked what I want for the bouquets, I merely said “red and round”, so she laughed and said she’ll have some samples for our appointment.

In October, we’re going to our second Pre-Cana class, and since this one’s a weekend retreat (we have to bunk with someone of the same sex who’s also getting married), it should be interesting!


45 thoughts on “Wedding Update – Love Me Some Food Tasting and Star Wars Cake Toppers

  1. Love the toppers!!!! We were like 12-year-olds too: Rick is a firefighter, so we had a Dalmation couple as our cake topper, and I’m so glad we did. It was fun and different. Your food choices sound and look awesome! Yum!

  2. Your cake topper is so adorable. I didn’t have one because I was too cheap to get it. But with the cake part, everyone told me not to order servings to match the number of guests since not everyone eats cake. We had about 100 people and our cake was for 70 servings, we still had left overs. It’s different with different crowd, but I wouldn’t worry about it too much.

    • Thanks Michelle! I know, we probably didn’t need this, but darn Etsy has so much cute stuff. Oh good, I’m glad to hear that you had a similar experience – we were figuring a 2/3 ratio, too, so I think we’re going to do that. Thanks so much for letting me know!

  3. Those are rad cake toppers. Ours came from Etsy as well (two little bluebirds). That site is such a find.

    Glad to hear everything is coming together!

  4. The cake topper is awesome!!! I also love the idea of southern mac n cheese in those glasses. What a cool idea. My friend’s wedding in June had different cupcake choices and I thought that was pretty awesome. Expect I wanted to sample ALL the cupcakes. Sounds like things are coming along nicely!

    • Thanks Tonya! I loved the mac and cheese, too, plus it’s nice and hearty for winter (well, as winter as SoCal gets, anyway). Haha, I know what you mean, hopefully guests will like the desserts so I can sneak some cupcakes home. 😉

    • Haha, aww, thanks Wendy!! Of course B had to comment our hair was darker since he’s so precise and diplomatic… but I still think they’re cute. Hope you find a great venue for your wedding!

  5. The food sounds delicious. Roasted veggies on quinoa – delicious! 🙂 I love your cake toppers too – they are perfect for you!! I think you’re fine not ordering 1 cupcake per guest. You’re serving a variety of desserts and people can chose what they want. The cupcake may be replacing a traditional cake but it’s not going to be the only dessert offered. There will definitely be other guests like your mom who will choose something other than a cupcake. 🙂 Glad everything is coming together so well!

    • The vegan dish was for sure delicious – I wasn’t sure if it was going to be filling, but it was enough for two lunches for me. Thanks for the feedback on the cupcakes – I agree that I can go with less since the desserts are there. So glad I asked! 🙂

  6. Your food descriptions and pictures are making me hungry! I love how organized you are. Love the wedding updates – keep ’em comin’!

    • Thanks Lisa!! I was starting to wonder if these updates were getting lame, but glad you’re enjoying them. Haha, I owe it all to my spreadsheets to keep me organized (well, and asking all my friends haha).

  7. Oh my, the cake toppers are just too cute! Not going to lie, I’d be really tempted to get it if I were actually getting married any time soon. The food looks delicious – I really like the mac and cheese station, yum. As for dessert, I think I’ve seen an ice cream bar/buffet done a lot, or a chocolate fondue station. However, you’re paying for it, and as a guest, I would feel fine with one treat. I realize weddings are expensive and to go for seconds seems a little selfish (to me). Sounds like you will have plenty of actual food, too; I have only experienced “here’s the 3 choices you have for dinner, choose from this list,” which never thrilled me. The “Regency” color is gorgeous!! All those color combinations are overwhelming, wow. It would be so tough to choose.

  8. Nice luggage tags and great prices! We had thought about getting those as well, but couldn’t find them for a decent price point. For the dessert, I feel like people get so carried away with the dancing that they don’t end up eating the dessert – I know I haven’t at many weddings!

    • Thanks Roger! Ah good call about the dancing… I always make sure to get my desserts, but I agree that people might not eat it if there’s dancing involved. Thanks for the tip!

  9. I love your cake toppers, I think they are unique and fun and “you” which is so much more fun then the generic toppers a lot of people have. Mac and cheese in martini glasses is just about the coolest thing ever. I’ve heard of that before but never been at a wedding where someone did it. My best friend from college did a candy bar at her wedding (in addition to a cake), so if people wanted sweets they could stock up on candy. Sound tacky but she did really pretty glass jars with silver scoops and pretty white paper bags to hold everything.

    • Thanks KK!! The martini glass idea makes it pretty cute, and I think the mac and cheese is good for winter time. Oooh, I love candy bars, but it got vetoed by B who thinks there’s already lots to do at the wedding. I agree jars or the decoration can make it from cheesy to pretty.

  10. love the cake toppers! We found a cute lego one from Lego’s website. Also as far as desserts, we had 30 lbs of cake left!!! but we have a chest freezer now so we cut it up and put it into lots of containers and are still eating it… yum! (not every day, but like once a week)

    • Mmm, leftover cake for weeks, sign me up! 😉 Thanks for the tip, it makes me feel more comfortable with ordering less. I would *love* to see what your toppers looked like!! 🙂

  11. That looks like such a delish wedding! We’ve got our tasting sometime in the next few months, here. Our food is coming straight from the venue, though, so our decisions won’t be overly difficult.

    Love those toppers! Who is the seller on Etsy? Would love to check them out!

    • Ooh, so can’t wait to hear about your food tasting adventures! The Etsy store is called Chikipita – she doesn’t have a lot displayed, but she has pics in her review to give you an idea of her work. 🙂

    • Haha, it’s pretty fun indeed! There’s definitely been some… differing opinions… but for the most part it’s been fun. Thanks for stopping by, Eva!!

  12. I love the pics of the desserts and the cake toppers are cute. 🙂 Enjoy all the prep and planning, as time flies fast, until you realize that you are just days before your big day. 🙂

    • Thanks so much, Nancee!! I’ve definitely been enjoying all the prepping, though part of me wants to have the big day already so I can see all my loved ones. But, I’m excited for it. 🙂

    • Haha, I know, right, the food was delicious and even I got hungry remembering it! 😉 Thanks for all your kind words and for stopping by, Marie!

  13. That Regency colour wasn’t what I expected – I thought it would be a red colour!?!? But I love blue, so it’s a lovely colour. The food sounds tasty – I’m trying to prepare food for my housewarming tomorrow – so far I’ve baked brownies and stuffed up the choc chip cookies… next I have to make a zuchini slice (egg based), but I need more savoury… Oh the challenges!

    • Hi Sarah! We’re having purple as our main color, and red as accent color. 🙂 Mmm, all your baked treats sound delicious, I hope you have a great housewarming! Share pics on your site so I can drool over them 😉

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