Some ‘splainin’ to do

Core strength workouts, starting 'em early! j/k

Core strength workouts, starting ’em early! j/k

Hello everyone!  Just thought I’d say a quick how do you do and that I’m back (kinda sorta).  I’m no longer sequestered at my lunch breaks in a room that doesn’t have any internet access for my maternal duties for little man, and it’s been nice to have some freedom, oh sweet freedom, away from home!

Truth be told, lunch breaks are not my only “me” time – thankfully I have an amazing husband that wakes up at the booty crack of dawn (or 5 a.m. most days when little man wakes) so that I can keep up with my morning running and gym routines, but with work taking up 8+ hours each day and only spending about 2 hours at home with little man before he sleeps (and I, in turn, sleep about a half hour later), it has been super challenging to catch up with my favorite PF bloggers.  I don’t know how those who have little ones do it, but huge props to you for being able to manage!

Anyway, I don’t know if I’ll be writing as much, as I would only mostly talk your ear off about the amazingness (and challenges) of motherhood, especially now that he is so interactive and so unconditionally loving (oh, hi tears..).  But it’s exciting to be able to finally catch up with everyone, though, and I hope everyone is doing well! 🙂  Super thanks to those that checked up on me on my ‘sabbatical’, especially to the one who gave me loads of information on exclusively pumping.  Your guidance was so incredibly appreciated when I was at my most vulnerable and breaking point as a new mom.

And of course, my meeting got moved up, so off I go… I hope everyone has a great week and I’ll catch up with you soon! 🙂