My Holiday Traditions

There’s a few bloggers writing about their favorite holiday traditions, so I thought I’d join the bandwagon and add some of my annual traditions!

1) I watch “A Christmas Story” and “Love Actually” without fail.  I used to watch the former a few times though now I’m good with once a year, and I grow fonder of the latter every time I watch it.  Because honestly, who can’t relate to Sarah in at least one point in their life around 2:33:

2) I celebrate Chrismukkah!  Since my (step)dad is Jewish, we’ve been celebrating Chrismukkah for the past few years.  Sometimes we celebrate together at my parents’ place, though other times we just greet each other with cards and phone calls depending on everyone’s travel schedules (especially my globe-trotting parents, I think they went to France and Israel last holidays – beasts!).  We light the menorah, trim a mini-tree, play Secret Santa/Yenta Claus, and of course, stuff our faces.

3) We go to church.  Confession time (ha, no pun intended but I caught that when proofreading): I actually didn’t start going back until B entered my life.  I turned my back on religion after my dad passed away, and I would have never guessed ten or even five years ago that I would soon be marrying in a church.  B’s helped me rebuild that religion relationship back, and it all started with Christmas Mass.  The ‘new’ Pope has also been more motivating to go back, I really like his actions so far (or at least what the media portrays).

Wrap them up in pretty cellophane and curling ribbon and they look more edible, I swear! ;)

Wrap them up in pretty cellophane and curling ribbon and they look more edible, I swear! 😉

4) I bake goods.  In lieu of gifts, I bake goods and ship them off to loved ones (though it might drop down to immediate family this year since we’re hosting a few friends at various intervals this season).  I always make mini loaves of chocolate zucchini bread (so moist), and think I’m going to give mini pecan pies (thank you, kind clients, who gave me a bagful from their backyard!), Oreos dipped in white chocolate and peppermint sprinkles (cheating with this one, but they’re so yummy), and my other client’s no sugar, fudgy, decadent dark chocolate chip cookies (let me know if anyone wants the recipe).  If anyone has a great recipe, I’d love to see it!

5) I check out the lights!  This has always been a favorite when I was little, and there’s so many cool places that have them like Balboa Park (a strip of museums), the boats at the bay, and of course, the beautiful houses by the beach.  I’m *loving* going with my friends and their little ones, since the kids get so excited and it’s like experiencing Christmas for the first time all over again with their expressions and ooh’s and aah’s.  It’s pretty golden.

I hope everyone is doing well with their holiday preparations and/or shopping!  I’d love to hear what your traditions are so I can copy be inspired from them. 🙂