October Repayment and Half Marathon Musings

Hi everyone!  Since we’re fairly close to October’s end, I thought I would give a brief update on my debt repayment.  This month didn’t have a flurry of September birthdays, but there were a couple more wedding payments (florist, DJ), which resulted in a repayment of $272.  Michelle at Shop My Close Project posed a Black Friday Debt Payoff Challenge (to get rid of one bill), and I’m ready to get rid of the credit card balance once and for all.  I wasn’t too worried about paying it off completely as I did with other credit cards earlier since this one is sitting at 0% interest through the end of the year.  But, to keep things simple and since it will be end of the year before I know it, I’m committed to paying that off on Black Friday.  Is anyone else doing her challenge? 🙂

Another thing I’ve been mulling over lately is signing up for a half marathon.  Another PF blogger is practically forcing me to sign up for it (I won’t mention her name, but her blog rhymes with Mudget and the Meach)… I mean, look at what she wrote:

“Love the medal!! I don’t love the price either but wanted to do a big race. YES, I’m for sure doing it! DO IT!”

Did you see the big capital DO IT?!  If that isn’t compulsory language, I don’t know what is! 😉

Okay, so obvi she isn’t forcing me… but I have been seriously considering it for the following reasons:

1) Awesome medal and schwag!  Some gals love bling, I love me some race bling, and this one is in the shape of a surfboard!  My favorite is the earthy look of Big Sur‘s, but this would easily take its place.  I also love the race tee since it’s the trifecta of what I love most – long sleeves, v neck, pink!

2) I was going to sign up for a local one, anyway.  I don’t know where we got the idea, but B and I are starting to talk about purchases that cost more than a given limit (as in, run things by each other).  I already got the go-ahead from him with a local race, but it ended up being the weekend of my bridal shower so I put the kibosh on it.  So this just kind of transfers?

3) Tonya’s running it, and Michelle and Kathleen are running another race the same day!  What cooler way to hang out with another PF’er than a running event!  It’s like being able to go to FinCon… except nothing at all like it.

However, now that I’ve learned some things from the PF-blogosphere, here’s some cons to it:

1) It’s pricey.  It’s really expensive for a half (especially since a full is only $10 more), plus I’d have to consider transport costs since it’s not local.  Lodging I’m not too worried about since I have family around there, at least.

2) I’m so close to no races this year – while technically the race isn’t until 2014, I’m paying for it this year.  I also get concerned that if I allow myself this, would I revert back to my old ways?  I don’t think I would, but thoughts like those are always in the back of my head.

3) This is 100% a want – as I had an extreme rush of excitement at the prospect of signing up, Shannon’s post on “How to Handle the ‘I Wants,'” quickly deflated that excitement as I realized I was on extreme emotional overdrive and tempered it down.  I do feel I would have recognized this prior to actually making the payment, but it was kind of trippy how timely that worked out in reading that article!

So, I’ve decided to just give it time, muse over it for a few days, and then decide with full rationality and consciousness that this is what I want.  Hopefully it won’t sell out by the time I decide, but even if it does, then that’s just a part of how things work out sometimes.


45 thoughts on “October Repayment and Half Marathon Musings

  1. I attriute a half marathon as a health purchase since it’s really about fitness and it helps keep you healthy as you train. I did the Orange County half in May last year and LOVED it, but I think my running days are over. I like running small distances now where the money goes to charity. It’s a lot easier to justify the cost. That being said, I still think running is a great way to spend your money!

    • I agree! I never really thought about it as a health purchase (I put it under entertainment, actually!), but that’s a great perspective on it. That’s right, you’re in OC! If you ever do a race, holler, my family is up there and I could always crash with them and do a race. 🙂

    • I *know*, right?! She rules with an iron fist, that lady! 😉 I think I’m mostly mulling over the price – totally aging myself, but my first half was like $50-60 and now it’s double, ouch!

  2. Well if you are going to spend money on a want, this seems to be a good one. You crazy kids and your half marathons, good for you :).

    That’s awesome that you are doing the Black Friday challenge. I want to, but my e-fund is depleted after my car being towed and flying home unexpectedly for a funeral, so I have to focus on building that back up.

    • Oh my gosh, I love this avatar! Oh no, I read about the funeral expenses, but I didn’t hear about the car being towed (wait, or did I… I’m old). Sorry to hear about your e-fund being depleted, but I have no doubt you’ll build it back up in no time.

  3. ha ha!!!! OMG I was totally laughing out loud the entire time. I know, I know….I’m holding a virtual gun to your head. hee! I’m also trying to convince Kim from Eyes on the Dollar to come down here to run it too. And I should probably think about staying with someone in that area the night before, just so I don’t have to drive down too early, although at that time of day I should be able to get there in 30 minutes or less. I totally understand about waiting though…I’ve been mulling it over for almost two years. I think I personally waited long enough!

    • Haha, I know, you are such a bully! 😉 What’s the drive like from your place to the start of the race? I never get any sleep the night before, and shuttles sometimes take forever, so I usually try to get a little nap in at that time. Oh man, 2 years is quite a long time – you’re like a PF black belt in that respect! 🙂

  4. I budget my races in the same category that I do for health and personal maintenance. My justification is that being signed up for a race gives me more motivation to train.

    The half and ten-miler are my favorite distances too — I really feel like I’m getting healthy, but the training doesn’t take over my life the way a marathon does.

    Anyhow, good luck!

    • That’s interesting, I think I should start doing that, as well since I usually just put it in entertainment/fun. But I agree it fits there, as well. I’m the same way about half’s – I don’t like that it’s called half since it’s a great distance, but training for a full is like a part time job. At least with this, I’ll have time to recover wedding/honeymoon!

  5. I don’t know if I should be glad that my post helped you step back or worry that I’m now the big party pooper of the PF world. 🙂 Actually I’m a big believer that money should be spent joyfully on the things that matter most. I’m glad you’re taking the time to decide whether this is something that truly matters to you or if you were just caught up in the excitement of participating. Either way, you’ll feel good about what you decide!

    • Haha, trust me, it’s good that someone was able to “talk me down” from all the excitement buzzing! I agree that it would indeed make me feel happy, so I’m leaning more and more towards it. I thought it was so timely that I read your post when I was at the height of my excitement buzz! 🙂

  6. I don’t think you’re going to like my advice, but here goes. Sign up for the marathon instead! You said it would be more economical ($/mile), right? I’m about to sign up for an Olympic distance triathlon even though I don’t have the first clue about how to do one. Go big or go home!

      • Dude, I just read that you also get two free beers (even if it is Michelob haha)… the schwag keeps getting better and better!

      • Oh my gosh, how cool!! It looks like running will be in the air all over the U.S.! Happy Training, Mrs. PoP, though it sounds like you log super consistent long runs regardless!

    • LOL you know, I did think about that!! Kinda like how I think about my monthly gym membership (to go more often so it reduces cost per use fees), but I don’t think I’m ready. The last month I was running 2 miles at most, so I don’t want to cry in front of Tonya if I do it. LOL Wow, a triathlon – you’re a beast, CR! I don’t know anything, either, other than “brick training.” lol Can’t wait to hear about the cost analysis and training for it!

  7. “It’s like being able to go to FinCon… except nothing at all like it” lol. I’ve never run more than a 5K race. I have no interest in doing a marathon, but a 1/2 seems somewhat do-able to me. Maybe I need someone to “threaten” me 😉

    • Thanks M!! Indeed, I never really thought of putting it into health/wellness since it’s so much fun, but I agree it’s suited for that category as well! 🙂

    • Thanks for the motivation, Steve – done (just posted about it). That’s so cute that you and your wife ran one together! B’s not much of a runner, but I love couples activities like those. Great job with your race! 🙂

  8. Good job on your debt repayment, just over $4k left to go. To me, you’re *almost* debt free already! 😛 It would be great to attend FinCon next year but near to impossible for me as I live in the UK. I hope that they will still have some tickets left if you decide you want to go! 😛

    • I know, it feels so close and I’m eager for it to go away! Oh man, how awesome would that be if FinCon were ever to be in the UK?? Do PF’ers have a UK version of it, perhaps? That would be so much fun to attend. 🙂

  9. I have always been jealous of runners because it something I cannot do. They always look so focused and yet zen when I see them running on the beach. Now emotional spending – that’s something I’ve been too good at doing!! 🙂 Hopefully the run fits in as sounds like fun (sort of)!

    • Haha, I am soooo not zen like…. I’m huffing, puffing, all red – hot. 😉 I’m still loving Max’s costume – Puss in Boots is such a fun movie, I hope they make a sequel!

  10. Thanks for the “Shout out!” I’m moving slowly this week. I ran an event last night and took some people to a corn maze. Got chased by people with chainsaws. Fun. Plan on sleeping for 15 hours this weekend then I will be back in the game. You HAVE to do a 1/2 and I would budget it under health and wellness. However, depending on where you decide to do it it could be expensive. I’m going to Miami and it is 1/2 and 1/2 I WANT and NEED to go to Miami. If I have to train for 3 months and run a 1/2 marathon (and hopefully get fit and lose weight) I’m ok with that. Let us know what you decide to do. Supporting you either way!

    • Of course, thanks for the idea! I was going to get rid of it December, but Black Friday is a good a time as any! Oh man, those things scare me, you have more courage than I do. I indeed, signed up! So YAY, we can all commiserate together about the training! 😀 Thanks for your support, and know I’ll be supporting you through the training, as well. 🙂

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  12. Looks like you have a lot of people cheering you on! While it’s pricey I have to agree with others that it’s beneficial to your health, and I think it would be worth it if it’s what you really want to do. I don’t think this will make you revert back to your old ways at all; the fact you even thought about that, and are taking the time to think it over, means you’ve moved on from that stage.

    Just the other day I was telling my boyfriend he should register for some 5k races to get motivation back. He hasn’t ran consistently since college, and the NJ marathon was the last thing he did. I’d love to be able to watch him, and I didn’t even consider the cost because I know it’s important to him.

    • Aww, thanks for your belief in me that I won’t revert back, as well as the race, EM! I agree I probably wouldn’t, but I guess it’s learning to trust myself, as weird as that sounds. How did R like the NJ marathon? That’s so awesome how supportive you are with his fitness goals, I hope he ends up going back to running. 🙂

      • You’re welcome =). He liked the marathon well enough, as it was his first, but he said the weather was unbearable. I believe he was by the piers near the ocean, it was in May, and he ended up with horrible sunburn. At the time he was running every day of the week with one of his XC teammates. He ended up finishing strong around three hours!

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  15. I just started running this summer. I did my first 5k in October and I’m thinking about doing a 10k … a half marathon is in the future!

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