I’m Over Budget in My Pants – Fall Slim Down Challenge

Not gonna lie, kinda the wake up call for this challenge

Not gonna lie, kinda the wake up call when my cousin posted this on FB

Over the summer, I got a bit too accustomed to wearing looser tops and dresses, which I loved in terms of comfort but now am feeling some of the repercussions of it.  Now that it’s Fall (minus the leaves turning gorgeous colors… but still, it’s closed toe shoes time in SoCal) and I’m now wearing more form-fitting sweaters and jeans, it’s feeling too snuggly-wuggly for my taste.  In some jeans, there’s muffin top action going on, so apparently, I’ve been slipping up with my eating.  And, if I’m honest with myself, with my workouts, too, as I’ve shortened my workouts in order to get into work earlier.

Though I know it could possibly change as various stages of life go on, where I’m at now, I’m still in the school of thought that the answer is to not buy the next size up, but rather work with what I have in terms of clothes and trim down.  It’s kind of like working with a, oh hey – budget! 😉  So that’s exactly what I plan to do – challenge myself to slim down and trim up during Fall.  Nothing crazy, probably 10 or so pounds, though I’m more focused on getting leaner than numbers.

Since it’s still way too dark for my comfort level even at 6:30 a.m., I’m going to do most of my workouts at the gym.  Also, since my wedding dress is pretty arm and shoulder baring, I’d also like to focus on more upper body strength training since I’d like the event to be part-wedding, part-gun-show. 😉  So in order to accomplish this, I’m going to follow Jamie Eason’s program.  If you don’t know who she is, Jamie Eason is a super knowledgeable and motivating fitness model, who is so incredibly inspiring (she beat cancer) and likable, that it’s hard to not have respect for her.  I’m going to go ahead and skip to Phase 2, though, since Phase 1 has no cardio so I suppose I loosely followed this last month.  I like the workouts in Phase 2, as it has a hybrid of cardio and strength training, plus it’s with the frequency I usually do workouts, anyway – I just now have a set plan each day rather than winging it (and half-assing it).

More importantly, I’m following the diet plan, since workouts are important, but it’s more so what you put in your mouth the other 22-23 hours outside of working out!  I’m not worried about giving up booze or going out to eat (if I do, there’s a lot of healthy options these days), though sweets will be a challenge.  It’s also interesting to know that my friends who are pregnant but have gestational diabetes (it sounds like it will go away once they give birth, though) follow a program similar to this, so I suppose I have a nutritional support network there of sorts!

I’m not sure how frequently I’ll be posting updates on this, but I will at least post again after Phase 2.  I’ve previously had struggles with getting too obsessive with this kind of stuff in the past that I won’t bother rehashing, so this is the main reason why I don’t want to think/post about it too frequently (plus, it gets kind of boring).  Still, though I know I’m not obese, I do know what it’s like to not be at my level of feeling really confident, so I’m going to give this a shot.  B, who is pretty muscular and stocky but apparently blames my cooking for him putting some pounds on, also wants to look smokin’ for our wedding, so he’s all for this challenge (though he does more advanced workouts).  He’s actually already slimmed down like 5 pounds within days, which makes me want to stab him (lovingly, of course ;)).

Anyway, if anyone else wants to do this or some variance of a Fall Slim Down Challenge, I’d love to know.  It’s always nice when someone out there has the same goals as you.


55 thoughts on “I’m Over Budget in My Pants – Fall Slim Down Challenge

  1. In the summer I drink more beer,
    Then one day I’ll glance in the mirror,
    Oh no, my gut has grown!
    No longer flat and toned!!
    Back to the gym for double workouts I fear.

    • Hahaha, that was way more creatively put that I just blabbed on about! It’s true, though, I like calorically dense beers (stouts and hefs), which did me no favors. Back to the gym, indeed!

    • Thanks for your kind support, Catherine! I do agree, I’ve been not as motivated when I go to the gym, so I think a workout with more focus will help me out. Thanks for stopping by 🙂

  2. This sounds kind of what happened to me a couple of months ago. I was going to take a shower and count a look at myself in the mirror. Needless to say I didn’t like what I saw, and shortly after started doing something about it. Best wishes on your journey!!

    • Thanks so much, Jared! Agreed – I kind of new I was starting to let myself go, but then the picture confirmed it. That’s great that you did something about it, as well, I hope you reached your goals!

      • You’re welcome Anna!!

        I haven’t reached my goals yet, and took a break so that I could get over an issue I have had off and on for years. I am going to the chiropractor Tuesday and I think that will be the beginning of me finally able to go all out exercise wise.

        Starting my own blog has been a big help!! Such a friendly and positive environment!

      • Oh no, sorry to hear about your health issue, but I hope
        you’re feeling a lot better! Indeed, blogging is such a great tool to keep in check! 🙂

      • Thanks and I think once I start going to the chiropractor my issues should get addressed. I agree and the people you meet in the blogging world are very friendly. I have enjoyed the whole experience.

    • Shannon, could not agree more – I knew but convinced myself that it was still okay, then bam – pics don’t lie! Thank you so much for your support! 🙂

  3. Oh, I”m going to try the Soylent thing for a week too. I really hate fad diets, but it’s too intriguing for me to pass up.

    Dunno what Soylent is? Look it up, I dare ya’! Try it, I double dare ya!

    • Well, I’ll just wait until you triple dog dare me, then I’ll look it up. 😉 I don’t know if I could give up chewing for a whole week, but I would love to hear about your results from it! There’s a blogger that did it for 2 weeks when I googled it, going to read about his experience with it later.

      • “I don’t know if I could give up chewing for a whole week…”

        I know, right? I got hungry for solid food just reading about Johnny Moneyseeds juicing a while back. I love to eat, so this is going to be a challenge.

        And oh yeah, if I’m putting myself through this crap, I’m definitely going to post about it..

      • LOL, I *just* read that it’s not to be confused with Soylent Green, otherwise I would’ve been all sorts of confused! 🙂

  4. I am someone who shouldn’t eat carbs. I know a lot of people debunk the low-carb thing, but as someone who has two grandmothers with type 2 diabetes, the low carb diet is definitely genetically better for me. I unfortunately haven’t been very low carb lately and as such, I’ve gained 10 lbs. I’m 5’11” so that’s not a huge amount for someone my size but it’s still a big deal. I’m headed to San Antonio, TX for the last wedding of the year and after this, I have to get back to my former diet of low carbs, meaning NO BEER. Diets are different for everyone so I never push anything on anyone but if anyone is curious on the science behind low-carb diets, I recommend any book by Gary Taubes.

    • Wow, I’m jealous you’re 5’11!! I’m only 5’3 and I totally round up, so any sort of weight gain is pretty obvious on me. I agree that the lower carbs, the better, especially with refined sugars. Beer is for sure my vice, since I like heavy, flavorful ones. I’ll check that book out, thanks for the reference!

    • How she prepares protein bars is pretty interesting since she puts baby food in them… I haven’t really made any, but I might over the month. Thanks for the well wishes, Lisa!!

  5. I’m starting to feel a little extra baggage as well. Too many weddings, trips, and other occasions where I let the rules slide…and now, I unfortunately don’t even remember what my rules were. I’ve been eating way too many carbs and drinking too much, so I’ll definitely be trying to cut down this fall (though I can’t cut out the drinking completely).Good luck with your program Anna!

    • Thanks Roger! I know, I tend to splurge at get togethers, but I have to tame that, especially over the holidays. Good luck on cutting back, as well, it’s nice to know there’s someone else on a fall trim down mission! 🙂

  6. Good luck, though I am sure you won’t need it! My boyfriend will eat four servings at dinner and never gain anything. He’s been very inconsistent with running lately so I’m not sure how long that will last, but he says he would rather die first than gain weight so if I ever need inspiration I guess I can look to him! Overall, I’d like to just get toned and feel stronger.

    • Thanks for believing in me, E.M.! R sounds a lot like B with the eating! I’m the same as you – I’m for the most part looking to get more defined and increasing my weights during workouts. It feels awesome when I get up to using 20/25 pound dumbbells. 🙂

  7. Ugh: I’m working on my own fall challenge right now. Put on 20 pounds over the winter!! Some is off, but I can tell I still have more to go. I’m with you, girl!

    • Yay, glad to hear someone else out there is looking to shed some pounds – there’s always a kind of camaraderie when people have the same goals. Great to hear that some of it is off, hope you reach your target goal, Laurie!

  8. I usually gain weight during winter. I’m not usually active anyway, but I’m more stationary during winter time. When I was planning my wedding, I lost weight, aside from my braces, because of all the stress. I guess your wedding planning is going smoothly. Good luck on your trim down program. I know you’ll reach your goal soon.

    • Oh man, when I had braces, that was like the best diet ever! 😉 I had Invisalign, and didn’t want to take the effort to take out my braces to eat, so I didn’t snack as much. Perhaps I should go back to that (but it’s hard to talk with). Thanks for the encouragement, my love, and I hope you are doing well. You and your fam are always in my prayers. xo

  9. Fall is always the toughest time for me…especially October…I don’t know what it is about October. You sound a LOT like me in that people may not notice any weight gain but those subtle changes you can just feel. I’ll have to check out her workout program. The rest of this month is going to be tough for me. My bday wine and cheese party tonight, a canadian thanksgiving on sunday, and fincon next week. OMG…I’m so scared I’m going to feel like a whale by the end of this month! 🙂

    • Sounds like a lot of super fun events for you, Tonya!! Is it your birthday today?? If so, Happy Happy Birthday! 😀 Knowing you, I doubt you could ever get to whale status, you’re too much of a volleyball and running goddess to do so. 🙂

  10. It’s great that you are so determined to look after what you eat and make the most of your gym workouts! I have been eating too much crap lately (chocolate & crisps), and I started eating healthier as from this week. I’d like to schedule more exercise in but I’ll be honest and say that I simply do not have the motivation. I guess I’ll wait until someone posts a photo of me on Facebook to give me a much needed push! 😛 Good luck with your challenge, Anna!

    • Hahaha, nothing is as much of a reality check as FB pics! That’s great that you’re managing to eat healthier this week – that tends to be my weak area since I enjoy it so much. 🙂

  11. First off you are gorgeous, but I understand not wanting to buy new clothes, so I commend you on your goal. Secondly, I found myself more active in summer. I think fall/winter is going to be harder for me. I’ve been feeling a little jiggly on the sides (always my hips!)…probably because of pumpkin muffins, lattes, ice cream and bread and cheese forever! Agh. We’re rooting for you and don’t get too stressed about it.

    • Aww, you are much too kind, M, thank you! Mmm, all the things you listed sound super good right now! Indeed, it’s nothing I’m stressing out about too much, just want to get back in line (well, and in my pants! haha).

  12. I’m on the opposite side now (need to put on some weight since I’m pregnant), but will surely love to see your progress. 10 lbs is not such a big deal with a bit of smart nutrition and some workout. Keeping my fingers crossed 😉

    • OMG congrats, Dojo!!! What exciting news! Indeed, 10 lbs. is doable, and just enough to make me feel more comfy in my clothes… thanks for the well wishes! 🙂

    • Thanks, Michelle!! Totally, I was on a no clothes shopping stint this year, too, so I think this is at least helping me stick with this goal. I’ll have to check out Spark People – thanks for the well wishes! 🙂

  13. Ugg, I’m right there with you on the weight gain. The other day I saw some old photos of myself, and I was looking so much thinner. Like you, people don’t really notice the weight on me and tell me that I look the same, but I definitely don’t feel the same (and neither to my pants!). I’m totally in on a fall weight loss plan. I really need to cut out all the crap and get serious.

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