Word to my mother

I’ll post the actual beginning April balance later on, but I’ve managed to sell a few things in Ebay sales (yay!), though only a slight portion is going towards my debt (boo!).  I didn’t spend it on gigilos and blow, though (not that I would, by the way, just in case I needed to clarify) – there’s some bridal showers, a wedding, and Mother’s Day gifts for my mom and paternal grandma going on in April and May, so I just pre-ordered and spent it on those events.  For Mother’s Day I usually send out a bouquet of flowers, which I’m not a fan of since delivery fees are always outrageous, but my mother and grandma absolutely love them.  Though that should be reason in and of itself, here’s my makeshift list of why my mom, in particular, deserves them (and so much more).  Of course, it’s not always this sunshine and butterflies feeling – there are certainly times when she drives me mad or where I’m left wondering, “What is this crazy lady talking about?!” as she prattles on about something, but I honestly could not have asked for a better mother:

1) When LOL first came out, she would write a text to the effect of “Don’t forget to bring a jacket, it’s cold outside. LOL, Mom” because she thought it meant “lots of love.”  It took me awhile to correct her because I thought it was so adorable.

2) She has better fashion sense than me (anything I wear that I get complimented on is usually something she picked out) and since we’re the same size, I get her designer leftovers.

3) She played both parental roles from third grade on, and though my bro and I were pretty good kids (if I do say so myself), that was a serious task no matter how angelic a kid is.

4) She often mixes up American sayings, like one Halloween instead of “trick or treat” she said, “Happy Halloween, ho, ho, ho!”

5) Although she tricked me into doing chores when I was young, “vacuuming is fun, try it!… okay, now straight lines… good!”, I do admit my cleanliness habits (and slightly Type A aspects) derive from her.

6) When she caught me making out with my boyfriend in high school *ahem* scantily clad *ahem*, she didn’t yell or punish me, but rather just calmly stated, “I’ll light a candle for you at church on Sunday.”

7) Because she’s extremely risk averse and afraid of heights, a “family hike” is often at a perimeter of a golf course… or well-manicured park… on pavement.

8) She might not have taught me money management skills, but she did teach me manners and enough good sense to survive in life, which I think are just as important.

9) At any party or wedding when the “younguns” will form a circle on the dance floor and go in the middle to show off their dance moves, my mom just jumps right on in and does this snapping fingers-shaking hips dance that is slightly offbeat but 100% awesome. 🙂

10) She’s been dealt some pretty hard cards in life, but challenges and overcomes them with resilience and toughness.  She’s amazing.

Needless to say, my mother brings endless joy and warmth to my heart, and if flowers bring her joy and happiness, then it is money well spent!


My Internet-Order Boyfriend

Even though I’m new to blogging, I’ve been a big fan of the internet for many years due to a variety of reasons – I’ve scored clothing/shoes at great prices, kept in touch with family/friends, and landed my job through the internet.  One significant way it’s hooked me up is I found B through the interwebs.

I won’t say where we met lest people think I’m getting a kickback from them, but the site rhymes with Patch.  I think it’s a great tool for someone like me, who’s fairly shy until I get to know someone, and whose schedule primarily revolves around work (dipped my pen in the company ink once and it didn’t work out, so I tend to not go this route anymore), the gym (same for work reasons since I’ve been going there for years), and hiking in remote places (because as cute as big horn sheep are, I’m just not into that kind of thing).  Seeing as some friends have had success with online dating, and my best friend actually found his now wife online, I gave it a go.

So I paid my membership fees, set up my “non-negotiable” parameters (non-smoker, wants kids someday, likes being active), and started trolling around.  Since I like camping/hiking, if a guy had a picture with something outdoorsy in the background, I gave him a wink.  If someone wrote something particularly witty and charming, then I sent an email.

B, with a beautiful mountain range in the back of him on his profile pic, was one of the first guys I winked at – what a rouse that was, by the way, since he’s what Jim Gaffigan calls more “indoorsy,” but I learned that after I fell for him.  He wrote back within a couple of hours, and after a few emails back and forth, we agreed to meet at Casa Guadalajara (which he picked since I mentioned I liked Mexican food in my profile, so he got a few adorable points for that one).

Our first meeting was kind of awkward at first, though liquid courage took care of that pretty quickly after a margarita.  There was actually one point where he thought I ditched him because I took a long time in the restroom (only one stall was working).  He asked afterward if I wanted to go out again, and I said sure.  “How about Friday?” he asked… on a Wednesday.  I agreed to it, since I thought it was quirky.

I won’t go into every date, but considering it will be 2 years in a month and we’re shacking up together, it’s reasonable to say we’re doing well.  There were definitely bumps in the road, like the few months where I only saw him on weekends since he had a job out of the city, or when we have… high spirited discussions… when it comes to all things politics, but over time there were awesome moments, as well.  Like when we had our first sleepover at my place and while I was cooking breakfast, he fixed my shower head, retainer case, and bike chain by his own initiative (anyone with MacGyver skills is just plain sexy in my book!).  Or how when I had surgery this past Fall and, though we subsisted on cereal for dinner since I was out of commission, he helped me with everything from getting out of bed to bathing.  Or when we just communicate so openly and honestly so that all of our differences can be resolved without making it into a huge fight.

He’s also easy on the eyes, which is just icing on the cake.  As my parents (who are obsessed with “The Bachelor” and love to tell me every season’s synopsis despite my eyes glazing over when they do) say, “He could be a contestant on the Bachelor!”  Um, way to set the bar, folks. 😉

Overall, the “start-up” costs of dating was a bit high.  I wanted a couple of few new outfits since I had been out of the dating circuit for awhile, a new haircut/color to symbolize a fresh start, gas to and from the dates, and of course the subscription fees of the dating service.  But meeting B was definitely priceless,and I feel so lucky and fortunate to have him in my life, so I have the internet to thank for that.

As well as finding the blogging community, of course!  But I think I’m just repeating myself superfluously on this matter.