Pregnancy Notes: The Good, The Bad, and The Funny

Hey everyone!  I thought I’d share some pregnancy notes now that I’m into my second trimester.  I still love the PF community and have a lot to share, especially the financial implications of having a little one, but all these experiences have been quite new and fun for me, so I’ll table the PF aspect for a future post.  Thanks, as always, for stopping by!

The Good

1) Maternity pants, where have you been all my life?!?  They look like dress pants, but have the forgiveness of sweat pants, and that’s a win-win in my book!  I wouldn’t put it past me to rock these bad boys forever. 😉  It’s also been a muumuu summer (or as the kids these days call them, “maxi dresses”… but so much more fun to call them muumuu).

2) My running has waned because it hasn’t been that much fun to get as many miles in to be honest, but I’ve rediscovered my love for spin class!  I’ve also managed to meet a couple of new mothers there, and that’s been really nice to share experiences with.

3) In the first trimester, all I wanted were naughty, deep fried foods, but I’m glad to report that this trimester, I’m craving healthier foods, especially steamed vegetables and watermelon (holy wow, so much watermelon, I conservatively estimate eating approximately 438 pounds of it).  My appetite is a bit more steady-state, as well, though I do cave in to the occasional cravings of pupusas, saag paneer, tater tots, or pan fried noodles.

4) Obviously I love B very much, but these past few months my love for him has grown on so many levels.  Not only is he patient with my mood swings, but he also talks to Flash (we’ve now nicknamed him this after a joke that we should name him “Flash Gordon” (don’t worry, we won’t!)) and it’s the most endearing thing to watch.  I think he talks to him more than he does to me now, not sure. 

The Bad

1) Hair grows at an increasingly substantial rate – it’s alarming really, and all over my body. Plus I’m starting to get bacne which I’ve never had, and there’s more… fluids… just lots and lots of fluids.  The doctor said it’s normal and probably more frequent during hot summer months, so good thing we’re lined up to visit the desert in September!! (/end sarcasm)

2) I’m still in that weird awkward stage where it looks like I’m just gaining weight (which, well I am…).  I’m hoping the little ‘pop’ will come out so it doesn’t look like a spare tire in my gym clothes soon, though with the beginning aches of back pain, I understand I should also just relish this period while the discomfort has been pretty mild.

3) I still manage to get up fairly early (before 4:30 most days), though I’ve definitely indulged in 8-9 hours of sleep these past few weeks.  I don’t think I’ve slept this much since puberty (where I had my whopping growth spurt up to 5’3 ;)), and while it’s been nice, it sure does cut away at my day’s productivity.


The Funny

1) I was running on the treadmill and the guy who uses the treadmill next to me one day said, “Hey, I finally ran more miles than you!”  I snapped with, “You better, I doubt you’re pregnant!!!” and stormed off.  I did think afterward, “Hrm, maybe I should have handled that better…”, but in my defense, I’ve never talked to him before.  He did approach me a couple of weeks later and asked how I was doing, and ever since we’ve been friends.

2) My favorite gym couple asked how I was able to know Flash was a boy so soon, and I told them I was able to take blood tests since I’m AMA (advanced maternal age).  The husband, afterward, asked his wife what it meant, and when she told him, he argued with her that it was impossible, that there’s no way I’m even over 30 let alone 35, and AMA must mean “Asian Mom Association” or something. lol

3) Admittedly, this is still largely such a foreign concept to me.  There is an organism with a beating heart (and an “outie”, so to speak!) growing inside me, and that is a very trippy thing to wrap my head around.  I also picked up a watermelon one day and B said “hey, that’s coming out of you soon!” and it took all of that day’s willpower to not hurl it at him.

4) One day, I put my hand on my belly and thought “oh my gosh, I think I feel the heart beat!”  But then, I checked the pulse on my neck, and thought “oh, wait, it’s just my own…”

5) Last Sunday, I felt some slight thuds in my belly while we were on the couch, and I said to B “I think I feel him… I THINK I FEEL THE FLUTTERS!!!”  Of course, once I said the latter part, it went away, and I haven’t felt them since.  Oh dear, I’m an overbearing mother already! :/

Anyway,  I’d love to hear some updates on your corner of the world!  I’ve noticed some of my favorite bloggers also haven’t posted as frequently, but I’m guessing it’s because the summer days are just too precious to not enjoy.  I just hope everyone is well, staying healthy, and getting their financial responsibility on! 🙂


47 thoughts on “Pregnancy Notes: The Good, The Bad, and The Funny

  1. I’ve been thinking about you, and wondering how you’ve been doing with your pregnancy. It sounds entertaining to say the least.

    I laughed so hard at the “Asian Mom Association”. As I’m getting older, without a benchmark of school, I am horrible at guessing people’s ages. When I knew they were in first year university, I could guesstimate someone’s 17-19. Now, everyone is within a specific decade, if I’m lucky :)!.

    Keep the updates coming… I love this kind of stuff. Maybe it’s my way of getting my mind and body used to what might be coming sometime not that far away 🙂

    • Thank you so much for your caring and kind words, Alicia!! It’s been a bit challenging balancing the new job, pregnancy, and life, but I’ve definitely missed amazing bloggers as yourself! Yeah, the AMA interpretation was hilarious to me, as well. I have a hard time telling people’s ages these days, too, especially when the younguns just keep looking younger and younger!!

    • Also – what is this I read?! Priming your mind and body for something similar in the not so distant future?? So exciting, please tell us more (well, obviously when you feel more comfortable about it!). 😀

    • LOL I know, I got so excited about the heartbeat, but once I heard it at the doc’s office it was way faster than mine… at least now I know better. 😉 B has for sure stepped up to the plate, I feel pretty blessed. Hope you’ve been doing well, my friend! 🙂

  2. I LOVED maternity pants and wore them WAY after my son was born because they were just so comfortable and convenient. I then replaced them with yoga pants. You gotta love elastic waistbands! And I love the AMA story. Why would you get tests just for being Asian? 🙂

    • Haha, I know, right?? I’ve known them for over ten years, too, so it’s not like I stayed in my 20’s forever! I love yoga pants, as well – I have some foldover yoga pants and now they serve as belly band yoga pants! haha

    • I know, it was too funny! Will do, still so excited for you about the ASIC experience, it sounds like such a blast and it’s well deserved!

  3. Hey Anna! So glad to get this update, and happy to hear you’re doing well. Your post made me laugh! I wonder if being an Asian dad will also allow me to learn the gender of my future babies?

    • Haha, well if my friends have any say in it, then yup, you’d be part of the association! But alas, it is nonexistent. 😉 I hope you’ve been doing well, my friend, and more importantly I hope you get to see Mrs. DbF sooner than later!

  4. Thanks for the update…glad to hear everything is going well! Your mention of watermelon, tater tots, pan fried noodles and pupusas really made me hungry…plus I didn’t have time for breakfast today. Asian Mom Association!! haha…I’ll have to tell my wife that one.

    • I know, I got a little hungry writing about it (and proceeded to have some Chinese food that night, lol). I bet you and your wife have some pretty funny preggo stories to share, too!

  5. So glad to keep an update on how you’re doing, Anna! I was AMA too, although no one thought it meant it Asian Mom Association. LOL! They just knew I was old. 🙂 I would not have guessed you were qualify for AMA status either though. Sounds like B is primed to be a new daddy, minus the watermelon comment. I would have wanted to chuck it at him too. 🙂

    • LOL I can see you pass as Scandinavian or French, but definitely not Asian, Shannon! 😉 Haha, I know, he said the watermelon comment so excitedly, too – only because he’s not the one that has to go through it! lol Gotta love him, though. 🙂

  6. Your updates are seriously the best Anna! B and his watermelon comment had me laughing so hard! Girl you have some major willpower that I need to borrow. 😉

    P.S. They’re called maxi dresses. Maxi. Never call them muumuu dresses again big sis. 😉

    • OH MY GOSH, you raised my hopes up!! I thought you were back. 😦 I hope you come back some day, though, you are super missed, sis! Haha, yeah, that was definitely a “he didn’t think about it comment”… but it was pretty funny. LOL, maxi dresses, got it. 😉

  7. Congratulations again~
    I know you’ll be the coolest mom ever who never ages!!
    I know I’ve been non-existent in my blog, but I will remember to check on you.
    Take care my friend.

    • Aww, thanks so much, Michelle!! I’ve certainly been thinking about you a lot and hope you’re doing well! Love being able to keep in touch with you in other places, though. 🙂

    • Haha, B wears them, too, but mostly because it has more give for his backside. 🙂 I agree it’s outdated, but now that I’ve discovered maternity pants, I’m more understanding! 🙂

  8. You’re so adorable, I love these updates! I also love “Flash” as a nickname, very cute. I definitely had to chuckle at the watermelon comment B made. You definitely don’t look older than 30 to me either, but I’m also horrible at guessing people’s ages. I’m sure you’ll have a cute little bump soon (that hopefully won’t cause too much discomfort)! I hope everything continues going well for you =).

    • Thanks so much, EM!! Haha, yeah, a lot of the times B says things that make me think “Did you really say that?!” I’m sure most partners are susceptible to that. 🙂 Thank you so much for your nice words about not looking over 30, as well as for your well wishes! I hope you’ve been doing well, my friend! 🙂

  9. LOL, Asian Mom Association: that’s hilarious!!! You know what? You just might have felt flutters!! Being shorter too, you might be more sensitive to FG’s movements because there’s not as much space for him to move around, you know? Yeah, the weird things that happen with the body during pregnancy are definitely freaky, but once you get over the “grand finale” of everyone and their brother on the medical staff seeing your “once private parts” not much will gross you out anymore. 🙂

    • Ooh, that would be so exciting if I did feel the flutters back then – I’m starting to feel more lately, but they are still so faint so I’m eager for him to grow bigger! LOL about your last sentence – the whole concept does make me shy, but I suppose after birth, I’ll be a lot more lax about it. 🙂

  10. OMG, I loved maternity pants!! Seriously, those things were awesome 🙂 And they come in handy post-delivery cause your body is still, ummmm, not in the shape one would like. I’m trying to say this without being too “TMI”, Lol 🙂 Please keep the pregnancy updates coming, Anna! I miss your posts!!! XO

    • I can see how maternity pants will be useful for after birth, too – they feel great now, though it took a bit to acclimate to having the pants so way up high. Now they feel really natural. I miss your posts a lot, too, my friend, and hope you’re doing well in Oregon!!! xo

  11. How did I miss this? I’ve been trying to stalk you and didn’t see an update. I’ve also not blogged as much, but have an important update on there now. 🙂 So glad to hear things are going well. You are so funny, girl! Seriously, your posts just brighten my day. Now, take care of you and Flash. 😉

    • OMG, I just read your update – a huge congrats, Melanie!! That is so amazing and I’m really happy for you for taking that leap of faith – I just know you’ll be successful!! Glad I could add a little smile to your day, hope you’re doing well, my friend! xo

  12. Now I feel real lazy. You’re pregnant and waking up at 4:30 and still exercising. I’m still snoring and I won’t even pretend like I’m considering working out! You go, Anna! And I am insanely jealous of that big ‘ol childhood growth spurt you had. 5’3 – man, that’s my dream height. I stopped growing upwards (at least and unfortunately) when I was 10. And I wasn’t a super tall 10 year old. Boo! Glad everything is going well and B is taking good care of you minus one close call with a watermelon. 🙂 You are not only taller than me, but also kinder.

  13. I bet that guy on the treadmill felt like a real jerk when he found out you were pregnant and still almost kicking his butt 😉 My sister had a thing when she was pregnant (I think it’s called a belly band or something like that) that let her wear her jeans longer (with the fly open and the belly band over the zipper part), I always thought to myself, “why bother to wear jeans when you can wear stretch pants and nobody judges?”, but that just shows my love of spandex 🙂

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