You Know What’s Awesome…

A local radio station has a bit every week called “You know what’s awesome…”  Callers then chime in on what’s awesome, but the shtick is usually something sarcastic, like “You know what’s awesome… when you’re a third grade teacher and it’s flu season, and you’re talking to one student when another one comes up behind you, but by the time you get to them, they’ve thrown up all over the back of your pants.”  So for levity’s sake, here’s some current things I’ve encountered that have been awesome.

So you know what’s awesome….

1) When you’re walking with a colleague and you think you’re about to head separate ways so you say, “Okay, well have a good meeting!”  However, he doesn’t go the route you thought he would, so there’s this awkward silence that you try to make up with “So you have any plans for the-” before he splits off.

2) When you receive a modest raise, but you quickly realize that said raise now bumps you up to the next health care contribution tier, so the raise essentially just goes to cover it. (note: I brought it up and it all worked out, so yay.)

3) When you’re having an especially glorious morning run and as you’re nearing the end, you turn your neck to take a mental snapshot of the beautiful sunrise, and slip/land on your tuckus on a sandy and slanted part of the road.  With bikers going the opposite way as witnesses.

4) When you’re trying out a new gym equipment line and you set the weights to what you think you “normally” use for the shoulder press.  However, since it’s a different line the weight system isn’t calibrated the same (or probably labeled differently) so your arms maniacally skyrocket up since you made them too light. (note: at least this taught me to now slowly start the rep off, rather than just assume it’s the same.)

5) When you’re proofreading your sweetie’s monthly newsletters and you soon realize that this man must have a fear of commas and punctuation marks because there’s barely any in there and he has so many great thoughts but they all look like this lumped together. (note: hey love, if you read this, j/k only!)

6) When you offer the person behind you to go ahead since he only has one item, but once he pays for his stuff, he also wants a pack of cigarettes and apparently there’s only one person around to unlock the cigarette case that time of the day so you end up waiting for some time.

7) Another grocery line awesomeness – I always think I’m going to pick the shortest line, and I never do.

8) When you completely lack an internal compass, so you’ve learned over time that when you intuitively want to make a right, you instead make a left, and that’s when you get it right.

So tell me – what’s been awesome for you lately? 🙂

34 thoughts on “You Know What’s Awesome…

  1. I NEVER pick the shortest line at the grocery store, either! In fact, my line usually ends up being the slowest no matter how many people are in front of me. I thought I just had bad line-picking juju, so thanks for making me feel a little better 🙂 Oh, and I can totally relate to your special someone having a punctuation phobia – my husband is the same way! He speaks so well, but when he writes it’s just one giant sentence.

    • Haha, I totally have bad juju, both with grocery lines and parking (though the latter is probably due to not being the best driver). Glad to know that my sweetie’s not the only one with punctuation aversions! 😉

  2. Hilarious! I think it’s awesome seeing the word “tuckus.” That alone makes me happy!

    Here are some for you:
    1) You’re at Costco and the person in front of you grabs the last sample, taking more than one. Grrrr!
    2) You spend a whole lot of time writing something up and then Word or your computer crashes and it’s all gone.
    3) You go to the movies and despite the fact that there is hardly anyone in the theater, the next group of people sit right by you.
    4) You go to a holiday dinner and you get stuck next to the relative who chews with their mouth open and makes all kinds of noise while eating (I have a really, really bad case of misophonia).

    • Haha, glad someone appreciates my occasional Yiddish use! OMG, that happens to be with Word/Excel all the time (that or I’m a rush to leave and in typical user-error style I press Don’t Save – argh). I totally relate to the movies one, too – why does that happen?! I don’t understand open mouth chewers, as well – I get that some noises are cultural, but the open mouth stuff drives me nuts (or chewing and talking, blech).

      • You know, I’ve heard that chewing thing is cultural too, but I really think some people are born to hate it! My 6 year old who takes after me is driven insane when people chew with their mouth open. She’ll storm out of the room, get into bed and put her head under her covers. I don’t think it’s learned behavior from me either because I don’t really talk about it.

      • I have no doubt that some people have more aversions to it than others. My friend who is usually pretty chill does the same thing your daughter does (especially when we hang out with a certain soup slurper in our group) – it really grosses her out!! Sorry to hear that about your daughter, maybe it’s like amplified or something for those with aversions to it?

  3. Ohhh goody goody gum drops fun! You know what’s awesome…
    1) You write a blog post about being an underdog and how it’s OK and good jazz but people think you are having a pity party and not being appreciative 😛
    2) You bring an umbrella when it doesn’t rain but when you don’t it pours
    3) You realized you shouldn’t have been such a cheapo and bought a foundation during the sephora 20% friends and family sale last week because now you need one and will have to pay full price.

    UGH. 🙂

  4. Haha, I love this. I always try my hardest to pick the shortest line at a store, too, but something always ends up going wrong. My boyfriend also has atrocious grammar and spelling.

    1. It’s awesome that my commute is now 5 minutes, and I still manage to hit traffic.
    2. It’s awesome that my cats only decide they want attention when I’m busy trying to work on something. Any other time, they’ll ignore me.
    3. It’s awesome that I decided to take a pay cut, and I think I’ll get paid even less with union dues and a 3% mandatory retirement contribution to the state that I’ll never really make use of. (Time to hustle.)
    4. It’s awesome that I thought I moved into a nice neighborhood, but four houses just got robbed. Eek.

    • LOL at #2 – that seems to happen with B, as well. 😉 Bummer about union dues – there’s no way to get out of it? Take care in your neighborhood, and remain vigilant – that’s not great news to hear, so be careful. 😦

  5. 1 and 3..too funny! I’ve done 1 before myself. What’s awesome is when you watch every piece of food that goes in your mouth and work out six days a week, yet you get to see the skinny 30-year-old drink like a fish and eat ice cream and have super flat abs. And everyone loves her. 😦

    • Man, right?! I have a friend who is so incredibly fast, and the guy is in his 50’s and smokes – how the heck does that happen?! I guess some peeps just have the genes.

  6. When you get all the way to work on the train and you realize you left your computer at home. So you get right back on the train going the other direction. Hahaha

  7. You know what’s awesome…winning just one game the entire season in ultimate frisbee, trying to keep up with guys ten years younger than you. That’s awesome!

    Fun post, Anna. I like it! A little snark is a good thing.

    • NICE, that is awesome!!! Congrats Mr. DbF! Haha, I used to write more snarky “just for fun” posts before, perhaps I’ll try to make it more regular – thanks for the kind words. 🙂

  8. Ummm… can I get an amen to all of them! 🙂 Let’s see what can I add:

    It’s awesome when your driving in the “fast lane” behind a car going 10 miles under the speed limit. Or when you spill something on your suit, right before meeting with a client.

    TGIF Friday, Anna! 🙂

    • LOL oh man, I spill stuff on my clothes all the time, and yep, it’s usually right before something important! Hope you had a nice weekend, Shannon!! 🙂

  9. Haha, as I was reading this, I couldn’t stop thinking about that Alanis Morissette song – Ironic. I can definitely relate to 1 and 2. As for my own:

    1. It’s awesome that as I was posting an article yesterday, WordPress wouldn’t let me upload images (and it still won’t).

    2. It’s awesome that as I was trying to figure out the problem, I uninstalled and then reinstalled JetPack, and then I got an error that something was screwed up with my host.

    3. It’s awesome that we started relying on our doormen to accept delivery of our dry cleaning and the first time we used this service, they ended up losing my wife’s pants.

    • LOL oh no, bummer about the losing pants thing!! My WordPress/blogging skills are pretty rudimentary, so I wish I had some advice to give ya but I’m strongly lacking… hope you were able to fix it! 🙂

  10. 1.It’s awesome when you go to email someone and end up emailing someone else with the same first name.
    2. It’s awesome that I bike to work every day to save money, but I’m so hungry I end up eating more, and therefore spending more money.
    3. It’s awesome when you get to sleep in, and end of waking up from a text from someone you don’t want to hear from.

    LOL. Love this!

    • OMG #1 just happened to me (except I didn’t add the first letter of the email), and it was totally private info in the email – argh!! Oh no about biking, but I completely agree – you try to get healthy and you can eat a whole house!

  11. Number 2 totally happened to me last year!! Virtually my entire raise was eaten by getting bumped to the next medical tier. That is seriously a bummer!

    • Oh man, total bummer! Did you talk to them about it? I brought it up and they were able to help me out with it, hope the same thing can happen (or happened) for you!

  12. Love this! It’s awesome when your talking to yourself and see a cute guy give you a weird look. Please tell me I’m not the only this happens to! 🙂

    It’s awesome when you blow your grocery budget to make a special meal that tastes horrible. Boo!

    It’s awesome when you buy the expensive cat toy but your cat ignores it and instead plays with a random cough drop wrapper he found.

    It’s awesome when you can go for a walk on a beautiful Fall day in SoCal. No, seriously that is AWESOME! 🙂 Hope you’re having an awesome weekend, Anna!

    • LOL I totally do that – I think about a conversation I had and I talk to myself out loud with my responses, and get strange looks (usually while I’m in the car and my windows are down lol). Yay for SoCal weather – it was “cold” this weekend, but it was a perfect time to stay in and refresh. Hope you had a nice weekend, Tanya!!

  13. lol, I love this post. Here’s mine, “I love it when you get on a crowded train the the guy in front of you decides to lean on the pole so that no one around him has anything to hold on to, and everyone just sways back in forth into you becasue nobody wants to tell the jacka$$ to move”.

  14. The first one happens to me ALL THE TIME. Or when you say bye to someone outside of a restaurant but start walking in the same direction because you parked next to each other. So awkward! Haha

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