You Know What’s Awesome Part 3

Too soon for another round?  Probably… but let’s go for it, anyway!

You know what’s awesome…

– When you post a You know what’s awesome part 2 post and instead of pressing Preview since you want to schedule it for later that week, you press Publish.

– When you try to finish the Hunger Game trilogy by the end of the week so you can talk about it with the coworker you usually talk books/movies with before you leave that job, but then wonder “Hrm, I wonder what Finnick looks like in the movies.” So you google it and read about not only that actor, but about the rest of the cast.  Two or three hours later, you realize you’re clearly not finishing the trilogy in time, as well as feel like a weird creeper. (Umm, please tell me this is not just me…)

– When you obsess about a song that you hear on the radio, but by the time you get your Sound Hound app the song ends… for the third time.  (Though amazingly, you just google ‘whistling song 2014’ and you find it right away!)

– When you say a word to a client because it makes you sound all smart… but then look up the word when the client leaves to make sure you said it in the correct context.

– When you get a call from someone you haven’t heard from in a super long time and get excited, pick up the phone and say “oh my gosh, how are you, it’s been so long!!!”… only to discover it was a butt dial.

– When you boil eggs for that week’s breakfast and, a few minutes later when the timer goes off, you go into the kitchen to turn off the stove… only to realize you hadn’t turned it on in the first place.

*Disclaimer, this one is kinda gross*

– When you’re on a trip and your sweetie is feeling really sick that he has to take a walk break and linger by the trash can.  So he finally throws up in the trash can, and as this whole kerfuffle occurs, the two women waiting to cross the street become startled and jump back a little with big, surprised eyes.

– When after he finishes throwing up, you walk together and about five blocks in, you meant to console him but instead you blurt out, “Dude, you scared two ladies!”, and his only concern was “Were they hot?” O_o

Care to share anything awesome with you lately? 🙂  Happy Friday!




May Updates

Happy May Days, everyone!  I thought I would give a little update, mostly because I don’t really have anything else to write about.  Let’s proceed, shall we?

Work – I’ve been at my new digs for a few weeks now and I can honestly say I love it.  I kind of feel in my last position that I was doing more training and less learning over the past couple of years, so now this opportunity has created more learning and growing for the next couple of years.  I think careers tend to have those cycles, so I’m pretty excited to expand my knowledge base and networks further.  My coworkers are so genuinely sweet and positive, and they even planned a group lunch outing so I can get to know some people I wouldn’t normally interact with which was awesome.  I still have some anxiety about meeting some of my clients, but I think that’s with any new beginnings.  This work culture, despite being a bit more corporate than my previous place, feels more in line with my working style.  I’m pretty grateful to be here.  I won’t see a full cycle of the increase in a few more weeks, but it will bump up my savings rate as well, which is a great plus.

Marriage – B and I have been married for over two months and it’s flown by!  Married life isn’t all that different from living together life, including each other’s pet peeves – he still doesn’t do dishes unless asked, my hair still gets all over the place… 🙂  The only difference now is that I’ll do something incredibly dorky and I’ll say “haha, you married into this – sucka!” and he’ll do the same and say “I can do this anytime I want now you’re my wife!”  Perhaps we’re still in the honeymoon period, but I’ll take it for what it’s worth.

Fitness – Ever since we’ve come back from the honeymoon, I’ve kept my fitness at a pretty basic level.  This is part because I have to get to work earlier so it shortens my workout time – I could get ready at the gym again like I used to before going to work, but I’ve kind of liked going back home and being able to hang with B and kiss each other good-bye before we both head off to work (yep, must be still honeymoon period).  Another part is admittedly laziness, though I’m sure with the summer months soon approaching I’ll be singing a different tune.  I’ve already started feeling it now, since we have to wear khakis or slacks to work that are a looser fit – now when I wear jeans or shorts on the weekends, I have to do a few lunges and squats in order for them to stretch a smidge, so I should really take that as a cue. 😉

Finances – Finances are going well, though I did splurge a little to buy more work clothes for my new position since before I could just wear t-shirts and jeans.  I’ve scored some great finds on Ebay and taken advantage of big sales at some of my favorite stores, so I’ve had my fill for awhile.  I’ve been able to save a bit more, though it hasn’t been the same amount as I used to make my monthly debt repayments.  I think I need to switch my mindset on this and think of it as debt to myself for our forever house and life goals since somehow the concept of ‘debt’ drives me more (perhaps because it was recently experienced?).  I do at least save, though, and after a certain amount, I’ll just invest in another type of index fund.  I admit to haven’t really looked into investing as much as I would like because I get pretty beat after work, but hopefully this will change once I become acclimated to work.

Other than that, life is pretty good!  B and I are also working on a cool project that I’ll hopefully be able to share sooner than later.  I’m glad to hear everyone is trucking along in the PF world, and I hope you have a wonderful May!  Anyone have plans for Memorial Day (for the U.S. folks at least)?  It will be here in mere weeks! 🙂

You Know What’s Awesome Part 2

Hi everyone!  Back in 2013, I wrote a You Know What’s Awesome post that can be found here.  So what do you say about another round?

1) When you keep forgetting to check the sturdiness of your sports bra hooks, so you hear a ‘pop pop pop’ as all 3 snap off two miles into a run.

2) When this isn’t the first time this has happened, so at least you double bag now!

3) When you get mad at the driver taking their sweet time in front of you, so you change lanes in order to surpass them, only to find out it’s a merge lane that takes you right back behind the driver.

4) When you wake up when you’re supposed to not because of your alarm, but because the person sleeping next to you pooters and it startles you awake.

5) When you change your name at the DMV, and you realize you have to take another picture despite only updating it two months prior.  Because had you known, you would have done something about the femme ‘stache you’ve been rocking and proceeded with other facial landscaping!

6) When you first-world-problem complain about an outfit not looking right because, unlike the models on the website, you have birthing hips so it doesn’t look as sleek, and your husband agrees way too quickly.

What’s been awesome with you lately? 🙂

Half-Marathon Completed, 2014 Goals, and Holy Canoli, Seahawks!

IMG_20140202_143251_963Happy Monday, everyone!  I hope you had a great Super Bowl weekend to those that watched.  Mine was awesome since I not only ran a half-marathon in beautiful conditions and a great course (thank you, Sweet Baby Jesus, for keeping the rain away throughout the race… we could’ve done without the headwinds, but thank you regardless!), but I also got a chance to meet Tonya!  Despite lacking some serious sleep for the past few days, she’s as sweet, nice, and funny as she is on her blog.  She’s also a really cool and considerate roomie (gotta love the dynamics of “I’ll pay for this,” “No, *I’ll* pay for this), and we had a pretty good set-up for race day because Parking Karma was on our side.  The course is beautiful, scenic for the most part, and pretty flat, so I highly recommend it.   Plus, we got the cool surfboard medal, which is as stylish as they come in my opinion.

Afterward, I raced back home so B and I could go to his friend’s Super Bowl party.  Since everyone there was a Seahawks fan, the house was totally crazy throughout the game!  Both offense and defense played incredibly, and I thought the win was well-deserved.  Another bonus of running a half the same day is that I was able to get my glutton on guilt-free with the great spread they had – 7-layer dip with lettuce on top that had a sour cream design of a football field?  I’ll take a couple of yards, please!  Chocolate-covered strawberries in the shape of footballs?  Don’t mind if I do!  Angry Orchard apple cider (since Washington is known for its apples)?  Once it hits your lips, it’s *so* good!  Two points if you get the last reference, by the way. 🙂

Other than that, there’s been a couple interesting financial scenarios that occurred these past couple weeks that made me realize that B and I are not aligning (yet!).  They’re not bad or anything, but it made me realize that our past habits or strains of thought do not equate to a ‘we’ thinking as I still think of things as ‘me’ while he still thinks of things as ‘he.’  I’ll post about it once I gather my thoughts (and stop eating everything this side of the Mississippi).  Also, here’s a quick rundown of how I’m doing so far with my 2014 goals:

1) Stay debt-free.  Pass!  Anything wedding-wise has been budgeted, and while my parents have requested some things that would increase our budget, I’ve managed to reason them out of it or just appeased them.

2) Have a ‘savings’ rate of 40-45%.  FAIL!  My savings rate was 32% rounded, which is at least higher than my 25% average last year (though I did have three paychecks this month).  A large part of this was the above and my car needing some repairs (I had funds for this, but since I took out of ‘savings’ this was a negative saving).  February might end up being the same thing, though I’m thinking by March or April that I’ll be able to accomplish this.

3) Read 24 books.  3 so far.  I read “The Reason I Jump” (interesting though not what I expected), “Let’s Explore Diabetes with Owls” (disliked, he seems a lot more negative, and not in a clever way), and “The Fault In Our Stars” (um, yeah, I didn’t realize this was a young adult novel until I started reading the dialogue.  It made me cry, though).

4) Continue with Spanish.  Fail.  I did about 1-2 hours a week, when I should be doing it a day… I get really lazy after work and weekends have been a little cray.

5) Learn one new Filipino dish, and one new German dish, each month alternating-  Fail.  See excuse for #4.

It looks like everyone’s had a great January so far, but if you didn’t do a recap let me know how you did (or heck, if you did, tell me again or what you plan to do in February!).

2014 Goals/Plans

Hi everyone!  I hope y’all had a great weekend – I had my annual bake day on Sunday, which somehow always goes from “Yay, bake time!” to “Omg, why do I subject myself to this every year?!” approximately 4 hours and/or a couple of singed fingers later (note to self: the cookie sheet you just took out of the oven is hot. Hot.).  They’re all shipped off, though, and now I have one whole year to forget about it until my next “Yay, bake time!” moment. 😉

Beautiful sunrise taken today after my a.m. workout!

Random pic that has nothing to do with the post of the beautiful sunrise taken today after my workout!

Anyway, now that I’m an old pro at being debt-free (ha!) and completed my primary 2013 goal, I thought I would share some of my 2014 goals:

1) Stay debt-free.  Experience has taught me that as challenging as it can be to take something off, it can be just as challenging, if not more, to keep it off and manage it correctly.  It’s like a diet – you might make some changes that could lead you to lose a ton of weight, but if you don’t learn the correct lifestyle skills to keep the weight off, then you might be more susceptible to slip ups or regressions.  This becomes more important as the wedding nears, since I’ve heard from friends that towards the end, some became carried away and spent quite a bit, so hopefully I won’t fall into that.

2) Have a ‘savings’ rate of 40-45% – I’ve mentioned this before, but it’s somewhat misleading since it’s going towards a down payment for our ‘forever’ house (assumes we keep our current place/rent it out) and hopefully future little ones funds, but this will also include investing and regular ol’ savings.  We’re also transitioning in combining our finances early next year, as we’ve agreed upon keeping our personal accounts and siphoning off a flat rate for our discretionary funds (I proposed % rate since he makes more, but he was okay with flat), and then funneling the rest to joint accounts.  Combining will make our projected savings rate even greater, but I still want to make sure I’m doing my part in not only keeping costs down, but exploring how to increase my current intake level, as well.

3) Read 24 books.  Did you know Mackenzie and Mochimac are reading machines?  They inspired me to read more often, especially since I’ve noticed I’ve been watching TV frequently which is no good.  I won’t count books for work, but rather ones for pure leisure or that revolves around personal finance/investing.  I’m probably setting the bar low with this goal compared to avid readers, but what can I say, I’m easily distracted (I’m looking at you, Buzzfeed!).

4) Continue with Spanish.  This is particularly important as we’re paying a visit to a couple of South American countries in 2014 (more on this soon!), and I’m the only one that can somewhat hablo.

5) Learn one new Filipino dish, and one new German dish, each month (alternate each month as to keep it less lofty).  Consider this my nesting period, but once we have kids, I want them to not only know about their cultural heritage, but also grow up on the same comfort foods that I grew up with (sinigang or arroz caldo on cold rainy days?  Yes please!).  It sounded like B also grew up with some German dishes, so I’d like to learn this since I predominantly cook ‘American’ dishes and a ton of stir fry at home.

I’m not adding any fitness goals since I’m pretty consistent with doing something active 4-6 times a week, plus I’m running a half with Tonya (woo hoo!) – so long as I stay healthy and able, it’s all good.

What are your 2014 goals?

My Holiday Traditions

There’s a few bloggers writing about their favorite holiday traditions, so I thought I’d join the bandwagon and add some of my annual traditions!

1) I watch “A Christmas Story” and “Love Actually” without fail.  I used to watch the former a few times though now I’m good with once a year, and I grow fonder of the latter every time I watch it.  Because honestly, who can’t relate to Sarah in at least one point in their life around 2:33:

2) I celebrate Chrismukkah!  Since my (step)dad is Jewish, we’ve been celebrating Chrismukkah for the past few years.  Sometimes we celebrate together at my parents’ place, though other times we just greet each other with cards and phone calls depending on everyone’s travel schedules (especially my globe-trotting parents, I think they went to France and Israel last holidays – beasts!).  We light the menorah, trim a mini-tree, play Secret Santa/Yenta Claus, and of course, stuff our faces.

3) We go to church.  Confession time (ha, no pun intended but I caught that when proofreading): I actually didn’t start going back until B entered my life.  I turned my back on religion after my dad passed away, and I would have never guessed ten or even five years ago that I would soon be marrying in a church.  B’s helped me rebuild that religion relationship back, and it all started with Christmas Mass.  The ‘new’ Pope has also been more motivating to go back, I really like his actions so far (or at least what the media portrays).

Wrap them up in pretty cellophane and curling ribbon and they look more edible, I swear! ;)

Wrap them up in pretty cellophane and curling ribbon and they look more edible, I swear! 😉

4) I bake goods.  In lieu of gifts, I bake goods and ship them off to loved ones (though it might drop down to immediate family this year since we’re hosting a few friends at various intervals this season).  I always make mini loaves of chocolate zucchini bread (so moist), and think I’m going to give mini pecan pies (thank you, kind clients, who gave me a bagful from their backyard!), Oreos dipped in white chocolate and peppermint sprinkles (cheating with this one, but they’re so yummy), and my other client’s no sugar, fudgy, decadent dark chocolate chip cookies (let me know if anyone wants the recipe).  If anyone has a great recipe, I’d love to see it!

5) I check out the lights!  This has always been a favorite when I was little, and there’s so many cool places that have them like Balboa Park (a strip of museums), the boats at the bay, and of course, the beautiful houses by the beach.  I’m *loving* going with my friends and their little ones, since the kids get so excited and it’s like experiencing Christmas for the first time all over again with their expressions and ooh’s and aah’s.  It’s pretty golden.

I hope everyone is doing well with their holiday preparations and/or shopping!  I’d love to hear what your traditions are so I can copy be inspired from them. 🙂

Getting My Glutton On! Oh, and Giving Thanks

Hello everyone!  I hope everyone is having a wonderful week so far – I’m for sure looking forward to Thanksgiving and the 4-day weekend ahead.  Last year, I was cooking a mini-meal for B’s family before we took off for Japan/Thailand, but this year it’s a lot more mellow with just B and I getting our glutton on with a mini-Thanksgiving spread, planning our honeymoon, and for the most part putzing around homestyle.  I think I’m pretty thankful on a consistent basis for all the good fortunes or learning lessons that have occurred in my life, but now’s a good of a time as any to reiterate my thanks:

I’m thankful for an awesome and loving family, who have supported me despite being cray-cray more often than not, and celebrating with me during good times.  I completely lucked out being born into this family, and it’s so awesome that my mother, brother, and cousins married some amazing people that have made this family circle into a gigantic “village” of awesome families.  I can’t wait to make it even bigger by adding B’s family into the mix.

I’m thankful for B for helping me push past my comfort zone, for loving me despite my dorky tendencies, and for just being there for me (even when a complete Mars vs. Venus scenario arose the other day when I vented about something, he said, “yeah, that’s lame… are we getting pizza?”, I fumed even more, and he stated, “but you told me not to fix things…” lol).

I’m thankful for a loving and supportive network of friends, whether through college, the gym, running groups, or the workplace.  All these members of my “chosen” family who I can’t imagine life without, and all of which I might not hear from for a few months or years, but pick up right where we left off like old times.

I’m thankful for the PF community, for being so incredibly knowledgeable, supportive, funny, and encouraging.  Wendy, Tonya, Mackenzie, Melanie, Michelle (times 3!), KK, Shannon, Laurie, Ross, Mrs. PoP, The 1500’s, John, Nate, Erin, Erin, Tara, E.M., Eva, Jocelyn, Lisa, The Frugal Rules Family, Cat, Femme Frugality, Mochimac, Pauline, Morgaine, Holly, Kathleen, Mr. DbF, Andrew, Steve, Harry, Roger, Tanya, Stefanie, Hayley, Erika, S – sorry I’m too lazy to link, but I feel so fortunate that we’ve crossed paths and that I’ve learned a thing (or five) from all of you!

I’m thankful for great health and employment, and pray that all of us continue to have these for many, many years ahead.

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone (um, well, to those that celebrate)!