You Know What’s Awesome Part 2

Hi everyone!  Back in 2013, I wrote a You Know What’s Awesome post that can be found here.  So what do you say about another round?

1) When you keep forgetting to check the sturdiness of your sports bra hooks, so you hear a ‘pop pop pop’ as all 3 snap off two miles into a run.

2) When this isn’t the first time this has happened, so at least you double bag now!

3) When you get mad at the driver taking their sweet time in front of you, so you change lanes in order to surpass them, only to find out it’s a merge lane that takes you right back behind the driver.

4) When you wake up when you’re supposed to not because of your alarm, but because the person sleeping next to you pooters and it startles you awake.

5) When you change your name at the DMV, and you realize you have to take another picture despite only updating it two months prior.  Because had you known, you would have done something about the femme ‘stache you’ve been rocking and proceeded with other facial landscaping!

6) When you first-world-problem complain about an outfit not looking right because, unlike the models on the website, you have birthing hips so it doesn’t look as sleek, and your husband agrees way too quickly.

What’s been awesome with you lately? 🙂


16 thoughts on “You Know What’s Awesome Part 2

    • Haha, don’t you love-slash-hate it? On one hand, you know he probably didn’t think about what he was saying, but on the other you wish he thought more about what he’s saying before he says it! 😉

  1. ha ha I love these. I’ve had that merging moment. You know what else is awesome? When you’re at a stop sign playing “you go” “no you go” “no YOU go” with another car…then you both go, and start the whole process over again.

  2. Too funny! You know what’s awesome? Trying to cut down the weight you’re going to carrying a backpacking trip, and finally realizing the ten pounds you need to get rid of are not in your backpack, but in your midsection…

  3. When you’re so engrossed in the book you’re reading you look up, think you’ve missed your stop and jump out of the train as the doors are closing, only to realize you got out a stop BEFORE your stop and you now have to pay to get back on the train, or walk 10 blocks in the rain. Ugg

  4. This is an excellent post and should become a semi-regular series. I would play along. 🙂 These are all hilarious! I was actually talking about your #4 one just yesterday – one of the cats did this and startled himself so badly that he nearly fell off the couch. I just started roaring.

    • Haha, that is hilarious about the cat doing that, I didn’t know they pootered, too?? I’m going to have to Youtube that (wait, that sounds weird/gross).

      • Well, I think that’s why it was so funny… How often do they actually audibly do that? And if they do, they’re usually stealth death 😉 we are weird, talking about cat gas!

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