Wedding Update: Cupcakes and Coordinators

Hi everyone – I’ve been couch-surfing these past few days as my cold ended up being acute bronchitis, but I thought I’d give another wedding update!  I talked about the retreat during the last post, but here are the other things going on this past month:

Envelope flaps drying out so they don't get up in each other's business

Envelope flaps drying out so they don’t get up in each other’s business

1) Website finalized and invites sent out!  My dad endearingly asked who my calligrapher was for the invite envelopes, and because I lack a mouth-filter with him I replied George Washington’s grandma if she’s available.  Thankfully, he knows my humor… but our invite isn’t really formal, so I just ran the envelope through the printer.  We also opted to use Wanderable instead of Honeyfund (no affiliates), since I thought the design looked cleaner and more fun.  Plus, I love throwing my support to women entrepreneurs.

2) Cupcake decision made!  We’re going with a 6″ topper and multitude of cupcakes, and for the flavors we chose dark chocolate with fudge icing and tiramisu with latte and italian swirl butter cream.  As much of a chocoholic as I am, I actually loved the latter more, and I know my guests will love it.

3) DJ still pending – this was actually a tough decision since originally we asked a friend who is going to be a guest to DJ, which he wanted to but he doesn’t have equipment.  I then had a homey hook-up, but he kind of gave ‘tude to Ben and no one talks to my boo like that!  So we’re still figuring it out… we went to a bridal bazaar and there was a pretty cool female DJ there, so we might go with her.  I’ve also figured out off-peak is the way to go, since every DJ seemed to have a discount.

4) Rehearsal dinner place picked!  B spearheaded the choice and he picked an excellent spot.  We wanted to go to Old Town at a Mexican restaurant where we first met, but parking is usually a nightmare, never mind for a bunch of us.  The place he chose is super close to the church, reasonably priced, pretty Cathedral windows, great food – gold star for B!

5) Confession: my bridal beauty budget is kinda high since I need all the help I can get (though still trying to aim for ~$500, including trial runs).  I’m planning on having a make-up air brush artist, hair stylist, eyelash extensions, and mani/pedi.  Except for the occasional deep tissue massage (love the pain!), I rarely get any of those things and won’t probably ever again, so I’m splurging (okay, I know this isn’t really great PF thinking, but I’m okay with it. :)).

6) Confession part deux: I’m kinda glad that Harry at Your PF Pro (great site and guy, btw) is hiring a wedding coordinator, as we are, as well.  As you can see from the envelopes above, we’re having quite a few guests (and their +1’s and possible kids), so while we’re doing everything we can to work on the things leading up to the wedding, we’re also planning to hire a day of (like two weeks and day of) coordinator so we can truly enjoy the day.  This was actually a bone of contention between B and I, as he didn’t think we needed one.  But after hearing some feedback from some of our friends, as well as me finding one at half the rate of an original quote, he agreed (well, acquiesced if we’re being honest).

That’s it so far – I still have to get on the ball with a florist, wedding bands, etc.  I’m curious to see how many people had coordinators or are thinking about getting one, and what are the “must do” priorities for their checklists versus bridal party duties (I kind of don’t want to put a lot on the latter, since I view them more as guests that I want to have fun).


33 thoughts on “Wedding Update: Cupcakes and Coordinators

  1. I love reading your wedding updates~ I just wished we lived close to each other so I can see everything in person. I just love weddings and you’re my special friend~^^
    I didn’t really give anything to do for my bridal party other than walking down the aisle looking pretty and having a good time. Most of the work went to the day of coordinator and a several of friends that I assigned specific duties to. I made a very detailed schedule with specific time, duties, and assigned person to make sure they know exactly what they’re doing without harrassing me on my special day. I ran it by day of coordinator before hand to make sure I didn’t forget anything and there’s no contradiction.

    • Aww, I know!! Your advice has been golden to me and I so appreciate it. Haha, that’s exactly what I had in mind for my bridesmaids, as well – plus I figured it was easier to order someone around if I pay them. 😉 Do you still have the list of to do’s, by chance? I have a few basics down, though wondering if I’m missing anything (though I suppose that’s the coordinator’s job!).

    • You have the venue and dress, the super important parts. 😉 You’re uber-organized, so I have no doubt that you’ll have everything done in the half the time it took me. 🙂

  2. You should consider being a wedding coordinator, you have so many things accomplished! No updates are disappointments =). I have no idea if either of my cousins used one for their wedding. They had decently sized ones, too. Even though I’m not engaged, I’ve always thought I would only invite close family, which would be around 30ish people, so I hope I don’t need a coordinator. Those cupcakes sound amazing, very jealous.

    I’ve heard good things about air brushed makeup – they actually sell kits, but they’re expensive ($150ish I think). You could always watch makeup tutorials and see if that helps? I used to be horrible with makeup, but after getting addicted to beauty guru videos, I think I’d actually do my own for a wedding. I did for my cousin’s and it turned out well in the bridal party pictures at least!

    • Thanks for the compliment, E.M.! I’ve seen way too many Bridezilla shows, though, and no one some can have diva temperaments, so I don’t think that’s the industry for me. 🙂 I’m so basic when it comes to make-up (most days I just do is eyeliner, blush, and mascara), that I think I’m going to leave it to the pro’s to beautify me. $150 for a kit is ridiculous! I get so envious of the girls you can apply make-up like a pro, though, but sadly I have no experience. That’s a good idea about having a loved one doing my make-up, though, perhaps I’ll explore that!

  3. Thank you for so vividly describing your cupcakes while I am trying to lose weight for my engagement photos Anna! 😛 On a serious note, you are kicking ass with your wedding planning, with or without the help of a wedding planner. P.S. I hope J doesn’t cry when he finds out how much I plan on spending on my bridal beauty budget! 😛

    • Oooh, I can’t wait to see your engagement pictures and hear about your wedding planning! Oh man, what are you including in your bridal beauty budget? I’d love to hear if I’m missing anything, Ms. Fashionista! :

    • Haha, if there’s any remaining, it’ll have your name all over it! 😉 Agreed, I’m pretty natural most of the time, but I think for my wedding I’d like to glam it up (also shows up better in pics!).

    • I know, right? Around 220 without kids for now, though we’re projecting an attrition rate of 25%. I’ll for sure post the reasoning behind the guest count in a future post, but essentially, my side is about 2/3.

  4. It’s such an important day it makes sense to have someone help you plan it. If you’re running around trying to make sure everyone is happy and having fun you won’t be enjoying yourself. The cupcakes sound delish!

    • Thanks for your support, KK! Agreed, I don’t want to be the one running the show, I just want to enjoy it. I love the planning, but day of I just want to enjoy my family and friends. 🙂

    • Thanks Michelle! We’re thinking 150-170, though over 200 were invited. I’m for sure planning everything, but the coordinator will be the one implementing everything during the day (like setting up reception while we’re at church/ceremony, making sure the scheduling is on time, being the go-to for DJ and other vendors, making sure we get fed, etc.).

  5. Those tiramisu cupcakes sound absolutely yummy! Great call, and great call on the wedding coordinator too. If there’s one thing I would’ve changed in hindsight, it would’ve been to hire a coordinator. Great call in splurging on the appearance stuff too. This is a very special day, Anna, and you don’t want to look back regretting A, B or C because you wouldn’t spend a measly $500.

    • OMG, Laurie, they are super delicious! That’s great to know that you would have hired one in hindsight, it makes me more confident that I made the right decision. Indeed, I might be too jittery the day of, so I’ll have a even-keeled pro put on my make-up. 🙂

  6. I spent quite a lot on my day of (and leading up to) beauty but it was worth it! You’ll have the pictures forever. Like you, I don’t usually spend much (or anything) in this category so it was definitely a splurge. One thing I saved on was getting my mani/pedi done at a salon school instead of a traditional salon. I also wish I had gotten a day of co-ordinator, I feel that I didn’t enjoy the day as much as I should have because I was stressed about being on time and wrangling people (especially the hubby! – he was no where to be found when it was cake cutting time!) Anyways, you look like you’ve got a good handle on the planning 🙂

    • Ooh, I’m curious to know what you did leading up to the wedding in regard to beauty! That’s for sure the top reason why I want a coordinator – I don’t want to run the day of events, I’d rather have someone else do it so I can have fun. 🙂 Thanks for sharing that you would’ve have hired one in hindsight!

  7. A day of wedding coordinator is sooo worth it! We had one and thought it was the best investment. It really allows you to enjoy the day and not have to worry about all the little details. We also spoke with our day of coordinator several times before the wedding to go over details and ask for advice, and she was more than willing to talk things over (for hours)!

    • So good to hear, Roger, I’m pointing this out to B since I don’t think he’s all in on the decision yet so it’ll give me more leverage coming from a guy. 😉 That’s for sure the reason why we want one -ours will for sure meet with us during the walk-through of the venue, so hopefully I’ll feel more confident in giving her the reins!

  8. Sorry to hear that you’re still ill but I love getting wedding updates! 🙂 The cupcakes sound delicious! Investing in your bridal beauty makes sense to me. This is a once-in-a-lifetime event and it’s worth splurging a bit to make sure you look your best. 🙂 It’s stressful enough being the bride so it’s a huge weight off your shoulders to have a coordinator who can take care of the little glitches and keep things on pace.

    • Thanks so much for the well wishes and support, Shannon! The cupcakes were super yums, and I agree about beauty stuff since this is once in a lifetime indeed! I agree, I don’t want to have to be responsible for the glitches, so hopefully the coordinator will be able to fill that need!

  9. Great progress! We did almost everything DIY (with tons of help from our bridal party) but I like your approach. Better to let them relax (and for you to relax, too).

    • I admire you and Mrs. DbF for DIY everything! Indeed, since it’s for sure a big reunion with my friends, I just don’t want my bridesmaids to feel bad if they missed something because they got caught up with the scene, so hopefully having a coordinator will help fill that.

  10. Sorry you aren’t feeling well, Anna. I’ve been sick for the past 2 weeks, and today is the first day I’ve actually been able to breathe through my nose! 😉

    Love these updates Anna! Is it wrong that I wanted to reach through my computer and eat one of the cupcakes?? Yum!!

  11. I hope you feel better soon, Anna! Have as much rest as you can! 😛 Your wedding updates are interesting to read! I’ve always wanted a very small intimate wedding, so no I would not hire a wedding coordinator. If I were to have a big wedding though, I totally would as so many things can go wrong! No one needs this kind of stress, especially wedding related. Looking forward to reading your future updates! 😛

  12. So… I’m in the same boat with the beauty budget. I’m getting married in January (yay!). I also did the air brush make-up, hair stylist, (toying with the idea of eyelash extensions), and mani/pedi… plus I will probably do a spray tan (there’s an AWESOME place near me that looks so flawless, but is about 40 bucks a pop). But I agree with you, I don’t normally spend money on grooming (I’m a three haircuts a year gal, and don’t color my hair) so I feel happy saving and splurging for this. First and last time for everything! Congrats on all the progress with your wedding, have fun planning! 🙂

  13. Ahh I love wedding talk! The tiramisu cupcakes sound delish!

    I’m going to be my friend’s wedding coordinator in less than a month. I do agree that you need a coordinator, just to make sure everything goes smoothly. I’ll be doing it for free for my friend, but she has promised that she would be my coordinator if/when the time comes. I think it’s a pretty good arrangement!

  14. People underestimate the amount of work that goes into weddings sometimes and until they have one, they don’t see why a wedding coordinator is helpful.

    I do want to give my two cents about weddings– keep your percentages of total budget normal for what you spend on things. The last wedding I was at seemed to be one where a lot of money was spent on all the vendors and pre-wedding things (invites, photographer, videographer, website, wedding planner, etc) so when it came to the food/drinks, she seemed to have under-spent. It was her wedding to do as she chooses, but I’m always one to spend a bit more on food options, as from all the events I run at my job, people always remember the food 🙂 .

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